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Digital Marketing – Protecting Your Online Reputation

December 12th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Everything is going digital these days. While the internet is a super convenient way to do just about anything these days, its also a really easy way to affect the livelihood of a business. Good press and bad press alike are both easily inflicted with

protect your online reputation

Bonakey,, 12/12/2016

just a few quick strokes of a keyboard. And while online reviews can be great for business they are also tarnish your online reputation. With more and more users taking to the web in search of goods and services, local directory sites like Yelp and Google Local are becoming increasingly popular. They are easy to use and provide a place for other others to rate their experience. Customer reviews can easily sway a potential customer’s buying decision. In fact studies show that customers put more stock in what other customers experienced versus what experts have to say. This is why protecting your online reputation is so important.


Be In the Know

protect your online reputation

NLP Information,, 12/12/2016

One of the most important parts of protecting your online reputation is to be in the know. Know what customers are saying about your business. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean doesn’t exist. The best strategy when it comes to protecting your online reputation is to monitor your reviews and ratings for any negative reviews. This way you can address the problem head on and hopefully come to a more positive resolution.


Use the Right Tools

When it comes to protecting your online reputation its important to make sure you are using the right tools. With as complex as everything is these days, keeping track of your online reputation may be easier said than done, with new sites popping up left and right. Fortunately there are many tools out there that can help you keep track of your online reputation. Setting up Google Alerts is one way you can easily track your online reputation for free. Simply create an alert for your business name or terms that you want and Google will scour the internet for you. When the term you set up is mentioned, Google will then email you the link. You can specify what types of mentions and even how often you get alerts. Socialmention is another similar free tool you can take advantage off. There are of course other services you can utilize like Trackur and Brandseye however a monthly subscription is required.


Address the Problem

Part of protecting your online reputation is addressing the problem head on. When you come across a review that is negative respond to it. Try to avoid getting defensive, instead take your time, cool off and carefully craft a response. Be thoughtful and courteous. Try to resolve the issue. By being proactive you demonstrate your flexibility which is a desirable trait when it comes to providing excellent customer service.


Protecting your online reputation will become more and more important, especially as you get more involved in building your brand and expanding your reach. Just remember to stay positive and take things in stride.  



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