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Plumbing Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Weekend

December 24th, 2016 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Plumbing problems can creep up when you least expect it, and they don’t discriminate when it comes to the perfect timing. In fact plumbing problems are often more likely to happen during a holiday weekend. All the entertaining and extra meal prep can put extra stress on your plumbing system. Fortunately most plumbing problems can be avoided with a few preventative plumbing tips.


plumbing tips

Hampton's Court,, 12/24/2016


#1 Watch What You Flush

When entertaining during a holiday weekend it’s important to watch what you flush. This rule actually applies all the time, but sometimes when you have extra house guests things can get a little crazy. While it should go without saying, only toilet paper and human waste should be flushed down the toilet. Watching what gets flushed down the toilet can help prevent a plumbing disaster. Simply let your guest know by talking to them or write a note and leave it in the bathroom. This is especially important for guest bathrooms that don’t get used that often, or plumbing systems that tend to be a little finicky.


#2 Avoid Overloading Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers are wonderful modern marvels that help us clean and sanitize our dishes. With that being said, dishwashers are only machines, they aren’t superheroes. Serving large meals during the holidays is pretty customary, and with that you have prep clean up and after dinner clean up. All of the use can take a toll on your dishwasher, especially if you are overloading it, and not rinsing dishes off completely. When dishwashers are overloaded they tend to not work as effectively or efficiently. And when dishes aren’t rinsed off completely you risk food particles causing clogs in your dishwasher and plumbing system. To help you dishwasher handle the extra loads you can try the following:

  • Routine Maintenance – run a cleaning cycle with dishwasher cleaner and check the drain at the bottom of your dishwasher for any built up food particles and debris that can cause a clog.
  • Run the Garbage disposal frequently to keep food particles and debris from draining back into the dishwasher.
  • Avoid overloading the dishwasher. Your dishes won’t come out as clean. Instead try running smaller loads.
  • Always rinse off dishes thoroughly to prevent food particles and debris from causing clogs.

#3 Save Your Garbage Disposal


plumbing tips

Matts Plumbing,, 12/24/2016

One of the most important plumbing tips we can offer to prevent plumbing problems during a holiday weekend is to watch what goes down the garbage disposal. We know garbage is in the name, but that does not mean you can treat your garbage disposal like a garbage can. In fact its just as important to watch what goes down the garbage disposal as it is to watch what gets flushed down the toilet. For best practices avoid putting the following down the garbage disposal:




  • Grease
  • Bones
  • Fibrous food particles
  • Large peels
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Trash
  • Chemicals

The last plumbing tip that we can offer to prevent plumbing problems during a holiday weekend are to keep your professional plumbers phone number handy, just in case. Many plumbers are available on the weekend and during the holidays, because they know that plumbing problems aren’t something you can exactly plan for. Check out our Plumbing Directory to find a professional plumber in your area. Lastly but not least Grow Plumbing would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!



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