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Get Your Digital Marketing on Point for 2017

January 18th, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Last year was an eventful year in the digital marketing world. You had the emergence of live streaming on major social media sites, Google algorithm updates (when aren’t they making algorithm updates), an emphasis on quality, unique content, Google rolled out Google Home Services in test areas, and there was a huge shift to mobile first marketing. After surviving all the changes in the digital marketing world last year, you should be more than ready to tackle this year! There are a lot of possibilities for you to succeed this year with your digital marketing, especially if you were paying attention last year! Let’s look at how you can get your digital marketing on point this year!


Get on The Live Streaming Train

Live streaming was big last year on Facebook. This year we anticipate that live streaming will still be a very big deal. So how can you incorporate live streaming into your

digital marketing

Sprout Social,, 01/18/2017

digital marketing plan? First you will want to consider what type of content your audience is interested in. Next you will want to come up with some concepts for live streaming that is realistic for you. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it does have to be doable. You should also think about how you can incorporate topics that are trending.  Some ideas for plumbers could include: before and after, what not to do, examples of poor plumbing repair, new innovations, remodeling ideas, etc. Once you have some ideas for your live streaming you should give it a go! Live streaming is something you can easily build into your brand.


Tailor Content to Your Audience

Content has taken center stage for some time now. Content was a big deal in 2016 and we expect this trend to amplify in 2017. With more and more companies actively participating in feeding the content thirsty beast, the playing field is getting more saturated and more competitive. Having a blog is a good starting point, however moving forward it may not be enough. The more information that is thrown at readers, the more sophisticated their palettes become. What this means for your content strategy moving forward is personalization. We’ve been stressing the importance of crafting your content with your audience in mind, and it couldn’t be more important going into 2017. Analyze your analytics and glean from it what you can. These insights will be crucial for developing content that your audience wants to see.


Use Branded Hashtags

The hashtag phenomena aren’t over yet. A few years ago when hashtags made waves on Twitter, many were quite confused as to their purpose and how to use them effectively. Fast forward a few years, and hashtags have become quite common place, with other social media sites adopting them. Hashtags have proven to be very useful in strengthening a brand, and driving home a topic. The best part about hashtags is anyone can create a hashtag. Focus on hashtags that are specific to your business and make them universal across all your social media platforms.  Use them consistently to create awareness about your brand.


Visual Content

digital marketingInstagram is one of the fastest growing social media sites right now. Instagram is simple to use and is based on images and memes. It’s a little more lighthearted than Facebook. You can incorporate more images into your digital marketing strategy by participating in Instagram. Share work pictures, small video clips, related memes, and other images that are relevant to your industry. Utilize your hashtags, make mentions, Instagram is the perfect blend of Facebook and Twitter.


A good place to start when working on your digital marketing plan for this year, is you digital marketing plan for last year. Perhaps you want to start where you left off, or maybe your digital marketing plan needs a little more work. Going over your successes as well as the areas you need improvement on can help you form a better plan for this year! For more tips on how to improve your digital marketing plan this year visit

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