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How Pipe Relining Can Restore the Health and Cleanliness of Your Drainage System

February 5th, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

 Guest blog post byMelissa Hamler

Home is where the heart is, which is why we take a lot of pride in the appearance and functionality of our homes. After a long day at work, there is nothing more delightful than being able to unwind in the comfort of your own home. Home improvement projects play an important role in making one’s home a comfortable, personal, and above all else functional. One of the most neglected systems in a home is the drainage system. In fact, most people don’t give it much thought, that is until something goes wrong. Here’s how pipe relining can restore the health and cleanliness of your drainage system.

 pipe relining

AS your home grows older, the building materials naturally start to wear out. This includes the plumbing pipes, as older plumber systems are more prone to leaks and blockages. With proper maintenance, you can improve drainage system at your house. However, eventually there is only so much you can do. This is where pipe relining can bring back the functionality of your drainage system. Sluggish drainage and reoccurring clogs can affect the comfort of your home and cause health and safety concerns.

Here you will see how drain relining can restore the health and cleanliness of drain pipes:

Pipe and drain relining

Drains and pipes are prone to damage from the elements since they are located externally. This leave them vulnerable especially in regions prone to humidity. Drain or pipe relining is an alternative to replacement. The method of pipe relining installs a resin saturated felt tube into the damage pipe. This process enables the existing pipe to be rehabilitated. Pipe relining is often done without digging any trenches which makes is less labor intensive than replacement, and also more affordable.

Wrong relining of drain pipes

Homeowners tend to lower the cost and choose easiest ways to fix the domestic hazards. They purchase the sealants, rubber sheets or white cement to wrap the drain pipes and cover the open gaps. This is more like inviting further future damage. This doesn’t sound like a reliable solution; it is a cheap quick fix that leave behind certain loopholes and possibility of bigger obstructions in drainage system.

Pipe Relining vs. Replacement

 pipe relining

People usually look for simple solution for the complicated drain issues. Replacement of pipes is not easier considering the herculean task of digging trenches. The cost of replacement can exceed your anticipation as well. So relining the pipes prove to be a greater option.

Leave the expert’s job to expert

Pipe relining is a job that is best left to the experts. Professional relining experts can diagnose the problem more accurately, have the right materials, the right tools, and the knowledge and experience. Using the wrong materials can cause more damage and blockages. All the more reason to not attempt a DIY pipe relining job. Seek out a professional plumber to fix the drainage issue by pipe relining, preferably one that specializes in pipe relining.

Pros of pipe and drain relining


Some advantages of professional pipe relining service are:

  •  Pipe relining saves time, money, and hassle. This technique does not involve digging, which is more labor intensive and therefore more expensive.
  •  The job of relining helps address several problems like damages caused by leaking joints, rocks, noticeable cracks, tree roots and other pipe failures.
  •  Pipe and drain relining is more suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications than any other drain maintenance work.
  •  This solution is permanent for varied drainage problems and successful operation results in improved water flow.
  •  Relining of pipes is also a legal drain maintenance method approved by government.



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