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Get More Online Reviews with These Tips

February 26th, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »



Online reviews are powerful things. They have the power to influence others customers, and significantly impact search ranking. While not all online reviews are positive reviews, the benefits of them outweigh the negative. Online reviews are crucial in gaining your business the best possible visibility, so how can you get more online reviews? Here are some tips.


Google or Yelp?

online reviewsHow you get online reviews will depend on the type of reviews you are looking for. Both Google and Yelp are reliable places where customers like to provide feedback. And both sites are good for mobile marketing. When it comes to soliciting more online reviews for either of these sites you will have better luck it the customer is an active user of the site. Look through your customer email database, locate the ones with Gmail and send them a request to review your business on Google Local. If soliciting Yelp reviews, keep in mind that not all customers are Yelp users. If they review your business on Yelp without being active Yelpers, there review could end up being removed by Yelps spam removal algorithm.


Don’t Offering Compensation

The best reviews will be more organic in nature. Offering customers compensation for reviews could backfire by curbing enthusiasm over your business. Encourage reviews, but there is no need to offer incentives for reviews that most customers will offer for free.


Make it Easy

If you are Yelp share the link to your Yelp listing, if you are Google Local share the link for your Google Local listing. Make it as easy to find your business as possible. Include links to your sites in your email signature, include links on your website, and promote them on your social media sites. The easy it is for customers to find your local directory listings the better.


Don’t Wait

Once your complete a job, as for a review right away, while it is still fresh in your customer’s mind. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be to get your customers to

online reviews

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review your work. Include a message on their invoice. Follow up with your customers on your work, while doing so you can also ask them for an online review.


When it comes to the next big change in Google advertising tactics, online reviews, particularly with Google Local will have a huge impact on ad placement. Learn more about the expected roll-out of Google Home Services and how you can prepare to get your business listed here.



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