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Plumbing Marketing Terms: Understanding Click Throughs, Captures, & Conversions

February 28th, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


There are a lot of plumbing marketing terms that get lost in translation sometimes. In the hustle and bustle of working your plumbing marketing strategy it is important to make sure you that you are prioritizing your efforts in the right areas and keeping your eye on the prize. It can be easy to get confused when going over your analytic numbers. Knowing the difference between your click throughs, captures, and conversions can help you gain some perspective on where you should be focusing your energy.


Click Throughs or CTRs

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Click through or CTR refers to the amount of clicks a particular plumbing marketing campaign receives. It can be with paid ads, a particular piece of content, or specific web page or landing page. It is one way to measure the success of your efforts. High click through rates usually mean that people are engaged with your content and your call to action is clear. Click throughs can help tell you what parts of your plumbing marketing campaign are working. If you suffer from low click throughs then it may be time to work on your strategy a little. Try improving your SEO, or take a look at your call to action. You should also make sure that the functionality of your page is on point and easy to navigate.



Capture rate refers how effective your site is at capturing visitors information. You capture rate will depend on how compelling your content is, how effective your call to action

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is, how organized your site is, and whether or not you have demonstrated a clear value. There can be all kinds of reasons why you may want to capture visitors information, ultimately the more captures you get the more leads you will have. Good capture rates also show that your audience is engaged with your brand.



Conversions are the ultimate goal of all of your plumbing marketing efforts. In the end it all boils down to conversion. Conversions measure the ratio of traffic vs the traffic that actually becomes a customer. It is important to understand that high click throughs and capture rates don’t always transpire to high conversions. Although they definitely pave the way. When it comes to increasing conversions it is really important to focus on quality. Focus on who you are marketing to. If you are targeting the right audience and successfully reaching them, then your conversions should go up. In addition, just like with improving your CTRs and captures you want to make sure that you are presenting your information in a well put and organized manner with a strong and compelling call to action.


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