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Signs It Is Time to Update Your Website

March 3rd, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


It is important to stay on top of your plumbing marketing. Staying up to date on the latest trends, paying attention to updates, and updating your website on a regular basis. Updating your website on a regular basis will help keep your brand fresh, and tell search engines that you are still relevant. Remember a website that is well maintained will work better than one that isn’t. Here are some signs it is time to update your website.


#1 You Have Never Updated It

update your website

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One of the clearest indications that it is time to update your website is you have never updated it. Many think that once you create your website your good to go. While a website doesn’t need to be constantly overhauled it is important to update information on a regular basis and keep up with the times. If your website is approaching the 10 year mark, then it is probably time for a complete overhaul, graphics are better now, and there have been many updates in SEO.  A website that looks dated could very well be lowering your conversions. Creating a new and improved version of your website has never been easier.  In fact you can easily create a professional website yourself on They have thousands of layouts, and it just takes a little time.


#2 There Are Pages That Aren’t Performing

Hopefully you are measuring your success on a regular basis by checking your analytics report. Your analytics report will tell you how many visitors your site is getting, which pages they are visiting, and how long they are staying on your website (bounce rate). If you have pages on your website that aren’t getting any traffic, or have a high bounce rate, then it could be time to update your website. When you first create a website you might not be sure what pages you need and what pages you don’t need. After a while, by consulting with your analytics report you can start to see a trend and which pages are successfully driving traffic and which are not. If you have pages that are not performing then it could be time to either update these pages or scrap them completely. Having pages that are not generating traffic and building leads only serve to clutter your website. Consider removing pages that aren’t performing well to create a sleek, more simple, and easy to navigate website. Remember the less clutter, the less room there is for distraction.


# You Have a High Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate could be indicative that your website is outdated, hard to navigate, has no clear call to action, isn’t relevant, or isn’t mobile friendly. A strong performing

update your website

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website should be easy to navigate with clearly labeled tabs and the pages within the website should be relevant to your business and match the call to action and navigation tab. Failure to provide relevant content could be deemed as misleading and cause a high bounce rate. In addition, mobile friendliness is a must, there is no way around it. Mobile users have surpassed traditional desktop users. What this means is the face of digital marketing has taking on more of a mobile first marketing approach. If your website fails to convert for the mobile user, then your website is completely irrelevant. To combat a high bounce rate consider simplifying the navigation of your website, and provide relevant content. If you aren’t sure if your website converts for mobile users, try viewing your website on your smartphone or tablet.


Most of the maintenance on your website should be subtle. It is rare that a complete overhaul is necessary. It is important to consider how redesigning your website will affect your brand. Remember part of creating a strong plumbing marketing strategy involves building a strong and recognizable brand. To learn more about updating your website and other plumbing marketing topics visit


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