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Online Plumbing Marketing – Rock Your Yelp Strategy

March 21st, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Having a good Yelp strategy is a must for your online plumbing marketing. With so many active users, and the prolific number of mobile users, it only makes sense to spend some time working your Yelp strategy. Studies show that customers are highly influenced by what previous customers have to say. Customer reviews have even more pull than expert reviews these days, so it is important to pay attention to your Yelp strategy. Here is some important information to help you improve your online plumbing marketing and rock your Yelp strategy.


#1 Asking for Reviews

online plumbing marketingAsking your customers to review your services is a direct approach to getting more online reviews for your business. However, it is important to keep Yelp’s guidelines in mind when doing so. Yelp does not necessarily encourage businesses to ask for reviews, however it is not exactly frowned upon either. What is important to pay attention to though, is their policy about incentivizing customers to leave a review. Offering some kind of payment or incentive for positive reviews or the removal of a negative review is expressly forbidden.


#2 Understanding the Filter

Yelp uses filtering software to sift through reviews, placing reviews they deem the most relevant at the top. There are several factors at play in deciphering which reviews get the most visibility; quality, reliability, and the activity level of the user. This is the reason why some reviews appear in the recommended review area for a little while, then find themselves in the un-recommended review section. This can be both a blessing and a curse; on one hand reviews that aren’t positive can get pushed down, on the other hand positive reviews can also find themselves pushed down into the un-recommended review section. You can mitigate this to some extend by engaging with customers who left you amazing reviews on Yelp. Inform them that their review has been hidden, and befriend them. The more active a user is, and the more friends they have on Yelp, the more emphasis Yelp will put on their reviews.


#3 Ads

If you are just getting started with your Yelp strategy, something that can really help give you a good start is to run some ads with Yelp. It is a good idea to run strategically placed ads every now and then, be it Google, Yelp, Facebook, or another advertising platform. It is also a good idea to diversify your ad placement to see what works for you. Remember different sites attract different types of users, so it is important to take your target audience into consideration.


#4 Become an Active User Yourself

Becoming an active Yelp user yourself can help you get some insight into what the customer experience is. By checking in places and leaving reviews yourself, you can start to experience the same things that some of your customers have experienced and, which in turn can help you improve the customer experience within your own business. For many businesses, Yelp is looked at as the enemy, however there is a lot you can learn by monitoring your Yelp and looking at things from the customer’s point of view. Knowledge is power, and while not all Yelp reviews will be 5 star, look at it as a learning experience and a way to improve your business.


#5 You Can Fight a Negative Review

Yelps terms of service agreement can be your best friend when it comes to negative reviews. It is a good idea to familixarize yourself with their content policy. If you find a online plumbing marketingnegative review, analyze it for any infractions of their content policy. Contact Yelp and reference specific points on their content policy. You might be surprised that sometimes they will agree with you and remove the review. This method won’t work every time, but it is worth a shot.


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