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Online Plumbing Marketing Practices that Never Go Out of Style

March 23rd, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


When it comes to the ever-changing dynamics of the digital word we are faced with many updates; updates in algorithms, updates in trends, updates in people’s habits and practices. Staying up to date with the latest is crucial for your online plumbing marketing. But that doesn’t mean that traditional, tried and true plumbing marketing practices should go by the wayside. Here are some online plumbing marketing practices that are still as relevant today as they were when all of these shenanigans started.


#1 SEO


online plumbing marketing

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SEO or search engine optimization is a fundamental step of any online plumbing marketing strategy. While some SEO practices have come under fire over the last several years, a smart and well thought out SEO strategy is still an important for success and longevity. Take your time and really think about what keywords you want to rank for. Remember keywords can be extremely competitive, especially in a saturated market. Utilize keywords that are specific, but not too specific, and relevant to your business. A mix of locally derived keywords and keywords associated with your niche is a good choice. Remember you want to drive quality traffic. While there is power in numbers, a high influx of traffic from sources that don’t fit your target audience might not do anything to improve your conversions.

Once you have established your keywords you can start implementing them. Keywords should be utilized throughout your website (in the text, in title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags), blog, social media sites, local directories, and any place that allows you to write an about section.  One thing to keep in mind when utilizing keywords is balance. Avoid overuse or keyword stuffing. Keep wording as fluid as possible.

#2 Ads

Running paid ads can be very useful when it comes to your online plumbing marketing. There are a variety of options out there as far as running ads. We suggest seeing what works for you. Keep in mind that different platforms will attract different types of users, consider the demographics of the platform’s users, and whether or not they meet the demographics of your target audience. Running ads is a great way to get some extra exposure and significantly boost traffic, however this traffic isn’t sustainable for free. The cost of running ads can add up over time, so make sure you are designating enough funds in your plumbing marketing budget for ad placement. You will also want to focus on your ROI when it comes to running paid ads. Because of the associated cost, you will want to make sure that the wording, images, and call to action are all on point and that the ad is target to the correct audience.

#3 Content

Content has been quite the buzzword over the last several years, and with good reason. Content is the thing that everyone, everyone needs! It drives search, and social media. online plumbing marketingWhether you are aware of it or not, every time you search for something you are searching for someone else’s content. Every time you login to Facebook, or watch a YouTube video, you are consuming someone’s content. In order to stay relevant, and to stay competitive, you must have a content strategy. You can incorporate a blog, video, images, status updates, or even share other people’s content that is relevant to you. As long as you are supplying a steady stream of quality, unique, and relevant content for your audience to consume, you will see you engagement score improve, your traffic improve, and hopefully and increase in your click throughs, captures, and conversions.


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