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Get the Most Out of Your Google Local Listing

April 21st, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Local directories are important for your plumbing marketing, especially Google Local. Google likes its own products, so when populating search results, the first couple results

Google Local

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are always Google Local or Google sponsored ads. This is just one of the many reasons why you want to make sure your Google Local page is properly optimized. Here is how to the most out of your Google Local listing.


#1 Insure Accuracy

One of the most important things you can do for your Google Local listing is to make sure all of the information is accurate. Many times, a business listing will already exist for your business, it’s up to you to claim your profile and insure that all of the information is accurate. Inaccurate information will do more harm than good, and can serve to detract people from your brand.


#2 Complete Profile

Another important part when it comes to your Google Local listing is to complete your profile. While some of the information may already be there, there are a lot of other fields that can be filled out. From hours of operation, areas serviced, and areas of specialty to name a few. A complete profile looks more professional, and provides more areas to be indexed and analyzed for relevancy.


#3 Images

Images are important for your Google Local account. Images play a huge role in the first impression people will get of your business. So, good supporting images are crucial for generating traffic from your Google Local profile. Select a professional looking head shot, logo and other branding images, and good pictures demonstrating your work. A good array of images will help peek interest in your brand.


#4 Optimize

One of the most important parts of leveraging your Google Local listing is to optimize your profile with your keywords. Google Local offers plenty of space for you to optimize your profile. Optimizing your profile allows for better indexing and search results. In addition, make sure you provide links to your website and social media profiles. The more ways a potential customer can get a hold of you the better.


Google Local

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#5 Reviews

Reviews are an important part of getting good results leveraging your Google Local profile.  The more positive reviews you have the more relevant your Google Local listing will be. Encourage customers to leave feedback for your business on your Google Local profile.

Google Local plays an important role in your online plumbing marketing, especially as Google starts to roll out Google Home Services. Having a complete Google Local profile will be part of utilizing the new Google Home Services. The idea behind Google Home Services is to keep more traffic on Google itself instead of sending it else ware. What this means for you, is you will have to submit your profile for approval, and be diligent at responding to inquiries. Having good reviews and a complete listing will also help populate you to the top of the results. To learn more about using Google Local for plumbing marketing and the new onset of Google Home Services please contact us today!


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