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Understanding the Difference Between Marketing and Branding

April 29th, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


the difference between marketing and brandingWhen it comes to your digital marketing plan, sometimes the line gets a little blurry between marketing and branding. Understanding the difference between marketing and branding will help you achieve your goals for your digital marketing. Here are some things to keep when mind for your digital marketing.


The Cause: Marketing 

Marketing is the action you take to create your brand. Be it content, social media, running ads, creating and maintaining your website, and everything else you do on a daily basis to expand your business and generate leads. Having a good marketing strategy in place will help you create a strong brand for your company. There are many different channels out there for marketing your business. What will work best for your company will depend on your company’s individual needs. We encourage you to try different things and see what works. For best results, you will want to monitor your action using analytics. This will help you know what avenues are working, and what areas you should and shouldn’t commit your plumbing marketing budget to.

the difference between marketing and branding

 The Effect: Branding

Branding on the other hand is creating a recognizable culture associated with your company. From your logo or slogan to the images you use. Your brand is what you are marketing. By creating a strong brand, customers should be able to quickly identify your company. The key to building a strong brand is to be consistent with it. You should utilize the same branding materials across all outlets of your plumbing marketing; digital marketing, and traditional marketing tactics alike. This means that you should use the same color scheme, font, and same images on your website and on your flyers and business cards. You should also use the same images to create a cohesive culture on your social media channels as well. By creating a united front, you make your brand easily recognizable.


Marketing and branding go hand in hand, one is the cause and one is the effect. Plumbing marketing becomes stronger, more efficient, and more effective when a strong brand is created. When creating a strong brand aim to use eye catching color schemes, and legible font that is easy on the eyes. Part of creating a strong brand is creating something that is not only recognizable, but also easy on the eyes. For more information on marketing and branding your business visit our website at


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