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5 of The Most Common SEO Myths

July 16th, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


SEO is an important part of your online plumbing marketing strategy. Regardless of if you are an SEO novice or expert, it is important to stay up to date with SEO trends and

SEO myths

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search engine guidelines, because in the digital world, things can change overnight. When it comes to SEO, there are certain SEO myths that many of us believe. To have a successful SEO strategy, it is important to separate fact from fiction. The following are some common SEO myths that could be holding you back.


#1 More is Better

When it comes to SEO myths, one common misconception is that more is better. For example, the more pages your website has the higher you will rank. This simply isn’t true, instead of being focused on quantity, you should be focused on quality, because that is exactly what search engines are looking for, quality content. Having too many pages on your website, can actually confuse visitors by complicating the navigation. This could increase your bounce rate, which you don’t want. Focus on creating good quality content that is easy for visitors to navigate, remember it isn’t all about the search engines, your visitors are the ones that are going to become customers.


#2 Keyword Density

One SEO myth that is pretty common is that you have to stuff your page full of keywords. While you most definitely want to utilize your keywords, overuse can actually have a negative impact on your search ranking. Like we mentioned above, search engines are more focused on quality content. Instead of stuffing your keywords into your website utilize them strategically. Consistently updating your website with new fresh content is also important.


#3 It’s All About Being at The Top

SEO Myths

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Gaining the top spot in search results is a coveted position, however at the end of the day if your SEO is delivering quality traffic, then does your search ranking really matter? SEO is about driving traffic, while search ranking can help, it isn’t the end all be all.


#4 Images are Irrelevant

Another common SEO myth that simply isn’t true is that images do nothing for your SEO. While images themselves don’t get indexed, alt tags do. Utilizing your alt tags is part of optimizing your website. Using images in conjuncture with your content is becoming more and more important, as visual content is gaining in popularity with social media sites like Instagram, which is completely image driven.


#5 Link Building is Dead

The status link building is another common SEO myth. Over the last several years, link building has gotten a bad rep, this is a direct result of attempting to manipulate search results. The truth is that quality really does matter, even with links. Links help increase a websites online presence. Focus on creating natural, good quality links.


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