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The Next Step in Your Google Advertising Strategy – Google Home Services

July 23rd, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Within the last year, Google started to roll out its latest update, or upgrade if you will, to Google Adwords. Google Home Services will be the new face of Google Adwords, as Google prepares to release Home Services to more locations in the coming months. So how can you prepare for this coming change? Here is what you need to know about Google Home Services and what you need to do in your Google advertising strategy.


What Is Google Home Services?

Google home servicesFirst and foremost, it is important that we clarify what Google Home Services is. Google has been testing Google Home Services in select locations to a select group of home services providers including: plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians, and locksmiths. The idea is that users will search for home services in their area, and Google will provide them with up to 3 choices that meet the users specified criteria: area, services provided, 24-hour service etc.… Google Home Services comes in the form of promoted ads at the top of search results. The user will request contact from the service provider and at that point it is up to the service provider to make contact. This accomplishes several things:

  • It keeps users on Google instead of referring them out to sites like Yelp
  • It provides relevant results for users
  • It provides good exposure for home services companies


What Can You So to Prepare for Google Home Services?

While Google Home Services isn’t available nationwide just yet, Google is steam rolling it out to cities like Phoenix, Seattle, and Chicago to name a few. If it isn’t available in your location yet, it will be soon, as Google prepares to make it available across the board. To prepare, home services providers should take advantage of the benefits of having a Google Local Business listing. Optimize your profile, and provide images, and details about your business. It is also suggested that home services companies encourage customers to leave reviews. Having an existing profile that is optimized and has reviews is part of what will help home services populate in Google Home Services ads. Once available in your area, home services providers will have to submit their companies to the Google Home Services division. How Google will select companies for results will depend on several factors including the amount of favorable reviews a company has. So, soliciting reviews now is a good way to get ahead of the game.


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