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How to Create Content for Google

August 24th, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


There is no doubt that Google has been striving to provide better service for its users. With so many innovations underway, Google is getting better and better at providing more custom search results for its users. Google has been tracking create content for googleusers search queries for a while. What this does, is it enables Google to provide more relevant search results for the individual user. You may notice that your own search queries populate more custom search results based off of previous searches. This is not by accident. As Google becomes more intelligent, it will be necessary to create content the is geared towards Googles more intelligent algorithm. Here are some things to keep in mind to create content for Google.


Creating Content for Voice Search

create content for GoogleMore and more users are interacting with their mobile devices with voice commands. From Apple’s Siri, Window’s Cortana, or Google’s voice command search, more and more people are interacting with their devices, and their devices are interacting back. Voice command technology has been around for a while, but improvements in technology is now enabling it to be more assertive, efficient, and effective at delivering quality results. Sensitivity and accuracy to voice commands is becoming increasingly important, and is improving with each update.

With voice search on the rise, it will be more important for you to create content that meets the intent of the searcher. There are already updates in the works that will enable to Google to create a back and forth dialogue with users to ask follow up questions in order to provide better search results. This will narrow things down immensely. What this means for your content is you should start utilizing keywords that match more voice commands. Think about what your customers are searching for, and try to craft content based their voice commands.


Creating Content Based on Intent

One of the biggest things when it comes to creating content for Google, is to not just create content for Google. As Google is getting smarter it is becoming more picky in the content that it indexes. It is learning more about its users, and create content for googleutilizing this knowledge to provide better more accurate search results. Over use of keywords is deemed as a method of manipulation, and can actually negatively impact your search ranking. Strive to provide better content for your users while still utilizing your keywords. Create content for Google based on the intent of your readers.


As technology continues to improve and learn from us, it will be more and more important to innovate with your plumbing marketing strategy, this includes creating content for Google. To learn more about creating content for Google, and other plumbing marketing topics contact Grow Plumbing today!



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