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How to Create Better Content for Mobile Users

November 19th, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Having a mobile marketing strategy is crucial to help you stay relevant, and competitive in today’s technological era. With more and more consumers taking to their mobile devices, mobile users have surpassed traditional desktop users. So, it only makes since that marketers dedicate a portion of their marketing strategy to mobile users. Part of your marketing strategy should include a content strategy. When it comes to your content strategy it is important to be concerned with how your reader are digesting your content. Chances are, a good portion of your content is being consumed by mobile users. Here is how to create better content for mobile users.



Most mobile users access content via apps. Apps are smaller versions of larger websites formatted specifically for smartphones and tablets. They usually feature basic

mobile content

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fundamental functions of the original website, with some apps being solely designed strictly for mobile user, like Snapchat for example. Knowing what applications people are using to access your content can help you form better content for your readers. Just like the content you create for traditional desktop users should be diversified, the content you create for mobile users should also be diverse. Include traditional blog content, as well as: images, memes, video, short video clips, and live streaming. This will help you reach a broader scope of people and appeal to various types of users using different applications on their mobile devices. You can check your analytics to get a better understanding of how your content is being consumed.


Content Simplified

Everything is simplified on mobile devices. Since the screens on a mobile device are so much smaller than desktop computers, there is less space for sprawling intricate websites. Which is why everything you design for your plumbing marketing campaign should simple and easy to navigate. When a screen doesn’t convert for a mobile user, they are less likely to engage with it, and are quick to move on. Keep things simple to provide easy navigation for visitors, less distraction, and an easy transition for desktop screen to mobile screen. A sleek and simple design is better for desktop users as well, it is easier for people to digest the information, and easier for them to click where you want them to.



mobile marketingThere are lot of apps people use on mobile devices to access the information they are after. Local directories are a great way to reach mobile users, with little effort. Since the listing already exists on the local directory site, all of the design work and conversion work has been done for you. All you need to worry about is the information on your listing. Make sure all information is accurate and be sure to optimize wherever you can. Also, you should be providing links to your website and social media sites for cross promotion. When it comes to the content portion, it will vary from site to site. Many sites allow you to upload one or multiple images, and some even allow video clips. This type of content is very useful on local directories, and automatically converted for mobile users.


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