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Managing Your Local Directories

November 25th, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Local directories sites are great for your plumbing marketing. They help you gain more exposure, interact with customers, generate inbound links to your website, and help

managing your local directories

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with search ranking. These days, what other customers think and say about your business has a huge influence on potential customers buying power. Future customers put a lot of stock in what previous customers experienced, more so than expert reviews. This is why managing your local directories is so important for your plumbing marketing.


Make Sure Your Business Information is Accurate

One of the most important parts of managing your local directory sites is to make sure the information about your business is accurate. Believe it or not, but sometimes the information on local directory sites isn’t accurate, this is more likely if you haven’t claimed your listing on sites that generate a listing for you, like Yelp. It is very possible that they have the wrong address, phone number, website, or hours of operation. What’s great about managing your local directories is you have the opportunity to update information about your business. Having the correct business information is important for generating new customers, you don’t want potential customers to have the wrong information about the areas you operate in or your business hours, do you?


Generate Links

Part of managing your local directories is generating links. Local directories provide a safe space to generate some good quality inbound links to your website. They are reputable, and also have the ability to refer a lot of traffic. Part of making sure that your business information is accurate, is to make sure your provide a link to your website. You can also go a step above and provide links to your social media profiles as well. The more ways a customer can get a hold of you, the better, plus to increase your online exposure.


Monitor Reviews

managing your local directoriesReviews are part of local directories, and part of what makes them so powerful. Part of managing your local directories is monitoring your reviews. The good, the bad, and the ugly! Chances are, you will have to face a negative review at some point in time, it’s statistical that the more reviews you have, the higher the probability that at one point a negative one will sneak through. Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes things fall through the cracks no matter how hard you try. What is important, is that you are prepared to deal with negative reviews. Monitoring your reviews and staying on top of them is the best way to stay proactive. Address them and respond. Take this opportunity to turn a negative situation around. This can help your right a wrong, and demonstrate your excellent customer service skills. In addition, if there is a negative review that is not valid, and is damaging to you reputation, you can repeal the review. If the local directory agrees with you, the will take it down. Remember you are not at the mercy of online reviews, as long as you are managing your local directory sites.

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