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Get More Out Your of Word of Mouth Marketing

December 21st, 2017 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


As you probably know, word of mouth marketing is a powerful thing. However, over the last decade or so there has been a huge shift in how word of mouth marketing presents itself. With more of a focus on digital marketing, social media, and local directories, word of mouth marketing has taken on a whole new meaning. Now online interactions, ratings, and reviews drive word of mouth marketing. It is time take control of your word of mouth marketing.


Create Brand Awareness

A strong word of mouth marketing strategy involves creating brand awareness. Brand awareness involves more than just the physical aspects of a brand. While things like

word of mouth marketing

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logo, slogan, and mission statement are very important in creating a strong brand, it is also important to focus on your company’s values, and the areas that set you apart from your competitors. Identify your niche or specialty, and incorporate that into your brand. A strong brand will create a unified front and help people associate with your company.


Scope out The Competition

In an effort to improve your word of mouth marketing, it is important to check out the competition. There is a lot of you can learn from your competition by asking these simple questions:

  • What are they doing differently and how can you diversify yourself?
  • What are you doing better than them? What are they doing better than you?
  • Is there anything they are doing that you haven’t thought of?

This information will help you with any aspect of your plumbing marketing strategy. We suggest selecting 3 competitors for competitive analysis. How are their ratings and reviews? Are there any weaknesses you can capitalize on?


What Makes Your Company Unique

One way to drive good word of mouth marketing and strong brand awareness is to capitalize on what makes your company unique. Are you offering a specialized service? Or perhaps you have a unique company culture. Whatever it is, use it to your advantage. This helps customers engage with your business which will improve word of mouth marketing.


Engage, Engage, Engage

word of mouth marketing

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There is no doubt that engagement favors good word of mouth marketing. The more engaged your audience it with your brand the more favorable they will be. Promote content that drives engagement, get people excited about your brand. A good content strategy is the best way to drive engagement. Find unique ways to use pictures, memes, and videos in addition to blog posts. Consult with your analytics to see what content pieces drive the most engagement and promote more of the same. When people are engaged with your content they will like, share, and comment, which in turn boosts word of mouth.




Interaction with your audience is another way to boost word of mouth. When someone comments, mentions, or likes your content acknowledge them. This makes your audience feel valued and incentives them to be more engaged with your brand.



When your customers feel like they are rewarded they are more likely to associate with your brand favorably. Try offering a reward program, a referral program, or some incentive. The more value you add the higher engagement and the more word of mouth you will get.


Focus on Customer Experience

A good customer experience is crucial to good word of mouth. Customers on talk about two types of experiences; good and bad. Anything in between is often overlooked. Focus on creating the best customer service experience. This involves listening, acknowledging, recognition, follow through, to name a few things. If your word of mouth isn’t where you want it, try looking for ways you can improve the customer experience.



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