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Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 – Mastering Micro Moments

January 3rd, 2018 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Last time we briefly touched on micro moments and how you should incorporate them into your digital marketing strategy for 2018. With all of the excitement over the holidays behind us, we can now focus on improving our plumbing marketing strategies for the new year. This is the time to incorporate new ideas, new methods, and research the new digital marketing trends. Today we are going to delve in a little more into what exactly micro moments are, why they matter, and how you can get the most out of them.


What is a Micro Moment

You may be asking “what in tarnation is a micro moment?” well maybe not exactly, but you might be wondering. A micro moment is defined by google as: a moment where a user instinctively turns to a device to learn, do something, buy digital marketing trends in 2018something, watch something, and so on. This is more so happening on smartphones, and is becoming second nature. Our smartphones have now become an informative extension at the end of our arms, where content and data are instantaneously available. This leads to a greater demand for the right content, right now by most internet users. Patience is a thing of the past, when it comes to finding the goods and services we need. Today decisions are being made and preferences are being formed in these split-second content rich moments.


What This Means for Your Digital Marketing

If you want to get ahead of curve in 2018, you must learn to capitalize on these micro moments.  As far as your digital marketing strategy focus on: quality, relevance, and usefulness. With information readily available at your fingertips, consumer patience is low. People don’t want to spend time scrolling through endless content and links to find the information they are after. Those that deliver upon request will reap the benefits.


Get in The Game

digital marketing trends in 2018

Image Credit: Mackay Netball Association,

Being present for these micro moments gives you a shot at a piece of the pie. Mobile visibility is a crucial part of capitalizing on micro moments. Its about being in the right place at the right time, virtually speaking. To do this you have to understand who your customer is and what their behaviors are. Pin pointing when they are going to have a moment, and where, online, this moment might occur.

For plumbing marketing, a good example of a moment would be when a drain gets clogged after cooking a holiday meal. The holidays are some of the busiest times for plumbers, and unclogging drains is one of the most common plumbing problems. You can almost guarantee that your customers are going to have “a moment”. By identifying your customers “I want”, “I need” moments you can learn something about their decision-making process and preferences.

Once you have identified their preferences and needs you can create a comprehensive strategy where you can simply “be there for them”. This strategy should encompass multiple channels from: social, video, and search. Improve your visibility where your customers are most likely to be, and provide them with good quality content that they want to see. Gaining visibility is only half the battle, you also must deliver on preferences and needs, and make it easy to hire you. Provide multiple ways to contact you with as few clicks as possible.


Measure Results

Measuring your results is an absolute must. You must know which channels are delivering and which aren’t. Analytics reports offer such a wealth of information for your digital marketing strategy, and might even be able to help you identify where and when these micro moments are occurring.  

To learn more about micro moments and how to create a solid digital marketing strategy for 2018 contact Grow Plumbing today!



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