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Optimize for The Future – Your SEO and Voice Search

January 31st, 2018 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


seo for voice searchVoice activated technology has taken off over the last year. With more and more improvement being made, it’s still going to be a big deal this year. With more mobile users, and more mobile users relying on voice search to complete their queries, it is time for us to start optimizing for the future. In 2013 Google released their algorithm update Hummingbird. Hummingbird was designed to place greater emphasis on natural language queries. Instead of relying solely on the phrases used in search, Hummingbird learns to recognize natural speech pattern and interpret context and meaning. With the role out of voice assistance everywhere, the Hummingbird algorithm has played a huge role in how Google provides the best, and sometimes intuitive search results. So how can you optimize for the future? It’s clear this technology is here to stay. When it comes to your SEO and voice search you may need a little help. Here are some tips to help you optimize for the future.


 Consider Context and Length

When it comes to your SEO and voice search it is important to know that most voice search contains more characters than when users type a query into the search bar. When it comes to typing a search into the search bar, most people use a simplified version to save time. When conducting a search using a voice assistant it’s like carrying on a regular conversation. There is no need to abbreviate, because the words just role off the tongue. Over time, search engines are able to learn our habits, our speech pattern, and can actually suggest search results based on previous queries. So, what does this all mean for SEO and voice search?

Consider the context of the words you want to rank for. Keywords aren’t so black and white with voice search, there are many variations of grey. Think about synonyms or other ways to phrase the search or query.  Also take into consideration that most search is performed by the way of asking a question. Does this mean you need to incorporate questions into your keyword phrases, no. However, try to answer them. Consider: what, who, how, when, where. Conduct come research by checking your analytics, which will reveal what keywords people use to find your website. Answer the Public is another great tool you can use, where you type in the keyword or keyword phrase, and it returns with possible questions.

Consider the length of your keywords. Long tail keywords tend to perform better in terms of voice search. These are keyword phrases that contain 3 or more words. Long tail keywords have been proving to perform better in general over the last several years, as search becomes more specific and sophisticated.


Focus on Local

Most voice search is for local content and with good reason, people carry their phones with them when they are on the go. In an effort to produce better quality traffic, which in turn delivers more conversions, location-based SEO has been a

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huge focus over the last several years. Incorporate your service areas into your keyword phrases. This will not only help with SEO and voice search, but also help deliver higher quality leads. In addition, Google Home Services ads will appear above the fold, and take precedence over other search results. These are locally driven ads, where Google allows users to search for home service providers in their area. Google them provides them with 3 results of local service providers, who are background checked, licensed, have a good online reputation, and are guaranteed by Google. Home Services is only available in select cities at this time, however Google will be expanding over the next year.

For more information on how to optimize for voice search or for more information on Google Home Services contact Grow Plumbing today!


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