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HVAC Maintenance: 10 Major Reasons Why It’s So Important

March 31st, 2018 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

HVAC Maintenance: 10 Major Reasons Why It’s So Important To You And Your Family

The parts that keep your home comfortable in any weather are often ignored, until a major problem arises.

Unfortunately, such problems can be excruciatingly expensive to repair, which makes HVAC maintenance a vital aspect of your homeowner happiness.

Why Maintaining Your HVAC System Is So Crucial

Just like your own body needs every part functioning properly to keep you healthy, your home does, too. If, for example, you don’t eat or sleep well, your mood, energy and ability to keep going suffer greatly.

The same applies to the different parts of your home, making preventative measures so consequential:

1. You Save Money When The System Runs Right

When the components that heat and cool your home work overtime, you pay for it. A struggling system is inefficient and burns more resources, even though it’s not keeping the occupants more comfortable.

2. Your Family Breathes Safer Air

Poor indoor air quality is a major problem and it can actually make your family sick. Maintain the temperature control elements of the home and your air will be much cleaner. There are also other ways to improve indoor air quality, from the garage to the patio and since your family spends so much time in the home, taking extra steps for health simply makes sense.

3. A Maintained HVAC System Lasts Longer

It seems like few things are built to last these days, meaning you’re constantly replacing something or other around the home and with your vehicle.

Keep up with the HVAC system, though, and you should enjoy its benefits for a much longer period of time.

4. You Won’t Need To Call A Professional As Often

Home visits are outrageously expensive, no matter what has broken down.

Avoid this costly aspect of home ownership by keeping all your major appliances and apparatuses in good working order.

5. The System Operates More Efficiently

When you turn your thermostat up, you expect the temperature to increase; likewise, if you want more cool air indoors to counteract the seasonal heat outdoors, you expect a response that corresponds to your commands, but that won’t happen regularly without proper maintenance.

On the other hand, you can dramatically increase efficiency, simply by keeping up with the maintenance.

6. Maintaining The HVAC System Keeps Your Warranty Valid

If your system is under warranty, failing to keep up with regular inspections and repairs could invalidate that important paperwork. Since you want to avoid the out-of-pocket costs, follow the details of the warranty and keep the equipment up to standards.

7. Your Family Will Enjoy Cooler Summers

Are you constantly hearing complaints that the heat is staggering in summertime?

Are you wanting to stick your head in the freezer around mid-afternoon when the sun is at peak?

A failing air-conditioner likely means you’ll be uncomfortable all season long, as well as indicating you’re not keeping up with maintenance.

8. Winter Won’t Be So Harsh

As intense as the heat can be in Summer when your home isn’t operating at optimal levels of efficiency, the cold will be just as brutal in Winter.

Anytime the thermal regulation seems highly unregulated, despite your constant adjustments to the controls, it’s time to take a look under the hood.

9. Your Home’s Value Is Improved

If you plan on selling your home anytime soon and it hasn’t been properly maintained, potential buyers aren’t going to be interested, until you rectify the situation or unless you lower your home’s selling price and that can take a big bite out of profits.

Every home is more valuable (in more ways than one) when it provides thermal stability.

10. You Have Peace Of Mind When Your HVAC Is Running Right

It’s hard to fall asleep at night if you’re worried about something in your home suddenly going kaput in the house, leaving you with a whopping HVAC repair bill.

You’ll sleep better, with peace of mind, when you have everything about temperature control under control.

Symptoms Your System May Not Be Working Efficiently

If you can’t remember the last time your home’s inner workings were checked or suspect a problem already exists, there will be tell-tale symptoms and you should pay attention to them immediately:

1. From The Furnace

If the floor around your furnace is littered with soot and similar debris, there’s droplets of water pooling underneath and an odd smell permeates the area around your furnace, something is probably wrong.

2. About That Boiler

Cracks and rust anywhere on your boiler are a bad sign, especially to the extent that a leak has sprung, even a small one. When you see any of these symptoms, it likely means you’re not maintaining the system well enough and it’s time your boiler had a checkup.

3. A Crazy A/C

If your air-conditioning releases funny smells when you turn it on, makes crazy noises or just isn’t cooling off the home the way it once did, time may be running out for your system. You know when it’s “off”, even when it’s on, so take the time to have it properly diagnosed and repaired.

4. Limited Heat, Even With The Thermostat On High

Just as with your cooling systems, the heat is going to be problematic and symptomatic if it’s not properly inspected and repaired. When the home is too often chilly, especially with the heat turned up high enough that it should be more than comfortable, you probably have a problem. While it may be something as simple as the thermostat, it could be much worse.

4. Out Of Control Costs

Even if you don’t observe any other symptoms with your heating and cooling, if your utility costs are going through the roof, it’s a good indication that repairs are needed somewhere.

Make sure the home itself is energy-efficient, such as being well insulated throughout, then have someone investigate what might be causing the spike in costs.

Don’t wait until a major problem arises in your home to pay attention to the parts that keep you comfortable in any weather. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of time, trouble and money, by keeping up with preventative and problem-solving maintenance.

Author Bio:   Bill Bradley is a heating and cooling consultant of Chicago Heating & Cooling Pros living in Chicago, Illinois. His years of experience as HVAC consultant made him knowledgeable on all the latest HVAC techniques and able to use the latest technology to provide quality services.


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