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3 Signs Your Plumbing Business Should Switch to Flat Rate Pricing

December 19th, 2018 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Anastasia Harold, Coolfront Affiliate Manager WestGuest Blog Post From – Anastasia Harold, Coolfront Affiliate Manager West 

Pricing is a sensitive subject in the contracting world. While most contractors are wary of overcharging, homeowners are even more wary of being overcharged. Here’s four signs your plumbing service business should make the switch to flat rate pricing:



1. Hovering Customers

Charging an hourly rate makes customers believe that every minute counts. They’re going to be nervous that you could be wasting time and over charging. By giving a customer a flat rate price up front, before you start working, you’re able to put their mind at ease and trust you to be efficient

2. Dwindling Profits

It can be difficult to charge a profitable price when you’re required to quote an hourly rate. Also, unapplied time is difficult to bill. Using flat rate pricing allows you to quote a price for the entire job – a price you already decided on and one the customer agrees to.


3. Billing Errors

The more math that an employee is required to do, the more likely they are to make a mistake. Messy handwriting can also lead to disputes on price. Flat rate pricing eliminates math errors, because your employees aren’t calculating prices by hand, and office staff doesn’t need to decipher handwriting when using a paperless billing system.

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