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Simple Ways to Boost Online Engagement

April 27th, 2019 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

When it comes to your social media strategy, online engagement is the ultimate goal. The reason being, is that online engagement is super important right now and will be moving forward. If your audience isn’t engaging with your content on social media, then you need to start reevaluating your strategy. Here are some tips to help boost your online engagement.


Try a Little Humor

A little comic relief can go a long way. People love to laugh, and fortunately, the plumbing industry is full of good plumbing jokes. Getting people to chuckle is a good way to not only boost engagement, but also increase your visibility, as people like to share content they find funny with others.

boost online engagement

Run a Promotion

Running a promotion or contest is another great way to increase online engagement. People like to feel like they are getting a really good deal, so sharing your current promotions is a great way to get people to engage with your brand. In addition, a good old fashioned contest can also spark people’s competitive nature, which in turn can also peak engagement.

boost online engagement

Ask Questions

One of the best ways to boost online engagement is to ask your audience questions. This helps your audience feel like you value their opinion, which makes them feel important and therefore boosts engagement. You can even try running a poll. Asking questions also provides you with valuable insight into how your customers think and what they are looking for.


Right on Trend

One of the easiest ways to boost online engagement is by paying attention to what is trending and incorporating those topics into your content whenever appropriate. Of course you want to stay relevant to your business, you simply cannot piggyback on a topic just because it is trending. Try to tie it into your business. Using hashtags is a great way to do this.

boost online engagement

Provide Valuable and Useful Information

When it comes to the content you share on social media, it is still important to provide your audience with valuable and useful information. In addition to sharing content that is funny, many people also like to share information that is useful and informative. Try to think outside the box on this one.


Provide Statistics

People love scientific facts and statistics, so sharing some facts or statistics about your industry is a great way to enlighten people. Since we live in a technological era fueled by scientific research and advances, people are thirsty for information. Try sharing statistics about plumbing, like how much water US households use. Historical facts are great to, like when the first toilet was invented.

boost online engagement

Boosting online engagement entails more than just your social media strategy. How customer engage with your brand on review sites also matters. To learn more about boosting online engagement and other plumbing marketing topics contact Grow Plumbing today!





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