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7 Plumbing Apps Every Plumbing Company Needs

May 29th, 2019 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

A lot goes into owning a plumbing business. Scheduling appointments, invoicing, paying bills, managing time, and marketing to name a few. Advances in technology have made running your business a lot easier. Now many of the programs you use everyday to run your business are available on your smartphone, allowing you to run your business from virtually anywhere. Here are 7 plumbing apps every plumbing company needs to run their business while on the go.


Service Titan

Service Titan is one of the most robust plumbing apps out there. Designed with home service businesses in mind like plumbers, hvac companies, and electricians. You can single handedly run your entire business from Service Titan. From dispatching, scheduling service calls, marketing, and reporting, Service Titan offers it all. They also integrate with Quickbooks, which enables seamless accounting. Users like Service Titan because it is easy to use and has a modern feel. They also make it easy to manage employees and track productivity.

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HouseCall Pro

HouseCall Pro is another great plumbing app that can help your run your business. HouseCall Pro enables plumbers manage bookings, invoicing, payments, customer relations and more. It also integrates with Quickbooks. Users like that HouseCall Pro is easy to learn and use. HouseCall Pro makes it easy for users to follow up on their invoices by seeing which ones are paid and which ones are due. The automated payment and custom SMS options are also great.

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Plumbing Formulator

Plumbing formulator is a great plumbing app to have while out in the field. A lot of calculations goes into plumbing. The right measurements, water flow, PMI, etc…Plumbing Formulator puts all of this information right at your fingertips with over 120 formulas readily available. Calculate pipe weight and water flow, or calculate what size water heater your client needs.

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Copper Tube Handbook

The Copper Tube Handbook is directly from the Copper Development Association and works as an essential reference guide for plumbers while out in the field. Research technical data or joining methods while on the job.

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Route4Me Route Planner

Rout4Me Route Planner helps you travel to all of your service calls in the most efficient manner. Instead of zig zagging across town, input all of your service destinations into Route4Me Route Planner, and it creates the most efficient route to save you time and money.

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Plumbers are on the road a lot, so mileage tracking is a huge part of expense tracking. Using an app to track mileage and related expense is a great way to stay organized. TripLog is a great mileage tracking app that allows users to  track mileage, expenses, and real time vehicle location. TripLog offers several different pricing options varying from free to $6- per user per month. TripLog also integrates with Quickbooks which makes expense tracking easier.

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Quickbooks is probably one of the best known account programs available. It is dependable, reliable, and offers a lot of great features. From invoicing, expense tracking, payroll, profit tracking, financial reports, and preparing your taxes. Quickbooks offers several different options that range in price from $20-$70 per month. If you use multiple apps to manage your business, Quickbooks integrates with over 400 apps.

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Having the right tools can make a huge difference in how you manage your business. From saving money to saving time, each of these apps can help you accomplish your business goals. To learn more about plumbing that can help you run your business contact Grow Plumbing today!

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