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Tips To Help You Better Optimize Your Website

June 27th, 2019 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Search engine optimization, or SEO is still alive and well in 2019. And while some aspects have changed the fundamentals are still the same. The goal is to tell the search engines what your website is about and why it is relevant. Search engines strive to provide users with the best, most accurate, and most relevant results. As technology progresses, search engines have become increasingly sophisticated in their ability to ascertain the contents of a website. And with that, your SEO strategy must adapt in order to remain relevant. Here are some tips to help you better optimize your website.


Website Load Times

There is nothing more frustrating for online users than a website that does not load quickly. Today’s online users have the patience of a gnat when it comes to website load times, so it is important that your website loads quickly in order to remain competitive. When it comes to search results, speed matters, and the search engines know this. In an effort to provide users with the best possible experience, website load times are a key factor when search engines index your website. To better optimize your website and increase load times:

better optimize your website

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  • Enable Compression – Reduce the size of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files larger than 150 bytes.

  • Minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript – Optimize code and remove unnecessary characters like spaces and commas. In addition, remove code comments, formatting, and unused code. 

  • Reduce Redirects – Every time a page redirects it involves a waiting period for the HTTP request-response cycle to complete. This bogs down your page and results in slower load times.

  • Leverage Browser Cache – Browsers cache a lot of information once a visitor comes to your website. This information is stored, so that the browser doesn’t have to reload the entire page. 

  • Optimize Images – Avoid using images that are too large and make sure the images are compressed to enable faster load times. Too many images or images that are too large, can take a lot longer to load.


Match The Way You Speak

Voice search is taking over. With more and more searches being completed with voice search it is important to make sure you are optimizing for it. So how does voice search vary from regular search? Voice search tends to utilize longer search terms, while regular search uses more consolidated phrases. To optimize for voice search, content needs to be of good quality and contain more long tail keywords as opposed to those shorter keywords that perform well on desktops. While you are at it, keep phrases simple, longer doesn’t necessarily mean more complex. Keep phrases around a 9th grade reading level. 

better optimize your website

Image Credit: Born to Invest

Optimize For Local Search

With the increased usage of voice search, it is important to optimize for location based queries, as a large portion of voice searches are for location based goods and services. Aside from appeasing the the voice search crowd, location based optimization tends to lead a better ROI anyways, as the traffic you are attracting more closely fit your target audience.

better optimize your website

Questions or concerns? We can help! Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing and can help you get your website optimized for the future! For more tips on how to better optimize your website and other plumbing marketing topics contact Grow Plumbing today! 

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