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The Future of Ad Spend

October 29th, 2019 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

When it comes to digital marketing two names come to mind; Google and Facebook. The duopoly of Google and Facebook have dominated digital marketing for the last decade or so, and with good reason. Google is the number used search engine in the world, and Facebook is the most used social media platform. With a vast audience and the ability to reach millions of people, it’s no wonder these two tech giants have dominated when it comes to ad spend. But could all of this be about to change?


Monetizing the Small Screen

One of the main reasons why Google and Facebook have remained so popular for advertising, is their ability to monetize the small screen. With the increased usage of smart devices, the ability to evolve for the smaller screen became more and more important. As smart device users surpassed desktop users, Google and Facebook both adjusted the way users view their ads. Google’s adwords ads blend in with regular search results and have been incredibly successful for Google, and Facebook’s ads that populate in news feeds have also been increasingly successful at generating leads for businesses. 

ad spend

Location, Location, Location

In addition, to capitalizing on small screens, Google and Facebook have successfully used location based search to their advantage. Smart devices like phones and tablets that have geo tracking on them allow Google and Facebook to present ads that are location based. This has been huge for home service companies, as it creates a more accurate targeting approach. 

ad spend

Image Credit: SEO Roundtable


Smart Speakers, Smart Speakers Everywhere

Voice search has also been instrumental in catapulting Google Home Services. As more, and more households embrace smart speakers like Google Home and Alexa, more and more searches are being completed via voice as opposed to text. Need a plumber simple say “Ok Google” and ask for the best local plumber. Those results will be Google Home Service ads, or even Amazon Home Service ads, which brings us to our next point.

ad spend

Image Credit: Gadgetren


The Relevance of Advertising on Amazon

Amazon has been around for a while, and while they have dominated e-commerce, they have stayed relatively quiet in terms of advertising, until recently. However, in the last several years, advertisers have seen the e-commerce giant start to gain momentum in advertising. And why not, they have a huge audience or ready to purchase customers. In fact, Amazon ads have demonstrated some very impressive conversion rates. People on Amazon have already moved passed the investigative phase and are ready to purchase. As opposed to people are Google, are often in the research phase. 

ad spend

Image Credit: Ebusiness Planet

For home services, these ads are usually presented with the purchase of an item. Say an Amazon user wants to buy a new faucet, they now have the option of including installation from a local service provider. 


Amazon is currently in 3rd place, behind Google and Facebook in terms of ad spend. This year alone, Amazon has captured 8.8% of the US market, up from 6.8% in 2018. This trend will likely continue, as Amazon makes it easier for all industries to take advantage of their immense customer base. 


Out With The Old and In With The New

Embracing new and emerging ways to reach your customers is important. While Google and Facebook are still effective in terms of marketing, trying something new couldn’t hurt. Other social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat have also increased in popularity, especially among younger users. Diversifying your marketing outreach can help you reach new customers and build engagement with them. 


Want to get started with a custom marketing plan? Grow Plumbing can help! We specialize in plumbing marketing and can help you form a plan that meets your individual needs. To learn more contact Grow Plumbing today! 

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