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2019 Plumbing Marketing Year In Review

December 27th, 2019 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

With the end of each year, we always like to do a little recap of the plumbing marketing trends that saw the most growth. This allows us to reflect on where we have been and forecast what areas we think will matter the most in the new year. This is part of measuring your success, which is an important part of your plumbing marketing strategy.  Here is what areas we focused on in 2019 and which areas will continue to grow into 2020. 


Voice Search

We have been talking about the rising importance of voice search for the last several years. In 2019 at least 41% of adults used voice search at least once a day. In 2020 it is anticipated that at least 50% of all searches will be completed using voice search. With more an more people inviting Alexa and Siri into their homes, the importance of optimizing for voice search will increase. 


So what does this mean for your plumbing marketing? There will be more of an emphasis on long tail keyword phrases. Voice searches typically contain more words than traditional search. This is because people tend to abbreviate their searches more when typing queries into the search bar. However with voice search it feels more like you are interfacing with another human because you are getting a response. And as the technology improves and becomes more sophisticated, virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri will begin to anticipate your search needs and provide more detailed results. Because of this, your SEO will have to evolve and include more detailed phrases. 


Chatbots are revolutionizing customer service. In 2019, 67% of internet users have interfaced with chatbot. This number is expected to grow in 2020, as chatbots continue to get more sophisticated, much like voice search. It is estimated that companies spend $1.3 trillion dollars on customer service each year, chatbot technology could lower this 30% over the next several years. 

plumbing marketing

So how can you use chatbot technology? Many service industry professionals like plumbers have chatbots on their websites. They provide quick responses to customer questions, can help strengthen brand awareness, and increase engagement. In addition to using them on a website, many companies have started using them on social media.  There are over 100,000 chatbots active on Facebook’s Messenger. This helps customers receive faster response times, which in turn boosts engagement. 


Video Marketing

With everyone adding to their “stories” it only makes sense that there is a huge emphasis on video marketing. Short video clips are becoming increasingly effective at driving traffic, creating brand awareness, and increasing engagement. When it comes to video marketing, videos that are shorter in length tend to perform the best. People have short attention spans, and are quickly distracted. So, it is important to keep videos between 8-15 seconds. In addition to story clips, YouTube is still one of the fastest growing social media sites. So, if you haven’t started creating video content, now is the time. 


Long Form Content

Long form content is becoming more important for SEO. This means focusing on blogs that are longer. Web crawlers are placing more emphasis on longer posts vs. shorter posts. While the average person isn’t going to sit and read your post in its entirety, you want to create content with both your audience and search engines in mind. Focus on pieces of content that are engaging, thought provoking, useful, unique, and relevant for your audience, and relevant and longer for search engines.

plumbing marketing

Moving Forward

In 2020 the above mentioned will continue to dominate so if you haven’t started incorporating them into your plumbing marketing strategy start thinking about it. While there is nothing wrong with tried and true marketing tactics, you also need to recognize that the next generation of consumers, generation Z, is coming of age and entering the workforce. In 2020 generation Z will make up about 40% of consumers, so adapting to their tastes will become increasingly important for your digital marketing. 


Have you created a plumbing marketing strategy for the new year? We are here to help! Grow Plumbing helps plumbers create a personalized digital marketing plan. Learn more here


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