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How To Engage Your Audience On TikTok – 4 Interesting Techniques To Know

June 1st, 2021 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

TikTok is the sixth-largest platform among the social media networks, with more than 850 million active users monthly. Because of this huge number of users on TikTok, many business people include their marketing plan on TikTok. An interesting fact is that 69% of users are between the ages of 16 and 24, making it easy for brands to target young audiences.\

In the last few months, TikTok has achieved beyond 2 billion downloads, making way for many influencers to market their business or brand. With engaging content, you can engage more audiences in your niche. Likewise, there are many interesting techniques in TikTok marketing explained below.

Tip #1: Shoot Educational Video

TikTok is not just for sharing entertainment and funny video content. But it is truly a fantastic platform to provide quality content in an understanding and approachable form. Do you know, even doctors on TikTok have built wider audiences by providing medical tips regarding people’s health. 

People with social responsibility also find ways to bring their messages across many audiences. Likewise, you can also come up with content having useful tips from your product or business that helps your audience to gain some important information.

Tip #2: Celebrate Special Occasions

There are many occasions being celebrated by each and every person around the world. The marketers involved in TikTok marketing should always track the upcoming events to engage your audience. Prepare attractive and quality content related to the upcoming occasion that should create some impact on your audience’s mind in a positive way.

For example, one of the events celebrated globally is International Women’s day. Create motivational content by publishing it on that day using a unique hashtag. Make it trending among your audiences which intends them to share the same video on their account. It can gain new audiences to your page, improving brand awareness.

Tip #3: Grow Your Brand By Sharing Tutorial Videos

Nowadays, everyone pays attention to learn something new daily. Youngsters are also capable of understanding the importance of many new brands with their making videos. Creating a tutorial video of how to use your product improves your TikTok video views with engaging content. You will also get higher traffic to your website by your audience to know your product in detail.

All kinds of tutorial videos play well on TikTok. But it is challenging to make videos within 60seconds. For example, if your product is related to any kitchen appliances, you can do a fast cooking video using your product. With this idea, both your product and your recipes will get popular and trending among huge audiences.

Tip #4: Run A Interesting Contest

Creating a contest and making your audience participate brings curiosity among your followers. They might have chances to share your contest video with their friends, asking them to participate in it. By using this technique, it increases your followers count as well as engages your existing audience in your brand.

Run a contest by asking your audience to leave comments by tagging their friends. This makes your brand popular among their friends. Once the contest finishes, announce the winner by sharing the prize related to your brand, publishing it on your TikTok page, and asking the winner to share the same video on their page. It is a great way to engage your audience on TikTok.

Final Thought:

If you want to grow your business on social media marketing, the important thing is to engage your audience with your account. TikTok provides enormous ways to engage your audience and improve your brand awareness. TikTok mainly brings you popularity with your engaging content and with the above techniques.

Author Bio: 

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers. Start following her on


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