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Basic Steps for Evaporative Cooling Repair

July 6th, 2021 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Basic Steps for Evaporative Cooling Repair


One of the first things that we do when the summer approaches are to take out the cooling system and service it. All the cooling system manufacturing companies advise opting for regular servicing of the system to ensure its longevity and superior performance. Coolair is one of the renowned brands which is found in majority of the houses. 


This company makes some of the best air coolers and has become a household name. But the company advises that you must follow timely repair and check-ups so that it keeps on performing well in the long run. In this blog, we are going to share the best tips for Coolair evaporative cooling service.


Evaporative Cooling Repair and Service Tips:


Cleaning The Cooler’s Exterior


If you are taking the cooler out from the store, you must begin with cleaning the exterior surface. To clean the surface, you need mild soapy water and a cotton cloth. Begin with dusting the surface of the cooler, followed by dipping the cotton cloth in soapy water and scrub the surface. Once you have cleaned the entire surface, use a dry cotton cloth, and wipe off the cooler. Make sure that the cooler to completely dry out before you plug it in. Allow the cooler to dry in the shade, keep the cooler under the sun can cause discolouration. 


Cooling Pads


The efficacy of the cooling system is also decided by the cooling pads. With regular use of a cooler, there can be deposition of dust and minerals on the cooling pads. Ignoring this can result in blocking the pores, thus impacting the flow of water. Hence, you must clean these pads. 


Once you have cleaned the pads, allow them to dry completely. To do this, you must keep the pads under the sun. Make sure that the cooling pads are completely dried out before you plug them back into the cooling system. 


Check The Motor, Wire and Fans


When you are in the process of Coolair evaporative cooling repair, you must check that all the mechanical components of the cooler are functioning properly. One of the ways to achieve this is by checking the status of wires, motor and fans. If you notice a humming sound from the cooling system or see that the water is not circulating properly, you must check it. While changing the cooling pads and motor might not be that difficult, if you notice that the cooling system is not working properly even after repair and servicing, it’s time to call the technicians. 



When Should You Call the Coolair Evaporative Cooling Repair Technician?


There is no way you can beat this heat without your cooler functioning properly. You will to hire a technician as fast as you can. The expert will help you repair it as soon as you spot the fault. Some noticeable faults that will suggest you if the cooler is functioning properly or not:


  • Unusual noise from the cooler

  • Leakage from the cooler

  • Musty smell from the cooler

  • Cooler is not working even after regular servicing and maintenance

  • Overheating of the components

  • Room gets heated instead cooling


A professional Coolair evaporative cooling repair service will have complete knowledge about the Coolair evaporative cooling system. They will be well-versed with all the models of Coolair and hence will be able to resolve the problem in less time. Make sure that you choose only an authorized technician for this job. They must be experienced and have a good rating. 


This was the basic information about Coolair evaporative cooling repair and service. You must not ignore its upkeep and maintenance; it ensures the long-term functioning of the cooler with optimal efficiency. Call for experts to help you out with the repairing if your cooler.



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