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What to Look for in Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas?

October 20th, 2021 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

What to Look for in Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas?


Dallas is famous for its hot and humid conditions. Because of this, Dallas residents have to use their cooling system almost throughout the year. And to keep the system functional or seamless operation, there is no alternative to regular HVAC maintenance checkups. 

HVAC Duct cleaning and servicing is an important part of this HVAC maintenance. With air duct cleaning, your AC air ducts will be free from dust, micro particles, and allergens. As a result, you’ll have fresh and clean air in your house. 

But selecting an air duct cleaning service isn’t easy. If you hire the wrong air duct cleaning company, they might ruin your cooling system. That’s why if you have decided to do air duct cleaning, you must select a good air duct cleaning company, no compromises here. 

Like almost everyone else, if you’re confused about how to choose the right air duct cleaning company, you’re in the right place. 


5 Tips to Consider When Choosing an Air Duct Cleaning Company in Dallas

  1. Shortlist Top-rated Air Duct Cleaning Companies

At first, you’ll have to shortlist the best air duct cleaning companies in Dallas. When you have a list of reputed air duct cleaning companies, it’ll make the process of finding the best air duct cleaning company easier.

For this, you can go to the air duct cleaning company’s website and read the reviews. By reading the reviews, you’ll have an idea of what to expect from a particular air duct cleaning company. If the reviews of a cleaning company are satisfactory, you’ll have to write down the cleaning company’s name, address and contact information.

Again, you can ask for a recommendation from your friends and families. Besides, you can check different review and business listing sites to read the reviews of the air duct cleaning companies.

When choosing air duct cleaning near Dallas, it’s recommended that you write down at least 6 to 7 companies. This will give you more options and flexibility while selecting the best air duct cleaning company for your HVAC unit.


  1. Always Hire an Air Duct Cleaning Company that has License & Insurance

After shortlisting reputed air duct cleaning companies, you’ll have to check whether the companies have an HVAC license and insurance or not. Because getting an HVAC license isn’t easy, and companies have to follow specific guidelines to get one. As a result, air duct cleaning companies that have an HVAC license indicate that they follow all the guidelines and knows how to handle air ducts.  

Like the HVAC license, you’ll have to check the insurance as well. Because during an air duct cleaning service, accidents can happen, or cleaning technicians can damage your equipment. In this case, if the air duct cleaning company has insurance, they will pay for all the repair fees and damages. But if the cleaning company doesn’t have any, you’ll have to pay from your own pocket, which sometimes can be costly.

  1. Ask What Type of Cleaning Treatment Air Duct Cleaning Company is going to Use

Many air duct cleaning companies use chemical treatments to clean the air ducts. It protects the air ducts from microorganisms and bacteria. However, this chemical treatment can cause allergy and respiratory problems. That’s why if you already have these health problems, you should tell the air duct cleaning company to use biological treatments.

Eco-friendly cleaning treatments don’t have these negative impacts on your health. Besides, it prevents bacteria and mold formation in your AC air ducts.


  1. Ask and Compare the Quotations

When 1-3 are done, ask for quotations from different air duct cleaning companies. 

Disregard the companies quoting significantly more than their competitors. Because there is no point in paying extra money where you can get the same service at a lower rate.

Again, if a certain cleaning company is asking for way less than other air duct cleaning companies, it’s a red sign. Because the company that is offering such low price maybe a novice or a scam company. And you should always stay away from these air duct cleaning companies. Because when you hire such a company, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the best air duct cleaning service. Instead, they can damage your whole AC unit.

Apart from these, compare what is included in the duct cleaning. Some cleaning companies may provide complete HVAC cleaning, but others may provide only air duct cleaning for that same cost. Before selecting a package, you must identify your needs and choose a cleaning package accordingly.

  1. Ask about the Air Duct Cleaning Time Frame

Before finalizing everything, ask the air duct cleaning company about the time frame of the cleaning. This will help you prepare your space for cleaning.

Also, ask whether the cleaning company will cover the furniture of your home or not. During the air duct cleaning, dust flies here and there. That’s why, tell the air duct cleaning company to dust off your furniture and floor before leaving the house.



In summary, you’ll have to short-list top-rated cleaning companies, check their license and registration. After that compare their cleaning method and cost with other air duct cleaning companies. Also, don’t forget to ask the time frame of the cleaning process.

Air duct cleaning is an important maintenance task that you must consider very seriously. And for this, you should never hire a novice air duct cleaning company. 


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