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South Florida’s leading service-repair-replacement company is your source for all of your Plumbing – Drain Cleaning – Water Treatment – Air Conditioning – Indoor Air Quality – Lawn Sprinkler needs. We sell, service, repair and install systems throughout all of South Florida, all backed by our award winning team of professionals. Our rigorous hiring standards assure you of having the most trusted and dependable service professionals entering your home and business. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Get great service for all your home and business needs throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, with one of our specialists! 

Your plumbing system is a complex network of pipes and drains that supplies fresh water to your fixtures and takes away waste. While the mechanics behind modern plumbing seem simple, they are actually quite complex. In truth, your plumbing system must be well cared for to run smoothly at all times. A small problem in your kitchen can have adverse effects on the entire system if not dealt with properly. So, if you suspect any sort of plumbing problem, it’s in your best interest to act as fast as possible to get it repaired. That’s where Art Plumbing and Air Conditioning comes in. Our highly trained plumbers are always available to ensure your plumbing needs are met immediately, especially in the case of an emergency. No matter what the issue, if you’re having plumbing problems and you live in the South Florida area, call us today for fast and professional repairs.

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