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Online Plumbing Marketing Practices that Never Go Out of Style

March 23rd, 2017


When it comes to the ever-changing dynamics of the digital word we are faced with many updates; updates in algorithms, updates in trends, updates in people’s habits and practices. Staying up to date with the latest is crucial for your online plumbing marketing. But that doesn’t mean that traditional, tried and true plumbing marketing practices should go by the wayside. Here are some online plumbing marketing practices that are still as relevant today as they were when all of these shenanigans started.


#1 SEO


online plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Forbes,

SEO or search engine optimization is a fundamental step of any online plumbing marketing strategy. While some SEO practices have come under fire over the last several years, a smart and well thought out SEO strategy is still an important for success and longevity. Take your time and really think about what keywords you want to rank for. Remember keywords can be extremely competitive, especially in a saturated market. Utilize keywords that are specific, but not too specific, and relevant to your business. A mix of locally derived keywords and keywords associated with your niche is a good choice. Remember you want to drive quality traffic. While there is power in numbers, a high influx of traffic from sources that don’t fit your target audience might not do anything to improve your conversions.

Once you have established your keywords you can start implementing them. Keywords should be utilized throughout your website (in the text, in title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags), blog, social media sites, local directories, and any place that allows you to write an about section.  One thing to keep in mind when utilizing keywords is balance. Avoid overuse or keyword stuffing. Keep wording as fluid as possible.

#2 Ads

Running paid ads can be very useful when it comes to your online plumbing marketing. There are a variety of options out there as far as running ads. We suggest seeing what works for you. Keep in mind that different platforms will attract different types of users, consider the demographics of the platform’s users, and whether or not they meet the demographics of your target audience. Running ads is a great way to get some extra exposure and significantly boost traffic, however this traffic isn’t sustainable for free. The cost of running ads can add up over time, so make sure you are designating enough funds in your plumbing marketing budget for ad placement. You will also want to focus on your ROI when it comes to running paid ads. Because of the associated cost, you will want to make sure that the wording, images, and call to action are all on point and that the ad is target to the correct audience.

#3 Content

Content has been quite the buzzword over the last several years, and with good reason. Content is the thing that everyone, everyone needs! It drives search, and social media. online plumbing marketingWhether you are aware of it or not, every time you search for something you are searching for someone else’s content. Every time you login to Facebook, or watch a YouTube video, you are consuming someone’s content. In order to stay relevant, and to stay competitive, you must have a content strategy. You can incorporate a blog, video, images, status updates, or even share other people’s content that is relevant to you. As long as you are supplying a steady stream of quality, unique, and relevant content for your audience to consume, you will see you engagement score improve, your traffic improve, and hopefully and increase in your click throughs, captures, and conversions.


For more information on online plumbing marketing or to learn more about Grow Plumbing’s service please visit our website at


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Online Plumbing Marketing – Rock Your Yelp Strategy

March 21st, 2017


Having a good Yelp strategy is a must for your online plumbing marketing. With so many active users, and the prolific number of mobile users, it only makes sense to spend some time working your Yelp strategy. Studies show that customers are highly influenced by what previous customers have to say. Customer reviews have even more pull than expert reviews these days, so it is important to pay attention to your Yelp strategy. Here is some important information to help you improve your online plumbing marketing and rock your Yelp strategy.


#1 Asking for Reviews

online plumbing marketingAsking your customers to review your services is a direct approach to getting more online reviews for your business. However, it is important to keep Yelp’s guidelines in mind when doing so. Yelp does not necessarily encourage businesses to ask for reviews, however it is not exactly frowned upon either. What is important to pay attention to though, is their policy about incentivizing customers to leave a review. Offering some kind of payment or incentive for positive reviews or the removal of a negative review is expressly forbidden.


#2 Understanding the Filter

Yelp uses filtering software to sift through reviews, placing reviews they deem the most relevant at the top. There are several factors at play in deciphering which reviews get the most visibility; quality, reliability, and the activity level of the user. This is the reason why some reviews appear in the recommended review area for a little while, then find themselves in the un-recommended review section. This can be both a blessing and a curse; on one hand reviews that aren’t positive can get pushed down, on the other hand positive reviews can also find themselves pushed down into the un-recommended review section. You can mitigate this to some extend by engaging with customers who left you amazing reviews on Yelp. Inform them that their review has been hidden, and befriend them. The more active a user is, and the more friends they have on Yelp, the more emphasis Yelp will put on their reviews.


#3 Ads

If you are just getting started with your Yelp strategy, something that can really help give you a good start is to run some ads with Yelp. It is a good idea to run strategically placed ads every now and then, be it Google, Yelp, Facebook, or another advertising platform. It is also a good idea to diversify your ad placement to see what works for you. Remember different sites attract different types of users, so it is important to take your target audience into consideration.


#4 Become an Active User Yourself

Becoming an active Yelp user yourself can help you get some insight into what the customer experience is. By checking in places and leaving reviews yourself, you can start to experience the same things that some of your customers have experienced and, which in turn can help you improve the customer experience within your own business. For many businesses, Yelp is looked at as the enemy, however there is a lot you can learn by monitoring your Yelp and looking at things from the customer’s point of view. Knowledge is power, and while not all Yelp reviews will be 5 star, look at it as a learning experience and a way to improve your business.


#5 You Can Fight a Negative Review

Yelps terms of service agreement can be your best friend when it comes to negative reviews. It is a good idea to familixarize yourself with their content policy. If you find a online plumbing marketingnegative review, analyze it for any infractions of their content policy. Contact Yelp and reference specific points on their content policy. You might be surprised that sometimes they will agree with you and remove the review. This method won’t work every time, but it is worth a shot.


To learn more about online plumbing marketing and how to rock your Yelp strategy contact Grow Plumbing. Grow Plumbing specializes in online plumbing marketing and can help you get the results you want

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Plumbing Marketing Tips to Get the Results You Want

March 19th, 2017


When it comes to getting the results you want with your plumbing marketing it takes dedication, time, consistency, and a good strategy. If you have an existing plumbing marketing strategy it never hurts to analyze your efforts and revamp your strategy a little bit. If you are just getting started these plumbing marketing tips will help get you going in the right direction to get the results you want.


#1 Content Strategy

A good content strategy is a must for your plumbing marketing.  It should entail a blogging strategy as well as a steady stream of evergreen posts for your social media accounts. Content should be designed with your audience in mind. Create useful, unique, and relevant content that will engage your audience and entice them to click to your site.


#2 Share

Plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Wintellect,

Sharing your content across all of your social media platforms and social bookmarking sites is the next step of getting the results you want with your plumbing marketing. Social media runs off of content, when you share your content on social media, you open it up to more exposure, which in turn will result in more traffic and more conversions. It is also a great way to strengthen your brand and keep your audience engaged.


#3 Landing Pages

Landing pages are effective at driving home a point you want to make.  A landing page is a separate page from your website that is dedicated to one theme. Landing pages are effective because they leave little room for distraction, with an entire page completely dedicated to one specific topic. To get the results you want, make sure it is clear what the topic is from the beginning, and make sure you stay consistent and relevant to the topic at hand. Employ a strong call to action to convert traffic, and seize opportunities to capture information.


#4 Measure Results

One of the most important steps in getting the results you want with your plumbing marketing is to measure your results. You can’t see how much you have grown without consulting your analytics reports. These reports give you in depth insight into the behaviors of your traffic. Such insights as: keywords, bounce rate, which pages attract the most traffic, and demographics. This information is vital in moving forward with your plumbing marketing.

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: LinkedIn,

For more information on plumbing marketing tips and how to get the results you want please visit


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Going Green with Your Plumbing – 3 Green Solutions

March 17th, 2017


Since today is all about wearing green we thought we would keep the trend going and extend the theme to our blog. When it comes to going green with your plumbing there are a lot of benefits; it’s good for the environment, it’s good for your health, and it’s good for your wallet. There are a lot of things that you can do when going green with your plumbing. Here are some of the best ways you can go green with your plumbing.


going green with your plumbing

Image Credit: Clean Energy Resource Team,

Replace Faucets and Shower-heads

One of the easiest and least expensive ways of going green with your plumbing is to replace your existing faucets and shower-heads with low flow faucets and shower-heads. Most new faucets and shower-heads are designed to use less water without sacrificing pressure and performance. You should start to see and improvement in efficiency right away. An added bonus of replacing faucets and shower-heads with low flow models is it modernizes the space without costing a lot of money. If you are looking for a quick project to update your bathrooms and kitchen, then replacing the faucets and shower-heads is a good option.


Replace Old Outdated Toilets

Toilets account for nearly 27% of all water use in a home. More than any other plumbing fixture or water using appliance. So, it only makes sense to update old and outdated toilets with low

going green with your plumbing

Image Credit: Social Anxiety Support,

flow toilets. Most modern construction already has low flow toilets installed, but older homes, particularly home built prior to 1994, can have old toilets that use as much as 7 gallons per flush! That is a lot of water that could be saved. While low flow toilets initially struggled to perform, newer versions are not only efficient but effective, with some models offering 2 flush options, one for solid waste and one for liquid waste. While replacing the toilets in your home can be and expensive project, you will make up for it in savings.


going green with your plumbing

Image Credit: Drake Mechanical,

On Demand Water Heater

Water heaters prove to be another source of waste around the house. Traditional tank water heaters can suck up a lot of energy to maintain a constant temperature of water being stored for future use. While having a ready supply of hot water at any giving moment is a good thing, wasting energy and the natural wear and tear associated with tank storage is not. On demand water heaters are far more efficient and cost effective in the long term because they only supply hot water when it is needed. Because they aren’t storing water in a tank there is no sediment built up so they are low maintenance and actually last longer than tank storage systems.


The above options for going green with your plumbing are great options. They can help you save energy and plenty of green! To find a plumber near you that can help you with going green with your plumbing check out our plumbing directory.


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A Targeted Approach to Plumbing Marketing – Defining Your Audience

March 15th, 2017


Properly identifying your target audience is important for the success of your plumbing marketing. Content should be created with your audience in mind, without a targeted approach your content can get lost in translation. In order to successfully increase conversions, you have to get the right kind of traffic. So, how do you define your audience? Here are some tips for defining your audience to get the most out of your plumbing marketing.


Define Yourself

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Adcellerant,

The first part of defining your audience is to define yourself. What do you bring to the table? What sets you apart from the competition? What areas do you specialize in? Answering these questions about your business can help you properly identify the right type of audience that needs your services. In addition to help you identify your target audience, defining yourself as a business can help you establish your message, your strategy, and your brand.


Location, Location, Location

Once you have defined yourself as a business the next step in defining your audience is to identify where your audience is from. Location matters, how broad you cast your net matters. The further out you go the more prospects you will have, but you might sacrifice quality. For best results keep things local, and as specific as possible. Remember you are trying to generate leads, quality leads that will in fact become customers. Exposure is good, and it can make your numbers look great, but if your traffic isn’t local the chances of them becoming customers is mute. If you can’t actually convert them into customers then what’s the point?



After you have established the location your target audience is in the next step in defining your audience is to focus on their characteristics. How old are they? What are they plumbing marketinginto? Male or female? Commercial or residential? Homeowners?  The more specific you are the better quality leads you will get.


Where Does Your Audience Spend Their Time Online?

After you have identified who you target audience is, it is time to put your efforts into to online channels where your audience spends their time. Different social media sites attract different types of users. For example, about 35% of Facebook users is comprised of people ages 35-54. If this is your demographic, then it would make sense to spend a chunk of your plumbing marketing budget on Facebook advertising. The point is to go where you audience is to get the best results. 


Internet Marketing

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Get the Most Out of Your Plumbing Marketing and Improve Your Lead Generation

March 12th, 2017

lead generation

Image Credit: Driftrock,

Leads are a necessary part of growing your business. If you have good lead generation, then you probably have a good conversion rate.  While lead generation in and of itself isn’t a surefire way of generating more deals, you also need good sales practices to close, funneling more traffic gets you more exposure and enhances your chances of gaining new business. Today we are going to talk about how you can generate more leads with your online plumbing marketing.


Visual Interactive Content

Visual content in the form of live video streaming, short video clips, and so forth work exceptionally well at generating inbound leads. For the purposes of digital plumbing marketing you can create how to’s, product reviews, or plumbing tip videos. There are really a lot of options for plumbing marketing purposes.

 A couple of things to keep in mind is your videos should be unique, relevant, and useful. You don’ have to spend a lot of money on production either, and they don’t have to be lengthy. Visual interactive content works because it is easy to get your message across using both visual and audio stimulation. As the attention span of your audience wavers, not everyone has the patience to read through a blog post, so visual interactive content capitalizes on short attention spans, that are often flooded with a multi-channel stream of content. For best results, create visual interactive content that engages your audience but leaves them wanting more. This is where the lead generation comes into play. The purpose of visual interactive content is to get them interested in your brand, so you can funnel them to your website and through your selling procedures.


Share Your Knowledge

One the best ways to generate inbound leads is to demonstrate your knowledge. Customers like to do business with companies that are knowledgeable. You can gain credibilitylead generation for your business by sharing your knowledge with your audience. Generating a blog is a good start, but you should also consider participating in group discussions as well. A great platform to do this is on LinkedIn. Join groups, and participate in discussions about relevant topics. If you can establish yourself as an expert, you will generate a buzz about your business and generate more leads for your business.


Run Promotions

Promotions prove to be very effective at generating new leads. If you are trying to gain some traction with your plumbing marketing, then a promotion may be just what you need. Share your promotion on social media, and on local directories. You may also want to consider running a PPC ad. Paid ads are highly targeted and can work really well at generating inbound leads. For best results make sure you are very specific at who you are targeting. You also need to pay attention to the words that you use and the images you use as well.


For more tips on generating new leads and other plumbing marketing topics, please visit


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Improve Your Plumbing Marketing Get Social, Get Mobile, Get Local

March 11th, 2017

When it comes to improving your plumbing marketing it is always a good idea to stay up to date with the times. In the world of digital marketing things can change pretty rapidly. With more of an emphasis being placed on mobile devices there are three areas that you can focus on to help get you’re the most exposure; social, mobile, and local.


plumbing marketing

Image Credit: BP Global,


Get Social

If you haven’t already incorporated a social media strategy into your plumbing marketing now is the time to do so. It is never too late to try something new with your plumbing marketing, in fact trying something new with your plumbing marketing is a great way to gain new exposure. Even if you already have a social media strategy there is always room for improvement. Try changing your content strategy a little bit by incorporating live video streaming, or try a new social media platform. With social media, there are many options.



Get Mobile

Over the last several years the mobile first marketing approach has really taken hold. In fact mobile users have now surpassed traditional desktop users. What this means for

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: MIUI,

your plumbing marketing is that more users are using their mobile devices to find the goods and services they are in need of. For the purposes of expanding your reach with your plumbing marketing, a focus on the mobile audience is crucial. Local directories ad strategically placed ads can help boost your visibility for the mobile audience. In addition, it is also important to make sure your website converts to the smaller screen.


plumbing marketingGet Local

Placing an emphasis on local marketing strategies can really help with getting you the right kind of exposure for your plumbing marketing.  Try optimizing your website with Geo specific keywords, and created dedicated Geo specific pages to drive traffic to. By focusing on your local SEO you gain the right kind of exposure with an audience that is more likely to become customers.


Improving your plumbing marketing should be an ongoing process. The best ways to see what areas of your plumbing marketing need improvement is to check your analytics report on a regular basis. This will provide you with valuable information on what your customers behaviors are. To learn more about improving your plumbing marketing and other digital marketing tips please visit

Internet Marketing

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Building a Good Website for Your Plumbing Marketing

March 9th, 2017


A good website can make or break your plumbing marketing. The point of having a good website is that it works all on its own at converting traffic into customers. A website that is properly done will be able to effectively work at driving business. So, what does it take to create a good website? Here are some must have’s in order to create a good, solid performing website.


 Easy Navigation

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Global EHP,

Easy navigation is a must for a well-designed website. Visitors to your site should be able to find the information they need easily, with clearly marked tabs and relevant links. To make navigation as simple as possible perform regular audits of your website to see which pages are performing and which aren’t. Consider removing pages that do not serve a purpose.


Simple Design

Fancy extravagant designs can leave room for distraction, not to mention can be harsh on the eyes. Instead opt for a clean and simple design with reader friendly colors and fonts. Make sure to use light backgrounds with dark font, and make sure you don’t go overboard with graphics that can distract and slow down loading space.


Easy to Find Contact Information

Many companies make the mistake of hiding their contact information under navigation tab, and this is a mistake. Don’t have you contact information hiding, instead put out

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Business Etiquette and Customer Service,

in the open where people can easily see it. The top right or left corner is the best place for contact information, and you should include your contact information on every page. Remember not every visitor wants to click through your entire website to find your contact information.



Many customers put a huge emphasis on what other customers think. Positive testimonials can help build your case on why customers should choose to do business with you. They help give you credibility, and strengthen your brand.


Quality Content

Quality content is a must for a good website. It provides your audience with what they are searching for, builds your brand, improves your credibility, plays a huge role in your SEO strategy, and also is important for your social media strategy. Content should be relevant to your business, as well as unique and useful.


To learn more about building a good website for your plumbing marketing please visit



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Crafting the Perfect Call to Action

March 5th, 2017


As you should know by now, your call to action really matters for improving all aspects of your plumbing marketing. From increasing clicks throughs, increasing captures, and improving conversions. A good call to action will inflict a sense of urgency about your brand and influence people to click, provide information about themselves, and ultimately become customers. How you word your call to action is, where you place your call to action, it’s relevancy, and if you are incorporating it into a button or not make a huge impact on how effective your call to action is.


Wording Your Call to Action

When it comes to crafting the perfect call to action you don’t have a lot of space. So, it is really important to make sure you choose the right verbiage. Utilize phrases that
landing page for plumbing marketingconvey a sense of urgency and demonstrate value. For example; call now for your free estimate, or learn about the benefits of…. You can try playing around with different phrases to see what works best for your campaign. Check your analytics to see which phrases are most effective.



Your call to action should be clear and easy to see. A hidden call to action does your plumbing marketing absolutely no good. Your call to action should be apparent. You can put your call to action at the top of the page, in the middle, or at the bottom, just be sure it doesn’t go without being noticed. The best call to actions will stand out and beg to be clicked.



Relevancy is key when it comes to making an effective call to action. Let the call to action match the content. You have nothing to gain by using a call to action that is not relevant to the content on the page. Such practices could be deemed as misleading and will not provide you with organic leads.


Build Trust

call to action

Image Credit: Jenn Bovee,

Part of getting people to follow through on your call to action is to create trust. Let them know that there is no risk to them by clicking. A guarantee of some kind works really well to build trust. For example: Our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, call now risk free, receive your no obligation consultation.


Incorporate into a Banner or Button

One of the best ways to let your call to action stand out is to incorporate it into a banner or button. Banner or buttons will stand out from the rest of the text on your page and should be brightly colored, but easy to read. You can strategically place these at the top, middle, or bottom of the page.


Learn more about crafting a strong call to action here.



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Signs It Is Time to Update Your Website

March 3rd, 2017


It is important to stay on top of your plumbing marketing. Staying up to date on the latest trends, paying attention to updates, and updating your website on a regular basis. Updating your website on a regular basis will help keep your brand fresh, and tell search engines that you are still relevant. Remember a website that is well maintained will work better than one that isn’t. Here are some signs it is time to update your website.


#1 You Have Never Updated It

update your website

Image Credit: VC&G,

One of the clearest indications that it is time to update your website is you have never updated it. Many think that once you create your website your good to go. While a website doesn’t need to be constantly overhauled it is important to update information on a regular basis and keep up with the times. If your website is approaching the 10 year mark, then it is probably time for a complete overhaul, graphics are better now, and there have been many updates in SEO.  A website that looks dated could very well be lowering your conversions. Creating a new and improved version of your website has never been easier.  In fact you can easily create a professional website yourself on They have thousands of layouts, and it just takes a little time.


#2 There Are Pages That Aren’t Performing

Hopefully you are measuring your success on a regular basis by checking your analytics report. Your analytics report will tell you how many visitors your site is getting, which pages they are visiting, and how long they are staying on your website (bounce rate). If you have pages on your website that aren’t getting any traffic, or have a high bounce rate, then it could be time to update your website. When you first create a website you might not be sure what pages you need and what pages you don’t need. After a while, by consulting with your analytics report you can start to see a trend and which pages are successfully driving traffic and which are not. If you have pages that are not performing then it could be time to either update these pages or scrap them completely. Having pages that are not generating traffic and building leads only serve to clutter your website. Consider removing pages that aren’t performing well to create a sleek, more simple, and easy to navigate website. Remember the less clutter, the less room there is for distraction.


# You Have a High Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate could be indicative that your website is outdated, hard to navigate, has no clear call to action, isn’t relevant, or isn’t mobile friendly. A strong performing

update your website

Image Credit: Business 2 Community,

website should be easy to navigate with clearly labeled tabs and the pages within the website should be relevant to your business and match the call to action and navigation tab. Failure to provide relevant content could be deemed as misleading and cause a high bounce rate. In addition, mobile friendliness is a must, there is no way around it. Mobile users have surpassed traditional desktop users. What this means is the face of digital marketing has taking on more of a mobile first marketing approach. If your website fails to convert for the mobile user, then your website is completely irrelevant. To combat a high bounce rate consider simplifying the navigation of your website, and provide relevant content. If you aren’t sure if your website converts for mobile users, try viewing your website on your smartphone or tablet.


Most of the maintenance on your website should be subtle. It is rare that a complete overhaul is necessary. It is important to consider how redesigning your website will affect your brand. Remember part of creating a strong plumbing marketing strategy involves building a strong and recognizable brand. To learn more about updating your website and other plumbing marketing topics visit


Internet Marketing

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