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4 Important Things For Crafting The Perfect Email

August 31st, 2020

When it comes to your plumbing marketing strategy, it is important to have a well rounded strategy. This involves a combination of social media, online ads, and email marketing just to name a few things to consider. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. In fact, email marketing is effective for extending offers to customers, staying in touch with customers, and lead generation and has a 120% ROI. Which makes it an important aspect of your plumbing marketing strategy. So how do you craft the perfect email? One that is engaging and leads to click throughs and conversions? Here are 4 things the perfect email needs.

perfect email

Good Subject and Preview Line

The subject and preview line are the first thing your audience will see about your email. And will ultimately be the decision maker when they determine if they want to open your email or not. So it is really important to make the most out of this space. Good subject lines need to create a sense of urgency and be compelling. You have heard us talk about call to actions before, the same applies to your subject line. Your preview line should support the subject line and also give a small preview to what the email is about. A few things to consider when it comes to your subject line are:


  • Keep it short and sweet

  • Don’t give away too much information

  • A little humor goes a long way

  • Don’t make false promises

  • Make it personal


Also consider asking a question. Leading questions can be really useful for email subject lines.


Keep The Message Short and Brief

When it comes to the body text of your email, make it short and sweet. There is no need to write an essay when it comes to your email. The average time a persona will spend reading and email is about 11 seconds, which means you only have 11 seconds to peak their interest and funnel them on to the next destination. You also want to avoid giving away too much information. You have heard of saying, “why buy the whole cow when you can get the milk for free”, well this can apply to your email marketing as well. The purpose of outbound marketing strategies like email marketing is to encourage your audience to follow your marketing stream. You want to encourage them to click through so you want to make sure you are only providing them with enough information to peak their interest and leave them wanting more, this should encourage them to click over to your website to find out more.


Call To Action

Here we go again with creating a sense of urgency and being compelling. You ultimately want your audience to click over to your website where you can convert them. To do this you need to entice them with a good call to action. Some examples include: learn more now, get your free trial, and book now. For the best results, your call to action should be tied to a landing page where you can drive your point home. Make sure your call to action stands out, a lot of time this can be a button that is a different color or in bold font. Make it obvious that this is where your offer is. 



While we don’t expect anyone to be a grammar scholar, it is important to make sure your email is free from errors. These days, there are so many extensions and tools that you can use to make sure your email is free from grammatical and spelling errors. 


Get Help  Now

Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing and can help you with all aspects of your plumbing marketing strategy. To learn more or to schedule and complementary analysis contact the experts at Grow Plumbing today!



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The Power Of Your Online Reviews

July 23rd, 2020

Word of mouth marketing has been around forever. As a business owner, you probably realize the value of word of mouth referrals. With the onset of the internet, word of mouth marketing, has taken on a new look via online reviews. Online reviews are important for several reasons, with the obvious reason being that people want to do business with businesses that have a good reputation. Online reviews are one of the key driving factors that affects your online reputation. Here’s how to harness the power of your online reviews to help you grow your business.

online reviews

Google Service Ads

You are probably familiar with Google service ads. Google has been expanding their home services ads for the last several years. These are the ads for service professionals that appear at the top of search results. There are several factors that determine ad placement for service professionals using these ads, and one of them is a company’s online reputation. Google wants users to rely on them to help them find the goods and services they need, as a result they only want to provide results that are of the finest quality. Online reviews help Google determine which service providers are worthy. Which is why, as a service professional, you should focus on cultivating online reviews, particularly with Google, if you are running service ads. 


How To Get Customers To Leave Reviews

Getting your customers to leave good feedback can be a bit challenging. The key is to encourage reviews at the right time and then follow up. Solicit a review at the completion of a job when things are fresh on your customers mind. You can also follow up with an email. Be sure to include links to your review sites to make finding your profiles as easy as possible. You could also consider offering a promotion for reviews, for example; “every review gets a free magnet” or something along those lines. Of course you will want to be cautious with this one, as sites like Yelp frown on “paying” for reviews.


Remember It’s A Numbers Game

Statistically speaking, you are bound to get reviews from time to time that do not show your business in the greatest light. Negative reviews are going to happen, even when you aim for perfection. There is a ratio at play; a customer who has a positive experience may tell a few people, but a person with a negative experience will tell 10 plus people about their negative experience. This is what fuels negative reviews, and why it may be challenging to get customers to leave a review. If a negative review comes your way, don’t fret. Look at your positive reviews vs. your negative reviews. If it is only an isolated negative review, you have nothing to worry about. You can encourage more positive reviews to filter out the negative one, and depending on the situation, you may even be able to negotiate with the site administrator and have the review removed. 

online reviews

In addition, you may want to take this opportunity to demonstrate your customer service skills by reaching out to the customer. Sometimes, it’s more so about how you handle adversities than the actual review. Negative reviews provide you the ability to right a wrong, and make your customer happy. It also gives you the opportunity to reevaluate some of your business practices. Perhaps there is an area that needs improvement. Use this opportunity to help facilitate growth.


It’s Not All About Google

While there is not doubt that Google is a big contender, it isn’t the only place you should focus on. Sites like Yelp are also important. Consider your local directory sites, and even Facebook reviews. Online reviews help strengthen your online reputations, establish your authority in the industry, and even help improve your SEO.


Get Help With Your Plumbing Marketing

Online reviews are just part of the bigger picture. Feeling overwhelmed with your plumbing marketing? We can help! Grow Plumbing specializes in online plumbing marketing and can help you form a customized strategy that meets your individual needs. Learn more now! 



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How To Build A Website Search Engines Will Like

June 29th, 2020

When it comes to online marketing, half the battle is getting people to your website. There are a lot of working parts to help facilitate this, social media, paid ads, SEO, and your content strategy all play a role in directing traffic to your website. But what helps generate a good search ranking? There have been numerous updates over the last decade or so, which have allowed google to fine tune their definition of what makes a good website. Here is how to build a website search engine will like.


Why Your Website Matters

Think of your website as the central hub of your marketing endeavors. Everything eventually points back to your website. Your website should be a lean mean converting machine, meaning that once the traffic is there, they convert to customers. We can play around with design, color schemes, and fancy videos, but at the end of the day, search engines also need to like your website. 

how to build a website search engines will like

Search engines like google, strive to provide their users with the best quality search results. Meaning results that are relevant, related to the search, authoritative in the field, and trustworthy. As a result they are searching for quality content, quality links, good load times, and good security measures in place. In addition, search engines have become increasingly diligent at spotting attempts to manipulate search results. 


Start With A Good Domain Name

The most rudimentary part of creating a good website is selecting a domain name. It should be relevant to your business but also easy to spell and not too long. You want people to be able to remember your website and easily find it. You can also incorporate your SEO into your domain name. Consider using broad keywords like geo specific keywords. 


Choose A Good Reliable Host

Security is everything these days. With identity theft so prevalent, it is important to make sure you take the proper precautions to protect your visitors. In addition to security, you will want to make sure your website doesn’t experience any downtime. Both security and reliability can have a huge impact on how favorable a search engine views your website.


Load Times

How quickly your website loads is important. People don’t like to wait for a website to load, the longer it takes the greater the chances are of them moving onto the next site. Search engines know this, so when they index your website, they will be sensitive to its speed. Large pictures, videos, and a lot of graphics can bog down your website’s speed. Opt for simplicity to help keep things moving. 

How To Build A Website Search Engines Will Like

Have A Good Content Strategy

A good content strategy is a must for your website. A blog that is updated on a regular basis tells search engines that you are active, and it also helps establish your authority in your field. 


Optimize Your Websites Content

Aside from establishing yourself as an expert in your field, a blog provides a great place to optimize your content. Other areas that should be optimized include the body text of your website, meta descriptions, title tags, and alt tags. All of these serve to tell search engines what your website is about.


Get Help With Your Website

Having a good website is important for your plumbing marketing. If you spend a lot of time on your social media marketing and your ads, but don’t have a website that performs, your ROI will be low. In addition, if your website doesn’t rank well, you are missing out on organic search results. We can help you get your website where it needs to be. We specialize in plumbing marketing and work with you to create a custom plumbing marketing strategy that meets your needs. Learn more here


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How Social Media Is Evolving In 2020

May 28th, 2020

Marketers have been using social media to market their businesses for over a decade now. Since the inception of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, marketers from all industries have been able to reach and engage with their audiences, and drive traffic to their websites. However, as technology advances, social media sites have advanced as well. Social media strategies that once delivered good ROIs are now obsolete. Which is why it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends in social media. Here is how social media is evolving in 2020.


Long Term Engagement

The quest for likes has been a key driver in social media success for a long time. However, as things evolve, more meaningful engagement is demonstrating more staying power in driving conversions for a brand. This means generating a conversation and a personal experience for your audience, rather than a spike in likes. Customers today are looking for more personalized service. The focus should be engaging in meaningful conversations with your audience. While most brands naturally want to reach as many customers as possible, the focus should always be quality over quantity.

social media is evolving in 2020

Direct Social Ads

One way social media is evolving in 2020 is with more direct social ads. Social media users are becoming increasingly more comfortable with shopping for goods and services on social media sites. The buyable pins on Pinterest, and the shopping feature on Instagram have proven to be quite successful. This had paved the way for more dynamic and advanced social media ads. These ads are encouraging business directly from the ads. 


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has really grown over the last several years. It has definitely proven to be an effective way at driving conversions. However, with that being said, some of the most recent data suggest that big time influencers are good at driving short term engagement but not as good at driving long term more meaningful engagement. Which is why many brands are switching to nano influencers, those that have less followers, but more a more meaningful connection to their followers. The idea is that these types of influencers will generate more discussion and more meaningful engagement. 



Video marketing is as popular as ever, especially with sites like TikTok gaining in popularity. Video content, both long form and short form is the most shared type of content on social media sites. Which means, businesses really can’t ignore video content. And with advances in technology, you don’t need a lot of fancy expensive equipment to get started, just a smartphone. Consider the fact that Youtube is the second most used social media platform behind Facebook, with over 2 billion users worldwide. Again, it is important to consider meaningful content that is entertaining and engaging.

social media is evolving in 2020


Short stories on sites like Instagram have been extremely successful over the last several years. And as technology improves, they will continue to be effective at driving conversion. Interactive stories and polls and proving to be very helpful in driving engagement with audiences. 


In The End Do What Works

The effectiveness of any given social media site will depend on your brand, your audience, and the effort you put into it. Not all social media platforms perform the same for every business. What works for one business may not be as effective for the next. Its all about trial and error. Don’t be afraid to try new things and see what works. Once you find something that works, stick with it. To learn more about how social media is evolving in 2020 or to learn more about plumbing marketing, contact Grow Plumbing. We specialize in plumbing marketing and can help you form a comprehensive strategy that works for your business. 




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Social Distancing For Essential Home Services Professionals

April 29th, 2020

This post is brought to you by Field Connect, the mobile field service software provider!

The last couple of weeks have been a roller-coaster. Amidst social distancing orders, many workers have found themselves at home either because of mandatory business closures or because their school age children are no longer able to attend school. Needless to say, it has been quite an adjustment for most. Unfortunately, integral home systems like plumbing and HVAC systems didn’t get the social distancing memo, and without a doubt have proven to be problematic for some homeowners, which is why plumbers are considered essential workers. It’s bad enough being stuck at home, we don’t need plumbing and HVAC failure to add to our stress. With this in mind, it is important for plumbers and other essential home service professionals to keep safety first when making house calls at this time. 

essential home service professionals

Repairs Won’t Wait

Plumbing and HVAC systems always have impeccable timing. It’s like they know you are about to entertain a houseful of guests, and so decide it’s the perfect time to break down. This quarantine is no different, in fact as more and more people are forced to stay home, their home’s systems are seeing a lot more action than normal. This added pressure can put some systems over the edge, especially if there are already underlying issues. In addition, with the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, many people have resorted to plan b; using things like paper napkins, paper towels, and wipes, none of which should ever be flushed. 


Sheltering in place is no time to live with a clogged toilet, or an AC that isn’t cooling. If anything, people need these systems to properly function more than ever to maintain some normalcy, and not add to their stress. While some may be tempted to put off repairs until this whole thing is over, problems like leaks and clogged drains should not be ignored. And in fact can present other health concerns.


Staying Safe While Being Essential

It is more important than ever for essential home service professionals to practice proper safety precautions. In addition to standard operating procedures, it is important to take the extra steps to protect customers, employees, and yourself. This includes:


  • Washing your hands and using hand sanitizer
  • Wearing protective gear like masks and gloves and changing them at regular intervals
  • Sanitizing work surfaces before and after house calls
  • Screening customers for signs of illness before making house calls
  • Screening employees for signs of illness
  • Maintaining social distancing

essential home services professionals
Some essential home service professionals are offering virtual diagnostics and troubleshooting to cut down on physical visits. This can help warrant if a house call is necessary and still address customer needs. 


Stay Healthy

It is more important than ever to stay healthy at this time. This means getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating fruits and vegetables, cutting down on sugar, and getting plenty of exercise. It is also important to reduce stress, which at this point in time may be easier said than done. Remember this too shall pass. For more tips on staying safe for essential home service professionals contact subscribe to our blog below. 


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Coronavirus Resources For Small Businesses

March 29th, 2020


Over the last several weeks we have seen some pretty drastic changes to the way we go about our daily lives. With social distancing orders in place, many people are staying home from work with the exception of necessary businesses like plumbers. However, even if you are still able to operate your business, you may still find yourself affected by the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus. With that being said, there are coronavirus resources for small businesses to help them through it. 

coronavirus resources for small businesses

SBA – Small Business Administration

One of the best coronavirus resources for small businesses is the SBA. The SBA (small business administration) can help small businesses who are affected by the coronavirus secure short term low interest loans to help them through the economic turmoil. These can be through the economic disaster loan program, which offers loans up to $2 million, or through the SBA Express Bridge Loan program, which helps small businesses secure short term loans up to $25K. In addition to helping businesses gain access to capital, the SBA can also help small businesses secure government contracts and provide information on local resources that may be available.


Tax Deadline Extension

Its tax season, and while under normal circumstances this is a busy time of year for most businesses. This year the coronavirus has increased the stress level for many businesses. Now small businesses owners are faced with the economic implications of the coronavirus, and keeping themselves, their loved ones, and their customers healthy. There is a lot going on right now, the last thing we need to worry about are taxes. Due to the current economic climate brought on by the coronavirus the IRS has made several changes to the upcoming tax deadlines. 


  • First, the tax filing deadline for individual returns has been extended from April 15 to July 15. This gives an additional 3 months for taxpayers to prepare and file their taxes.


  • Second, in addition to the tax filing deadline being postponed until July 15, the tax payment deadline has also been postponed until July 15. 


  • Third, the payment extension deadline has been extended for first quarter estimated tax payments as well. First quarter payments are now due July 15. It is important to note, that as of yet the second quarter payment due June 15, has not been extended. This may change, however as it currently stands, the second quarter estimated tax payment due date remains the same.


  • Fourth, you now have up until July 15 to make prior year contributions to your IRA. This can provide some great tax savings, as the IRS allows taxpayers to deduct up to the maximum contribution limit of $6,000.


Naturally some businesses may take longer to recover from the economic downturn, in which case you can file a tax extension. This must be filed by the tax filing deadline of July 15. Please keep in mind that filing and extension does not mean your tax payment isn’t due by the tax payment deadline. If you are unable to make your tax payments by the deadline, you must contact the IRS to set up a payment plan before the deadline to avoid penalties.


To take advantage of the new tax deadlines, you don’t have to do anything. Simply prepare and file your taxes the way you normally would.


Economic Stimulus

In addition to extended tax deadlines, one of the most helpful coronavirus resources for small businesses will be the economic stimulus that was a part of the coronavirus relief bill. The stimulus offers a one time payment of $1,200 for adults and $500 for children. The IRS is using information from 2018 and 2019 tax returns to distribute the payment. So if you have filed a tax return in 2018 and 2019, you will automatically receive the payment the same way you received your refund if you received a refund. Otherwise they will mail a check to the address you have on your 2018 or 2019 returns. The stimulus begins to phase out for income levels over $75,000.


With Everything that is going on, if you are still working it is important to take the proper precautions to keep yourself and the people around you safe. You can learn more about the recommended social distancing guidelines here



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Ultimate Plumbing Marketing Guide

March 27th, 2020

What is your marketing plan for 2020?

We have the answer for you…it is The Ultimate Plumbing Marketing System

Ultimate Plumbing Marketing Guide

Ultimate Plumbing Marketing System


Download The Ultimate Plumbing Marketing Guide and use it for your business or provide a copy to your internet marketing firm. 

The system was created with the goal of creating quality content and sharing that content in many places.

More Content in More Places = More Leads 

The work flow of the system starts from the tabs at the bottom and works from left to right. 

  1. Goals – Set quarterly goals  
  2. Target Marketing Personas – Quality content is created for a specific target market persona
  3. Keyword Research – There are 100′s of combinations of hyper-local  keyword combinations
  4. Content Ideas and Content Creation – Content created for target market with proper formatting and keyword integration
  5. Link Building and Content Syndication – After quality content is created, the next step is to make sure it comes up in search for the specific target keywords. Adding a link to your online profiles and popular websites will make your content popular and come up high is the search results.
  6. Track and Measure Results – Use the Dashboard to report on a monthly basis. Analyse, Rinse, and repeat.
Ultimate Plumbing Marketing Guide (No Registration Required)

Deciding on an internet marketing company for your business is challenging. We know that you get 10-15 offers per day from reputable and non-reputable firms.  To learn more about selecting the right company for plumbing marketing visit our services page.

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Getting Ranked In 2020 – Top SEO Tips

February 27th, 2020

When it comes to your plumbing marketing, SEO is still a huge factor in 2020. While over the years we have seen some changes in how SEO is implemented and indexed by search engines, it is still an important part of your plumbing marketing strategy. So what do you need to know for 2020? Here are some SEO tips to consider to help you rank better in 2020. 


Quality Content Is Vital

Quality content is an important component of any SEO strategy. These days content and SEO go hand in hand, however content needs to be of the highest quality. It needs to be thought provoking, intriguing, useful, relevant, engaging, and well written. Length is also a consideration, content that is longer in length tends to perform better than content that is shorter. This is because search engines value longer content over shorter content, not because your readers are going to hang on every word, in fact most of your audience will probably skim your content for interesting tidbits based on their query. Focus on creating content for both readers and bots, both appreciate good quality content.


Diversify Your Keywords

Try different variances of your keywords. Keyword variations are encouraged by search engines, as opposed to keyword stuffing which definitely took a turn for the worse as search engines became more sophisticated. Keep in mind that your content needs to flow and sound natural, over using keywords even variations can have a negative effect if they do not come off as natural. Tools like SEMrush can help you diversify your keywords. 


Adapt to More Sophisticated Search Engines 

Technology improves at the speed of light it seems, naturally as technology improves, it will be more sophisticated.This allows search engines to ascertain information more accurately, providing more relevant search results. One such advancement is BERT, Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This allows search engines to decipher keywords and the words surround them to gain better context for the content. BERT searches for intent, and so because of this technology, you may rank for words that aren’t even your keywords. 


Voice Search Isn’t Going Anywhere

Like we mentioned, technology is quickly advancing, part of that advancement is voice search. As voice search becomes more widely used, search engines have to improve their ability to match queries with relevant results. Hence advances like BERT and RankBrain. This technology helps search engines keep up with voice search and provide more relevant results. In terms of SEO, focus on longer keyword phrases, phrases that match how you would speak a question. 

SEO tips

Image Credit: TechWyse


Organic Page Ranking Is Great, But May Not Deliver Like You Would Think

This is a big one, because when you think SEO you think top ranking. And while the top of search results is still a coveted position, it doesn’t necessarily mean your audience is going to click through. With changes to the layout in SERPS, many internet users can gain the information they seek without even clicking on a link. This is because Google provides the basic information about a website in the preview text. This is why you should be optimizing page snippets. 


Optimize Pictures

The only way pictures get indexed is if they are optimized. Take advantage of the alt text and name by optimizing them. This can help with your SEO efforts.


Showcase Authority and Expertise

Use your industry knowledge to your advantage. Pages that are viewed as authoritative and trustworthy are considered higher quality pages. As we mentioned above, search engines have gotten really sophisticated and are quite adept at deciphering content. Another important aspect is linking with other quality pages. Which brings us to our next point.


Quality Backlinks

Like SEO, link building kind of got a bad rep a few years back. This is simply because people were misusing them. The focus always needs to be quality. Focus on linking to other relevant websites, for example: say you wrote a blog post on plungers you can link to a supply store that sells plungers. In addition to external links, internal links are also important. Always link to pages that have relevant content. Skimming your site for broken links, or 404 pages is also important because broken links are dead-weight when it comes to getting ranked in 2020. 

SEO tips

Image Credit: SEMrush


Get Help With Your 2020 Marketing Plan 

So far 2020 is off to a great start! When it comes to your plumbing marketing it is important to stay on top of the latest trends. This applies to your SEO strategy, content strategy, paid ads, video marketing, and social media. To learn more about SEO tips and how to grow your plumbing business with online marketing contact Grow Plumbing today. 


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Tax Tips For Plumbers

January 30th, 2020

This Monday was the official start to the tax season. Tax season is a busy time for most businesses. You have to gather all of your financial documents, decipher profit and loss statements and balance sheets, calculate expenses, and process 1099’s. It’s a lot for a small business owner. Even if you are a one man plumbing operation, there are some things you need to consider when it comes time to file your taxes. Here are some important tax tips for plumbers you should consider.

tax tips for plumbers

Image Credit: Tannery and Company

Claim All Of Your Deductions

Deductions are a taxpayer’s best friend. If you own your own business, you will incur ongoing business expenses that can be used to lower your taxable income. Tax deductions or tax write offs are deductible expenses that are deemed ordinary and necessary to your business. These expenses subtracted from your gross income, to provide a lower taxable income. This can help lower your tax bill significantly. 


Expense Tracking

In order to claim deductions it is important to have a good expense tracking process. This involves having a good accounting system in place. Many accounting apps like Quickbooks have expense tracking that allows you to snap pictures of receipts and categorize it while you’re out. This helps streamline the process. You would be surprised how much your deductions can add up at the end of the year.


Deductions Available To Plumbers

As a plumber you will have certain expenses that you can deduct. Some of these you may be aware of, others you maybe didn’t know you could claim. Some examples of common tax deductions for plumbers include:


  • Bad Debts – Do you have any outstanding customer bills? You can write these off as well as any costs associated with trying to collect the debt. 

  • Depreciation – If you made a large purchase, for example new tools or new work truck, the deduction can be spread out over the course of the useful life of the asset. For vehicles the useful life is usually 5 years. This can help reduce your tax burden on future income vs. taking the entire deduction at once. Talk to your tax advisor about what makes sense for your business.

  • Insurance – Business insurance like liability insurance is tax deductible.

  • Maintenance and Repair Costs – If you pay for a cleaning service to clean your office, or you had to make repairs to your office space, these costs are deductible expenses.

  • Marketing Expenses – It takes money to make money, so the saying goes, and if you spent money on growing your business last year, you can also take that deduction. Some marketing expenses that qualify include: business cards, flyers, postcards, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, and paid ads. Even the cost of creating, running, and maintaining your website are deductible. 

  • Office Expenses – The cost of operating your office can be tax deductible. This includes expenses like office supplies, utilities, internet, and even your office rent.

  • Professional Fees – If you worked with another professional, for example a lawyer or accountant, the fees they charge are considered tax deductible. 

  • Safety Equipment – This includes things like steel toe boots, protective eye-wear, gloves, and knee pads.

  • Subscriptions and Dues – Do you pay union dues? Do you have monthly subscription costs? If its related to your business is tax deductible.

  • Vehicle Operation Costs – This is a big one for plumbers, as you typically spend a lot of time in the car driving to and from plumbing jobs. You can claim your vehicle expenses in several ways; claim them all individually or take the standard mileage deduction of 58 cents per mile. The standard mileage deduction takes into account maintenance costs, repairs, and fuel. You should consult your tax advisor which method is the best for your situation. Just remember, if you choose to take the standard mileage deduction, you cannot deduct the individual costs, its one way or the other but not both. 

tax tips for plumbers

Image Credit: American Payroll

Other Things To Think About

If you are self employed there are a couple of things you need to think about. For starters if you expect to owe more than $1,000 in taxes you may need to pay estimated taxes. Estimated taxes are quarterly tax payments you pay to the IRS. This is because an employer is not withholding and remitting taxes from you income. The IRS doesn’t want to wait to collect so they require estimated tax payments. Failure to pay estimated taxes can result in penalties from the IRS.


Another thing you need to think about is self-employed tax. Self-employed tax makes up your portion and the employer portion of social security and medicare taxes. Half of your self-employed tax or the employer portion is tax deductible.


You also need to think about 1099’s. Did you receive any 1099’s? If so these need to be accurately reported to the IRS, as they also receive a copy of it. Do you owe anyone a 1099? The deadline to issue 1099’s is January 31. You may owe a 1099 is you paid an independent contractor more than $600. For example, if you paid a freelance web designer to design a new website, and you paid them $800, you would owe them a 1099. Accounting software programs like Quickbooks can help you with issuing 1099’s. You can also order the forms from the IRS.


The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Now is as good a time as any to start thinking about your taxes. The earlier you start planning for your taxes the better. It is always a good idea to work with a tax advisor about. We are not tax advisors, but we can help you with your marketing efforts. For questions contact Grow Plumbing Today. 

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