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Comfort Control

Comfort Control – Buda, TX

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Comfort Control Buda TX

Proud to serve our Country and our Neighbors

Although our Comfort Control is a young company, our team of technicians has been involved in the heating and air conditioning industry for over 30 years. Our founder Josh Garst proudly served in the armed forces for six years, seeing combat in the Iraq war. Upon finishing his military service, Josh decided to begin a career in heating and air conditioning business.

Applying the same principals of disciple and dedication that he learned in his military service, Josh has worked with multiple companies growing his expertise in the heating and air conditioning industry. At Comfort Control we base our business on trust and honesty. We employ only experienced, knowledgeable and highly trained technicians. Our team can not only install, maintain, service and repair the HVAC system in your home or business, but will be honest about what you need and what you don’t. Our goal is to provide you, our customers, with the best service 24 hours a day 7 days a week at the best price.

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