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Guest Blog Post on Grow Plumbing Blog

Be A Guest Blogger on Our Top Rated Plumbing Blog 

Below is a list of requirement for guest blogging on Grow Pluming. 

1. Unique Content – Content That Has Not Been Previously Posted On The Internet
2. 300-600 Words
3. Written specific to the target market. Our target market is the owners or marketing managers of plumbing/HVAC companies. Grow plumbing does marketing and advertising for plumbing/HVAC companies.
4. The copy should be easy to read. Include bullets, numbering, short paragraphs, sub headings, etc.
5. Include a cool picture or a YouTube video you found with your guest blog post.
6. Provide helpful links to resources on the topic.
7. Include your Google+ profile. (This is called Google Authorship –
8. Please try to include a call to action or next steps. (optional)
9. When your guest blog post is published, please share your post on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.(we will do the same)

Thank You! We appreciate a good business relationships and guest blogging helps everyone!

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