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Lumpy Mail

Does Lumpy Mail Work? What Is The Lumpy Mail Process?

Yes, Yes, Lumpy Mail works extremely well. I have close to 20 year cold calling, sales business development, experience and I have never seen a more targeted approach than Lumpy Mail for the following reasons.

1. The message gets to your prospect. (signature required)
2. Clear call to action for the prospect. (subtle, so they will do it out of curiosity and respect)
3. You can track everyone of their actions.

Here are the reasons why Lumpy Mail does not work.
1. Your timing is OFF, meaning, your prospect does not have the need at the specific time or they do not have the budget.
2. You do NOT follow at the appropriate time.
3. They have a cousin, uncle, aunt, sibling that is doing the work.




Lumpy Mail Overview Video (Watch This Video) 
Lumpy Mail Landing Pages 

Lumpy Mial Download Letter 
Lumpy Mail Video Examples ( We drive them to the landing page which can be TRACKED by exact clicks)

Lumpy Mail Project – March 2015
Click here for the full project details and examples. The below link goes through the entire lumpy mail process from selecting a client to tracking the CTA (Call To Action). 
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 Additional Sales and Marketing Weapons

In this video we highlight 4 sales and marketing tools that we use every day. Below is a link to each one of these tools.

1. Rapportive -
2. Signals -
3. Ecquire -
4. Email Permutator -

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