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Plumbing Manager

Plumbing Manager Software Application

Plumbing Manager® 

Plumbing Manager®  is a Web Based, iPhone, and Android application. Grow Plumbing developed it to automate & track the workflow of a phone call, plumbing estimate, plumbing job, plumbing contractor (GPS), and getting paid.

Highly intelligent dashboards are available for management to have a real time , birds eye view of your plumbing business regardless of where you are in the world.

No software. No customization. No training. Simple and easy one-click install! Request Demo


• Consolidated View of your company – Across branches or offices
• LIVE MAP view of your entire team
• View & Manage your Teams Schedule in Real Time
• Assign Jobs directly to your Teams iPhone / Android Phones
• Send Invoices to customers & collect payments
• Real Time , Intelligent Reporting Dashboar


Customer Calls –> Attendant answers and puts call into the attendant dashboard
• By the ZIP Code & address, system locates the customer on a Google map & displays plumbing contractor nearest to the customer, plumbers schedule is displayed
• Attendant finalizes the appointment directly into the selected plumbers schedule
Appointment goes to plumbers iPhone or Android device & confirmation email goes to customer
• Plumber sees the job description & gets driving directions on their phone. Plumber arrives (GPS Check-In) at the site, assesses the problem & checks inventory directly from iPhone or Andriod device
• Plumber does the job, works on the invoice on their phone or ipad and invoice + payment receipt is emailed out to the customer or to plumbing companies accounting office
• Plumber becomes available again on the attendants dashboard
• Management can see the added customer & revenue + reduced inventory in their dashboard

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Project or Estimate is Completed – Watch Video!


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Business Intelligence – Watch Video!


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