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Bay Area Plumbers • San Jose, California

About Quick Plumbing Inc. Company in San Jose

Quick Plumbing, Inc. was formed in 1985 by Richard Johnson. In December 1984 while working for another plumbing company in the bay area, I noticed they were more concerned with their needs rather than the needs of their customers and slow to respond. I wanted more for my customers and I had a vision to create a customer-centric organization, providing timely service to all. Thus Quick Plumbing, Inc. was formed. The company was built based on the highest level of integrity, personal character of our personnel and a complete willingness to be honest and open with our customers. It is this work ethic and dedication to our clients that has lead us to become one of the best plumbers in the entire bay area.

Richard Johnson is a Master Plumber, license #2019-CSLB-505526-C-36.

Quick Plumbing provides services for all phases of residential and commercial plumbing construction including: plumbing service and repair, plumbing for home remodels, new home construction plumbing, sewer & drain cleaning/repair, copper repiping, water heater installation/replacement, sewer and water line replacement, gas line installation, all the way down to simple repairs of leaky pipes, clogged drains and more.

Quick Plumbing, Inc. is committed to preserving our environment and as such we are committed to become one of the top eco-friendly plumbers in the bay area. We make every effort to recycle plumbing materials and packaging, and utilize low water consumption plumbing options at every available opportunity. Our services and products not only help you save money but preserve precious water and energy resources. Water reduction plumbing alternatives are becoming the new trend, we have been a leader in the plumbing and sewer repair industry for years when it comes to energy and water efficient plumbing solutions and will continue to look for new innovative plumbing ideas to meet your everyday plumbing needs.


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