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Smart Plumbing Products Smart Plumbing Products keeps plumbing professionals updated on new plumbing products and services that can help them work smarter. The Smart Plumbing Products website features new plumbing products and services and the website is updated frequently with new products.

If you are interested in getting the newest plumbing products, the Smart Plumbing Product of the Week email is sent every Tuesday morning and features a brief description of a new or innovative product along with a link to the manufacturer’s website so that you, the plumbing professional, can quickly and easily learn more about the product. Click here to sign up for their weekly emails.

Another way to get the Smart Plumbing Products updates is to get a postcard mailed to you. They make is easy for your to get updated on the newest and most innovative plumbing products and services. Simply visit to get more information on any of the products featured.

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Smart Plumbing Products features a board range of plumbing products from plumbing tools, hot water, pipes/valves/fittings, sewer/drain, and business solutions like plumbing advertising and software. All the featured products have great descriptions and most have videos. It is a great site (email subscription) to stay up to date on plumbing products and services that will help you run your business more efficiently.

Check out some of their featured products.  Be sure to sign up for their weekly email!

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