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Best Plumbing Referral Partners – Why Networking is so Important for Plumbing Marketing

June 22nd, 2013

What if you could reach hundreds or even thousands of new plumbing service customers without spending a dime on plumbing marketing? You can. By partnering with other companies who are willing to refer their customers to you, you can grow plumbing business while building strong networks in your community. Here are some of the best plumbing referral partners to help boost plumbing marketing.


save money on plumbing marketing

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Construction companies are great to network with and will save you money on plumbing marketing. Whether a company is building a tiny 2 bedroom home or a massive office complex, all structures need plumbing installed. Though some construction companies have their own tradespeople, many subcontract with local plumbers. If you or your staff has the training and experience to do total plumbing system installation, you can bring in a lot of plumbing business by making yourself known to construction companies in your area.

Real estate agents are another good potential partner and can save you lots of money on plumbing marketing. Almost all real estate agents have at least one or two “fixer-uppers” on their lists. When someone buys that kind of home, he or she is going to need a plumber to fix or upgrade lines, pipes, and fixtures. When a real estate agent recommends your company to a new homeowner, business comes to you. 

Insurance companies are another good source of business. Plumbing issues such as frozen pipes are one of the most common causes of homeowners insurance claims. Insurance companies can write checks, but they can’t actually fix things. Almost all local insurance claims adjusters have a list of tradespeople they recommend. Get on that list and you’ll have lots of work coming in, especially during the colder months. Networking with insurance companies can save you lots of money on plumbing marketing.

Property management companies, are often-overlooked, but a potentially profitable source of business referrals.  Property management companies often oversee several — or even hundreds — of properties. With their offices located in distant cities, such companies need someone nearby who can handle regular maintenance and unexpected emergencies. This way business comes directly to you and you don’t have to spend anything on plumbing marketing.

Roofers and Other Specialized Tradespeople
regularly come in contact with homeowners. Making these professionals important to network with as well. These relationships are great for saving money on plumbing marketing. Picture this: a roofing company is replacing a customer’s roof and discover he or she has a broken pipe that is causing water damage. Nobody at the roofing company is qualified to fix that, so they tell the homeowner to call a plumber. Instead of opening a phone book, the homeowner calls your plumbing company, simply because the roofer recommended you.

Other professionals who can often provide referrals include electricians, landscapers, painters, and home re-modelers. Remember that business referrals are a 2 way street. Your referral partners will appreciate when you refer business to them as well. This is also a win win relationship for your mutual customer, as they save time in searching for a service provider because they have a reliable source providing them with a trusted referral.

Plumbing networking doesn’t cost a thing, its effective, and one of the best parts is it saves money on plumbing marketing; this way you can allocate funds from your plumbing marketing budget on other plumbing marketing projects, like a Facebook ad. To learn more tips for plumbing marketing visit


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