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Revving Up Your Content Strategy for the New Year!

December 12th, 2017


Can you believe that we are already at years end? With only a few short weeks until the New Year, there is never a better time to start focusing on your plumbing marketing content strategystrategy for next year. This includes your content strategy. This year we saw a huge focus on content, and it doesn’t look like anything is going to change next year. If you are just embarking on your content strategy journey, or perhaps you are looking to breath new life into your plumbing marketing, here are some tips to help you rev up your content strategy for the New Year!


#1 Company Needs

In creating a comprehensive content strategy, you must first look at the needs of your business. What are you trying to achieve with your content strategy? You can start by outlining your goals for your business. What would you like to accomplish next year? For example: are you trying to boost engagement on social media? Or are you simply trying to gain more traffic to your website? You need to address the needs of your business before you create a plumbing marketing strategy. We suggest having two sets of goals; short term and long term. Goals should be revisited on a regular basis, say; quarterly, semiannually, and annually. This helps you market better, and helps put things into perspective. When creating goals, make sure you are creating achievable goals. Don’t be afraid to adjust your goals accordingly.


#2 Self Audit

content strategyPart of creating a new plan, is analyzing your old plan. Which you should be conducting regular analysis of your website analytics. However, if you haven’t done so before, now is the perfect time to conduct a self-audit of your website. Look at your content, look at your navigation, what pages are generating the most traffic? What keywords are delivering? Do you have duplicate old content that needs to be re-purposed or retired? Updating your website should be an ongoing process. It keeps things fresh and relevant and let’s search engines know that you are serious.


#3 Customer Wants

Part of creating a good content strategy is addressing what your customers want. You can do this by again, consulting with your analytics. What content drives the best engagement scores? Meaning most likes, comments, and shares. The goal is to find out what your customers want to see from you, then generate more content that is similar. Not to say that this is all you are going to generate, diversity is also valuable. But if you know what drives your audience you can create better content for them.


#4 Competitive Analysis

When creating a new plan for your plumbing marketing, it is always a good idea to perform a competitive analysis. What is your competition doing? This helps you identify new possible strategies, helps you diversify, and gives you insight into what works and what doesn’t. Of course, you don’t want to copy anybody, however knowing what your competition is up to with their content strategy helps you remain competitive.


#5 Distribution and Promotion

Distribution is part of any content strategy. How are you going to get your content out to the masses? Social media is the obvious choice, but which social media profiles? It is important to make sure that you content is scene by the right audience, so take some time to identify which social media sites your audience is most likely to be. A little automation, using a social media dashboard, like Hootsuite for example, can help you manage and update all of your profiles from one convenient location.  In addition, you can also see which posts perform then boost them. This is a form of paid advertising in which the social media site will promote your content to the audience that you specify. This can be great to generate more exposure and create a boost in traffic.


For more tips on creating a better content strategy for the New Year contact Grow Plumbing today!


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How to Create Better Content for Mobile Users

November 19th, 2017


Having a mobile marketing strategy is crucial to help you stay relevant, and competitive in today’s technological era. With more and more consumers taking to their mobile devices, mobile users have surpassed traditional desktop users. So, it only makes since that marketers dedicate a portion of their marketing strategy to mobile users. Part of your marketing strategy should include a content strategy. When it comes to your content strategy it is important to be concerned with how your reader are digesting your content. Chances are, a good portion of your content is being consumed by mobile users. Here is how to create better content for mobile users.



Most mobile users access content via apps. Apps are smaller versions of larger websites formatted specifically for smartphones and tablets. They usually feature basic

mobile content

Image Credit: Persquare Media,

fundamental functions of the original website, with some apps being solely designed strictly for mobile user, like Snapchat for example. Knowing what applications people are using to access your content can help you form better content for your readers. Just like the content you create for traditional desktop users should be diversified, the content you create for mobile users should also be diverse. Include traditional blog content, as well as: images, memes, video, short video clips, and live streaming. This will help you reach a broader scope of people and appeal to various types of users using different applications on their mobile devices. You can check your analytics to get a better understanding of how your content is being consumed.


Content Simplified

Everything is simplified on mobile devices. Since the screens on a mobile device are so much smaller than desktop computers, there is less space for sprawling intricate websites. Which is why everything you design for your plumbing marketing campaign should simple and easy to navigate. When a screen doesn’t convert for a mobile user, they are less likely to engage with it, and are quick to move on. Keep things simple to provide easy navigation for visitors, less distraction, and an easy transition for desktop screen to mobile screen. A sleek and simple design is better for desktop users as well, it is easier for people to digest the information, and easier for them to click where you want them to.



mobile marketingThere are lot of apps people use on mobile devices to access the information they are after. Local directories are a great way to reach mobile users, with little effort. Since the listing already exists on the local directory site, all of the design work and conversion work has been done for you. All you need to worry about is the information on your listing. Make sure all information is accurate and be sure to optimize wherever you can. Also, you should be providing links to your website and social media sites for cross promotion. When it comes to the content portion, it will vary from site to site. Many sites allow you to upload one or multiple images, and some even allow video clips. This type of content is very useful on local directories, and automatically converted for mobile users.


Want more plumbing marketing tips to help you reach a broader audience? Contact Grow Plumbing today!


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Plumbing Marketing: Give Your Audience What They Want

June 12th, 2017



Content is the driving force of the internet. Whenever anyone performs a search or login to a social media site, they are in search of content. They may not know what they are in search of at the time, or they may have a very good idea of what type of content they are after. Whatever they are after is comes in the form of content. Content comes in many different forms, from the body text on a website, a blog, a video, a picture, a meme. That is why having a good content strategy is a must for the longevity and success of your plumbing marketing.


Know Your Audience

It is important to know your audience in order to create good quality content that will generate results. Create a customer profile, who is your ideal customer? Consider the

plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Unify,

following criteria:

  • Where are they from?
  • Where do they live?
  • Are they male or female?
  • How old are they?
  • What do they do for a living?

This information will help you not only create a better content strategy but also a better plumbing marketing plan in general. With this information at hand you can think about what types of content appeals most to your audience, what channels they are using to search for their content, and what types of topics they are most interested in. Promoting the right type of content in the right places will make a huge difference with your plumbing marketing results.


Check Your Results

Regularly checking your analytics is an important part of your plumbing marketing. Not only will help tell you who you customer is, but where they are from, how they got to your site, and what types of content most intrigue them. Your analytics will tell you which pages get the most visits, and what keywords delivered the most traffic. With this information in hand you can create more specific content catered specifically for your audience. The more customized your content is for your audience’s tastes, the better results you will have. So, give you audience what they want.


Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing. If you need help with your plumbing marketing or you content strategy contact Grow Plumbing today!

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How to Create Useful, Unique, and Relevant Content for Your Plumbing Marketing

May 26th, 2017



Content plays a huge role in the success of a plumbing marketing strategy. It drives engagement and traffic. A consistent content strategy is a must in order to remain relevant and competitive. Content not only effects customer engagement, but it also helps influence search engines. A steady stream of content is inviting to web crawlers, who play a vital role in your search ranking. Keeping this mind, you also want to create content based on the needs of your audience. We’ve touched on this before, now we are going to delve into how to create useful, unique, and relevant content.



Usefulness is key when creating content with your audience’s needs in mind. One of the most successful strategies is to identify a common problem and provide a solution. create useful, unique, and relevant contentWhen it comes to plumbing, there are a lot topics and plumbing problems that you can provide simple solutions for. Some examples of excellent topics include:

  • How to unclog a drain
  • How to keep your garbage disposal running effectively
  • Things not to flush down the toilet
  • How to maintain your water heater

With topics such as these you have identified a problem and provided a solution, and in so doing have demonstrated your knowledge and ability which improves your online credibility and establishes you as an expert in your field.



Unique content is also a determining factor for search ranking. Web crawlers like to see new and fresh content on a regular basis. So, it is important to consistently create new content. Keeping up with a consistent demand for new content can be a little time consuming, and even the best of us suffer from writers block every now and then; so, don’t be afraid to refresh, or as we like to call it “re-purpose” old content. This is a quick and simple way to create a new, unique piece of content with a topic you have already covered. Unique doesn’t necessarily have to mean a topic that is abstract, but more so a piece of content that has been reworked, where you have put your own brand into it. A new approach, or fresh look.



create useful, unique, and relevant content

Image Credit: MRM,

Promoting content that is relevant to your business is also a must. It helps you build trust with your audience and also delivers more quality traffic. There are many topics you can focus on when it comes to plumbing from plumbing how to’s, plumbing don’ts, water saving tips, plumbing technology, the topics are endless.


To learn more about how to create useful, unique, and relevant content for your plumbing marketing contact Grow Plumbing today!




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Plumbing Marketing – Steps for Creating Good Content

February 19th, 2017


There has been a huge focus on creating good content for digital marketing. You know you should be doing it, but you aren’t exactly sure how to go about it. Collectively scribbling your thoughts down in digital form really aren’t cutting it, and you aren’t getting any hits. So, what can you do to not only create good content, but create better content that will deliver results? Here are some steps for creating good content for your plumbing marketing.

Select Keyword or Keyword Phrase

A keyword or keyword phrase is an important step in creating good content. To select good keywords you need to do a little keyword research. Start by thinking about what terms your customers would search for to find your company. Next you should check how competitive your keywords are. You can do this by plugging them into the Google Adwords Keyword tool. Keywords that are too competitive or broad will be harder to rank for. Instead focus on keywords that are specific to your business. Consider geo specific keywords or keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Write Quality Content

creating good content

Image Credit: Writers Digest,

Once you have established the topic of your content with the keywords you selected, the next step is to create your content. Content should be well organized and well written. Free of any spelling or grammatical errors. Pay attention to sentence structure and the length of your text. You don’t want anything too short or too long, try to stay around 300-500 words. Make it simple, write about what you know, or topics that interest you.

Use Keyword(s)

Implementing your keywords is the next step. Aside from the text of your content your keyword should also be utilized in the following areas:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Alt Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Title Tags

These are all areas that search engines will index when analyzing your content.

Internal Links

Internal links are important to include in your content. These are links that point to other pages in your website. What this accomplishes is A) it tells search engines you have other relevant supportive content and B) provides your readers with more in depth information on the topic they’re interested in.

Distribution and Promotion

Distribution and promotion is the next step to creating good content. After all what is the point in creating good content is nobody sees it. You should share with all your social media channels, and share the link in a couple of social

creating good content

Image Credit: Sparky Hub,

bookmarking sites. In addition, consider sharing your link with your networking partners, a link shared here or there provides a good quality external link, which in turn helps tell search engines how awesome your content is.

When it comes to creating good content remember it should always be about quality and not quantity. When it comes to plumbing marketing, quality wins at everything; from content to traffic. Having the right visibility beats an over-abundance on visibility that will never convert. For more information on creating good content and other plumbing marketing tips please click here.


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Getting Noticed – Tips for Getting More Visibility for Your Content

February 9th, 2017


Content plays a huge role in the viability of your social media strategy. Without a steady stream of content flowing you can’t engage your audience, which means you aren’t creating traffic and building leads. A social media strategy without good get more visibility for your contentcontent is stagnant and aside from creating a few links, ultimately useless. Having an active presence on social media involves distribution of content. So you create a steady stream of content; now what? If you put it out there they will come, right? Wrong! You can’t just put content out there for the sake of putting content out there. Your audiences taste for content is becoming more and more sophisticated as technology improves. So how can you get more visibility for your content? Here are some tips for getting noticed and getting more visibility for your content.


Get Creative

To get more visibility for your content don’t be afraid of getting creative! Now days with a steady stream of fluff appearing in everyone’s social media stream you have to be pretty creative to stand out and warrant a click. There is simply too much information out there that gets lost is the mix. Think about using creative angles with your visual content and think of clever attention grabbing headlines. Think of ways that you can stand out. Be creative, be useful, be engaging.


Get more visibility for your content

Image Credit: 53,


Create a Buzz

Create hype before you release a new piece of content. Drop little hints that buildup to the big release of your new content. Building up anticipation can really pay off when it comes to creating more visibility for your content. However, in order to be successful with creating a buzz before you drop your content, your content must be useful, relevant, unique, and creative.  You don’t want to fail to deliver. Some creative ways you can generate a buzz for your plumbing content is to: start a poll, or run a contest. This generates a hype and gets people interested in your brand because you are offering something of value.


Incorporate Data

Incorporating data or facts into your visual content is a great way to get more visibility for your content. One way you can do this that proves to be effective is with the use of infographics. Infographics are pieces of visual content that present data in an organized and visually stimulating manner. They incorporate both data and images. Infographics have proven to be very effective in boosting engagement and increasing clicks.


Cater to Your Audience

One of the most important things to keep in mind when trying to get more visibility for your content is to make sure your content is appropriate for your audience. Content should be designed with your target audience in mind. What social media channels are they most likely to use? What time are they most likely to be on social media? What topics are they interested in? Failure to create content that your target audience is interested in is a waste of time. Do some research on your audience. You will get better results and more visibility for your content.

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Tips for Creating More Compelling Content

January 2nd, 2017


Content has been front and center in the digital marketing world for some time. And with good reason. Content is a great way to utilize keywords you want to rank for without getting penalized by Google, content generates a buzz about your brand, content gets people engaged with your brand, and content helps build your credibility. There are many reasons why you should embark on a content strategy for your plumbing marketing campaign. Content adds value. Moving forward, as there is even more of an emphasis on compelling content how will you stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips for creating more compelling content.


#1 Headlines Matter

One of the most compelling parts of a good piece of content is the headline. With a limited amount of characters, you must effectively convey what your content is about and peak the interest of your reader so that they will want to learn more,

compelling content

Harrison Amy Copywriting,, 01/02/2017

click, and share. These days with so much fluff out there filling our streams on social media, many of us simply read the headline, like or share and move on without even reading the article. With this mentality, how your headline reads is crucial. Think of a headline as a call to action. Create a sense of urgency, curate curiosity, and offer value.


#2 Research Your Audience

compelling content

Force Four Entertainment,, 01/02/2017

Compelling content should be directed towards a well-researched crowd. What makes them tick? What are they interested in? What types of articles do they like the most? And more importantly where do they spend most of their time online? You can get a lot of this information right from your analytics. With this information in hand you can create more compelling content that your audience is interested in and promote it where they are most likely to be. Consider the demographics of your target audience. Are they more likely to be on Facebook? How about Twitter? Making sure your content is being seen by the right audience is just as important and creating good quality content.  


#3 Images Matter

The images you use matter when creating compelling content. Images can help support your topic and help add pleasing visual stimulation that breaks up the monotony of words. However, the images you choose are important. Make sure they support your topic, make sure you site if you are using someone else’s images, and make sure they are sized appropriately. Images that are too large can through off the balance of your page, don’t convert as well for mobile users, and can delay page loading time; which can increase your bounce rate significantly.


Looking for more tips on how to run your plumbing marketing campaign this year? We are here to help! Grow Plumbing knows all the ins and outs of digital marketing and can help you form a well-rounded online plumbing marketing plan that fits your individual needs. Contact us today to learn more. 

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Refocus Your Content Strategy for Next Year

December 23rd, 2016


content strategyContent has been a big focus in your plumbing marketing over the last year. Without a doubt, content will continue to dominate when it comes to generating results with your plumbing marketing. With the new year right around the corner it’s a good idea to start gathering your thoughts and getting organized. Reworking your plumbing marketing plan is always a good idea at the beginning of the year. That also includes reworking your content strategy, because guess what? Content isn’t going anywhere. If anything, there will be even more of a focus on content.  Here are some tips on how to refocus your content strategy for next year.


 Find Out What Works

When working on your content strategy for next year it’s important to see what has been working. Look at your analytics report to find out:

  • What topics are your readers interested in?
  • What topics do you get the most reaction to?
  • What blogs generate the most traffic and clicks?

Knowing what your audience is in to will help you create more of the same type content, that will hopefully boost engagement, drive more traffic, create more clicks, and increase conversions.


Keyword Research

Think about the keywords your ranked for this year. Keywords and SEO go hand in hand with your content strategy. Performing a little keyword research at least once a year is proactive in staying on top of your plumbing marketing. Utilize the

content strategy

Business Profit Masters,, 12/22/2016

free keywords research tool in Google AdWords and check out Google Insights. Consider the following:

  • What keywords delivered results?
  • Are some of your keywords becoming more or less competitive?
  • Do you need to drop some keywords?
  • Are there any new keywords you would like to rank for?



Create fresh content is only part of a strong content strategy. The next part is promotion. Where have you been promoting your content? You content should be shared as frequently as possible and across all of your social media channels and social bookmarking sites. Social media and content share a mutually beneficial relationship. Social media thrives on good quality content and content needs a platform to gain exposure. You also have the option of “boosting” posts to gain even more exposure. Determine what you want to accomplish with your content and then decide if you want to fit this into your plumbing marketing budget.



To create a better content strategy for next year its important to take a look at the frequency that you are updating your content. As general rule of thumb we suggest updating your blog at least once a week, and posting update at least 3-4 times a week if not more. If you could maintain this schedule this year, then perhaps it’s time to increase your frequency. Did the traffic you received meet your expectations based on the frequency you updated your content? If not, or if you are ready to take things to the next level then you may want to consider altering the frequency that you update your content.


For more tips on creating a new content strategy for next year click here

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Looking Back & Moving Forward – Your Plumbing Marketing ROI

December 20th, 2016


plumbing marketing ROI

The Chinese Quest,, 12/20/2016

As the year is coming to a close its important to review your plumbing marketing ROI (return on investment). Reviewing your plumbing marketing strategy at the end of the year will help you form a new strategy for the New Year. An annual review is always a good idea because you can see what areas you did well in, what areas need improvement, and more. Here’s to looking back and moving forward with your plumbing marketing.


This year was a big year for content marketing. Content plays a huge role in how search engines index webpages and determine their relevancy. As time goes on content is becoming increasingly important. It provides a necessary outlet for SEO, helps build credibility, and boosts engagement. How did your content strategy perform this year? When analyzing your content strategy for the year and determining your ROI consider the following: What topics were the most popular?  Did you update your content enough? Did you promote your content enough? Considering this information will help you get a better understanding on what your ROI is and help you form a new content strategy for next year.


Your social strategy is also important to consider when analyzing your plumbing marketing ROI. Consider the outlets you utilized, and how effective they were to your bottom line. What outlets delivered the most traffic? Where you targeting the right audience? Where you using the right social media site for your target audience? How often where you updating your status and sharing your content? This is all relevant information for moving forward with your plumbing marketing strategy for next year.


What about your SEO strategy? Your SEO strategy ties into everything that you do for your plumbing marketing. To giving it a go over at the end of the year is important or creating a plan for next year. What keywords were you focused on? How did they perform? Are there any new keywords you would like to rank for next year? It is also important to stay up to date on the latest trends when it comes to SEO. SEO has changed its appearance over the last several years to get along better

plumbing marketing ROI

Brandwatch,, 12/20/2016

with the search engines. You will want to stay up to date on the latest to prevent any penalties.  


One of the last things you will want to look at when analyzing your plumbing marketing ROI, is your ad placement. How effective where your ads? What ads services delivered the best results? When running paid ads keeping track of how effective they are is crucial for your budget. When running paid ads the costs can add up quickly so you will want to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. Consider who you are targeting and how effective your call to action is.  This information can help you create better ads for next year and also help you with creating a realistic budget.  


To learn more about how to analyze your plumbing marketing ROI and creating a new plumbing marketing strategy for next year visit

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Creating a Competitive Plumbing Marketing Strategy

November 11th, 2016


The plumbing industry can be a very competitive market. When it comes to plumbing marketing its important to have a plumbing marketing strategy that will help you compete. Part of having a competitive plumbing marketing strategy is to be proactive with the outlets you choose to promote your business, with your target audience, and with your content strategy. Here are some tips to help you form a competitive plumbing marketing strategy.

Choosing the Right Outlets

Part of forming a competitive plumbing marketing strategy is to be active on social media as well as local directories. When it comes to choosing

competitive plumbing marketing strategy

Interlink One,, 11-11-2016

the right social media sites there are a lot of options to choose from. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are among the most popular and widely used. Subsequent social media sites you may want to consider are Google +, Pinterest, and Instagram. Each social media site has something different to offer. The only way you will know if a site is a good fit is if you try it out.

 Local directory sites are also important when it comes to creating a competitive plumbing marketing strategy. Local directory sites like Yelp and Google Local can be instrumental in achieving top search results. Local directories allow to you reach out to a local audience which also helps improve conversions.

Choosing the Right Audience

competitive plumbing marketing strategy

Pelfusion,, 11-11-2016

Who you choose to market to is another aspect of creating a competitive plumbing marketing strategy. It’s important to make sure that you are reaching out to the right audience on social media as well as with your ad placement. Ensuring that the right audience sees your message is crucial. Being proactive with who your target audience is allows you to be competitive with your plumbing marketing strategy. This may require you to do some research on where to find your target audience, what social media sites are they on? You may also have to re-evaluate who your target audience is every now and then to stay competitive.

Choosing the Right Content Strategy

Content may be one of the most important tools you have for creating a competitive plumbing marketing strategy. Part of being competitive with your content strategy is too selectively choose the right keywords. Keywords or keyword phrases can be super competitive. The more competitive the keyword the harder it is to rank for. So, in a since selecting less competitive keywords can actually help you stay more competitive with your plumbing marketing strategy. Choose keywords that are specific to your business. Think about geographic location or perhaps any niche areas that you might specialize in. The more relevant and specific your keywords are the better results you will get for your efforts. 

Creating a competitive plumbing marketing strategy  is not just about creating an actual plan, but also maintaining and adapting your strategy. Most plumbing marketing strategies will have to be tweaked a little as time goes on, its part of being competitive but also part of adapting to meet the ever changing demands of the digital world. To learn more about plumbing marketing check out the rest of our articles.

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