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The Best Keywords for Plumbing Marketing

January 29th, 2015

 keywords for plumbing marketing

Keywords play an important role in your plumbing marketing. Having some kind of SEO strategy is a must for any successful plumbing marketing plan. When it comes to selecting which keywords you want to use for plumbing marketing, it is important to do some research on your keywords and see which ones will work best for your plumbing marketing.


The first step is choosing your keywords is to ask yourself what words are people typing into search engines to find plumbing services. Create a list off all the keywords that apply to your business. Once you have created a list of keywords that are relevant to your business you can select the best keywords for your plumbing marketing.


When selecting the best keywords for your plumbing marketing you want choose keywords that are less competitive and more driven for results. The most effective keywords for your business may not be the most popular keywords, but will deliver better conversion rates because they are more specific to your business. Think about quality over quantity.


Keyword research is also important when it comes to selecting the best keywords for plumbing marketing. You can easily do this for free by researching the keywords with Google Adwords. This allows you to see how competitive your keyword it. You can also research your keyword by typing it into your search bar and seeing which words your search engine suggests. Suggestions are based on what others are searching for. This can help give you a little more insight into what keywords are best for your plumbing marketing.

 keywords for plumbing marketing

Once you have selected the best keywords for your plumbing marketing its time to implement them into your plumbing marketing campaign. Keywords should be used throughout your website, blog, and social media sites.


keywords for plumbing marketingAfter you have started using your keywords the next step is to track them. You can use your websites analytics to see which words are performing and which ones are not. It is never to late to make changes to your keywords strategy. Part of any successful SEO plan is altering your strategy according to what is working and what is not working.


Keywords play an important role in your plumbing marketing. By successfully imputing your keywords you can potentially increase your search ranking. The next step in your plumbing marketing should be to convert your visitors into customers. Remember getting traffic to your website is only half of the equation. For more information on the best keywords for plumbing marketing and other plumbing marketing topics please visit our website at

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Tips to Help You Get The Most Out of Your Call to Action Button

September 25th, 2014


A call to action button can be very beneficial to your plumbing marketing. A good call to action button can really improve your conversion ration. So what makes a good call to action button? A lot goes into creating a strong call to action button. Here are some things to think about when creating a good call to action button


  1. Size

    call to action button

    Jim Kaskade,, 09/25/2014

    The size of your call to action button is very important. Too large and it may overpower the page. Too small and it may get lost. Make sure you call to action button is large enough to stand out without taking over the page.


  2. Color

    The color of your call to action button is also something important to consider. You don’t want the color to clash with the overall color scheme of the page, but you want it to stand out. Choosing a contrasting color is a good way to stand out, but also compliment the overall color scheme. For example if your website is primarily blue, orange is a great contrasting color that will stand out, but also compliment the blue


  3. Wording

    The way you word a call to action button has a huge impact on its ability to work. You want to be as straightforward as possible, and create a sense of urgency. You don’t want you visitor to hesitate to much before clicking.


  4. Font

    Font play a huge roll in the success of a call to action button. The font must be clear and legible. Use a large bold font to get the most attention.


    call to action button

    Meadow Outdoor,, 09/25/2014

  5. Placement

    The placement of your call to action button is very important. You don’t want it to appear to cluttered and risk it getting lost. Take advantage of negative space for the best results.


A good call to action button will communicate a brief message to your visitor. If it is compelling enough they will click on it. Remember you want to create a sense of urgency to increase the likelihood of a click through. Think of it as compulsive clicking. To learn more about call to action button and other plumbing marketing related topics please visit



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Online Plumbing Marketing – How to Turn Fans into Customers

October 4th, 2013


Building an audience with social media is only half of the battle when it comes to online plumbing marketing. The true measure of success with online plumbing marketing is how many of your fans are you turning into customers? Without any conversion ratio your online plumbing marketing is obsolete. Here are some tips to turn fans into customers.


Provide your audience with great content!


Content drives the internet, after all what is it that people are searching for online? Content. Part of your online plumbing marketing campaign should be to create content for your target audience. In other words what type of content would would-be customers be searching for to find your plumbing business? You content should cater to your fans and customers but still be relevant to your plumbing business. Providing useful and entertaining content is the best way to keep people engaged with your business on social media. In order to get new customers and retain existing customers you have to provide them content.


Offer specials!

 online plumbing marketing

Does your business run specials? Part of your online plumbing marketing should be running specials and social media is a great way to let the your customers know you are having a special. Customers like to get a good deal this is a great way to bring in new customers. By using social media to spread the word you can increase your exposure.  As part of your online plumbing marketing you can even purchase an ad with Facebook to specifically target your ideal clientele, this can be a bit pricey, so we only recommend running a Facebook ad on occasion.


Be genuine


An important part about using online plumbing marketing is that you maintain some level of reality. Show your customers that you are genuine and real. Don’t just plug your latest plumbing marketing campaign, but demonstrate that your are human too. For example as a plumber if you find a story about saving water you can share that. This is also content that your customers may be interested in. Remember to participate in conversations on social media, customers like to see who you are and what your business is about, not feel like they are talking to some computer.


Customer service


online plumbing marketing and customer service



Listening is one of the most important parts of customer service. Without great customer service, your online plumbing marketing may be bringing in customers left and right, but if you don’t treat your customers right, then they will go elsewhere. Customer service plays a big factor in the success of a business. With customer service it is important to listen and communicate. Be willing to work with your customers and find a resolution if they are unhappy.


Online plumbing marketing is a great way to get new plumbing business and maintain relationships with your existing customers. Remember you need to have a good strategy for your online plumbing marketing. Online plumbing marketing takes a little time and consistency in order to work, so be a little patient.



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Internet Marketing



Put Your Plumbing Website to Work – Plumbing Marketing and Your Website

September 13th, 2013


Have you taken a look at your plumbing website lately? Every now and then it is important to put your plumbing marketing efforts under the magnifying glass. As technology changes so do trends, what once was a spiffy plumbing website is now outdated and maybe isn’t working for you anymore. Giving your plumbing website a makeover could be just what you need to spruce up your plumbing marketing! Here are some helpful tips.


Plumbing Website Design


So you have been spending time with your plumbing working social media, blogging several times a week, and link building;  you have web traffic but are just not getting the results you were after. It’s disheartening, and discouraging, what are you doing wrong? Well maybe its your plumbing website. In order to be successful and effective in converting visitors into customers a plumbing website needs to be user friendly.


plumbing website

Master Binary Options Trading,, 09/11/2013

Consider the layout, the font, the ease of use, and its mobile adaptability. If you have to make your visitors work for the information they are looking for they are more likely to move on. Make it easy for customers to find your contact information and other information they might be looking for, and make sure it is clear and legible. Sometimes we get a little carried away with the font and color scheme. Are the colors of your website easy on the eyes? Are they optimal for reading the content you are providing? Lastly when updating your plumbing website remember to maintain some consistency with your brand, as this is what many customers will associate with your company and is a key component to your plumbing marketing.


Keywords and Search Ranking


plumbing marketingSo maybe you really don’t have the web traffic your envisioned and your plumbing marketing isn’t going to well. How do you get it? While social media plays a part, and if you aren’t active on social media we suggest to get active, keywords and SEO also play a factor in the effectiveness of  a plumbing website.


Have you googled your plumbing company? What page are you on? As part of your plumbing marketing you should be googleing your company. In order to achieve the best results with your plumbing marketing and get the most web traffic to your plumbing website, your company needs to be on page one of google. Keywords play a large part in achieving this. The content on your plumbing website should be laced with keywords. Make sure they are relevant to your plumbing company and used in good taste; meaning don’t  simply put them their to put them their, write in complete sentences and make your content easy to understand. It doesn’t have to be super elaborate, in fact keeping things simple is probably best.


When done well, a plumbing website will be the driving factor in generating new business for your plumbing company. Your plumbing marketing efforts will only work as well as your plumbing website. Think of your social media, blogging, and link building as the bait, and your plumbing website as the hook, without a good hook your plumbing marketing will fail. So take a little time to re-energize and re-think your plumbing website, it may just make your plumbing marketing that much more successful.

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