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Building a Good Website for Your Plumbing Marketing

March 9th, 2017


A good website can make or break your plumbing marketing. The point of having a good website is that it works all on its own at converting traffic into customers. A website that is properly done will be able to effectively work at driving business. So, what does it take to create a good website? Here are some must have’s in order to create a good, solid performing website.


 Easy Navigation

plumbing marketing

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Easy navigation is a must for a well-designed website. Visitors to your site should be able to find the information they need easily, with clearly marked tabs and relevant links. To make navigation as simple as possible perform regular audits of your website to see which pages are performing and which aren’t. Consider removing pages that do not serve a purpose.


Simple Design

Fancy extravagant designs can leave room for distraction, not to mention can be harsh on the eyes. Instead opt for a clean and simple design with reader friendly colors and fonts. Make sure to use light backgrounds with dark font, and make sure you don’t go overboard with graphics that can distract and slow down loading space.


Easy to Find Contact Information

Many companies make the mistake of hiding their contact information under navigation tab, and this is a mistake. Don’t have you contact information hiding, instead put out

plumbing marketing

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in the open where people can easily see it. The top right or left corner is the best place for contact information, and you should include your contact information on every page. Remember not every visitor wants to click through your entire website to find your contact information.



Many customers put a huge emphasis on what other customers think. Positive testimonials can help build your case on why customers should choose to do business with you. They help give you credibility, and strengthen your brand.


Quality Content

Quality content is a must for a good website. It provides your audience with what they are searching for, builds your brand, improves your credibility, plays a huge role in your SEO strategy, and also is important for your social media strategy. Content should be relevant to your business, as well as unique and useful.


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