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How a Strong Customer Relations Strategy Can Help You Gain Repeat Business

October 27th, 2016


There is no doubt the customer service is important for your plumbing business. How you manage your customer relations is a vital aspect of having good customer service. In this day and age customer service accounts for a large portion of customer satisfaction. In fact many customer value customer service over quality of service. By developing a strong customer relations strategy you can successfully improve you customer service experience for your customers and gain repeat business.


customer relations

Ether Speak,, 10/27/2016

One reason why you want to have a strong customer relations strategy is because it makes your customers feel important. Its important to make sure you customers feel wanted and important. A strong sense of well being goes a long way. With that being without a customer relations system in place how can you keep track of the individual needs of your customers? Creating a data base for your customers is a great way to keep track of all of the important information about your customers. Information that is important to keep track of would be: date they first became a customer, last date of service, type of service, future suggestions, customer preferences, birthdays, pet names, names of children, and any other pertinent customer information.


A good customer relations data base will help you with a lot of different things that can help improve your customer service experience. For starters it will help you with following up with your customers. Following up on a job completed is a great way to show that A) you care about your customers well being and B) you take pride in providing excellent service. It also gives you and opportunity to address any other concerns your customer may have, which can help you increase your sales and gain repeat business.


customer relations

Fanpop,, 10/27/2016

A customer relations data base also allows you to add a personal touch to your customers experience. Ask about their children or pets. Send them a birthday card or an anniversary card. These little touches will help let you customers know how much they mean to you. You are more likely to gain repeat business from customers who are are fully engaged.


Having a good customer relations data base will also help you keep track of important service dates. For example perhaps you have a customer who needs routine drain cleaning. You can keep track of important dates of service for your customers to ensure that they are getting the quality service and care they need. Chances are they wont remember when they need to have their drains cleaned, by remembering for them you take away the burden of having to remember. And also increase your sales and gain repeat business at the same time.


By keeping track of your customers you can also expand your plumbing marketing reach. You can invite them to join your social media networks, invite them to rate and review your business, include them in your mailing list, and subscribe them to your blog. In turn this will help you gain exposure and help them stay up to date on the latest news about your business.

customer relations

Customer Lobby,, 10/27/2016


There are of course programs that you can use to help with your customer relations management. Highrise is an excellent customer relations management system that can integrate with others applications you may be using for plumbing

marketing. Its a simple system that is easy to use and is affordable. Customer Lobby is another excellent system for maintaining your customer relations. For more information on customer relations management or how to improve your customer service please visit www.growplumbing.con.

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The Art of Following Up

May 22nd, 2015
 Following up is an important step of growing your plumbing business. Whether your networking or following up with a customer the ability to follow up will help you in the long run grow your plumbing business and here’s why. Relationships. Building relationships is key in the longevity of any business. Networking partners and repeat customers are your life lines to grow your business because there is nothing more valuable than a personal recommendation when it comes to growing your plumbing business. Here are some tips to help you get in the habit of following up.
Timing is Everything

follow up

Arjuna Solutions,, 05/19/2015


When it comes to following up it is important to follow up right away while you are still fresh in their mind. Your initial follow up doesn’t need to be a long just a brief note to say that you enjoyed meeting them or thanking them for their business is all that is required.


Connect on Social Media

Social media is great for plumbing marketing but its also great for following up. LinkedIn is particularly good for following up with networking partners. While you may find more of your customers on other social media sites like Facebook, encourage your customers to like your Facebook business page.


Be Consistent

Create a calendar for following up. After your initial follow up, wait a few weeks and follow up again. If its a customer follow up and see how your repairs are doing. This demonstrates that you care about your customers experience but also you care about the quality of your work.


Take Notes

Taking notes can really be helpful when creating long lasting business relationships. You want to remember your customers and you want them to remember you. A great way to do this is to take notes about your customers, then when you follow up you can be more personal. For example maybe your customer has a dog named spot, when you follow up ask them how spot is. The ability to remember little details about your customers will blow them away and help create customers for life.


follow up

Study Skills,, 05/19/2015


Keep Things Simple

You don’t have to get fancy when you are following up, be courteous but brief. A quick note or email will usually suffice. Day to day things can get pretty hectic, you don’t want to take up too much time, but just enough to stay in their mind.


The art of following up is a business skill that comes natural to some. For others its a skilled that needs to be cultivated. Practice makes perfect, even with something as simple as following up. Some ways that you can follow up are: include them in your newsletter, send them a satisfaction survey, send them a post card, send them a birthday card, or congratulatory card. Questions about how you can follow up better? Learn more at


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5 Tips to Get Repeat Business for Your Plumbing Company

April 18th, 2013

 Treat your Current Customers Like Gold!

create repeat business for your plumbing company

Treat Your Customers Like Gold - AZ Business Magazine

When operating a plumbing business it is important to not only gain new plumbing business but to gain repeat business for your plumbing company. Current customers are very valuable  because they already trust and know your services. This is a relationship that needs to be nurtured and maximized because:

1.   Current customer  will eventually require your services in the future.
2.   Current customers will refer business to you. Repeat business is less expensive to market and is a great return on investment when it comes to plumbing marketing.


Let’s look at some sure-fire ways to gain repeat business for your plumbing company.

5 Top Plumbing Marketing Ideas to gain Repeat Business for your Plumbing Company

1.      Build relationships with your customers

They say there is no sweeter sound than the sound of one’s own name, this holds true to plumbing marketing, and gaining repeat business for your plumbing company. It is crucial to build relationships with your customers and be able to use their names; this makes the feel important and shows them that you really care about them and are tuned in to what their needs and preferences are. Focus on what each customer expects and their personal needs. This allows for a more personalized level of service; which customers really appreciate and in return will help guarantee repeat business for your plumbing company.

As part of building relationships and return gaining repeat business for your plumbing company you should strive to maintain contact with your current customers; newsletters, blogs, or a simple thank you note is a great way to do this. Keeping yourself fresh in their mind is great for creating repeat business for your plumbing company because one never knows when they are going to need a plumber or know someone who does.

2.      Follow-up on your customers

Click Here For Email Marketing Following up with existing customer is almost if not more important than droning for new clients. You already have their attention so taking the extra care to follow up with them and ensure that their plumbing service was up to par or successful is a great way to create repeat business for your plumbing company. This not only ensures you that you did a job well done, but also allows you to address any other additional concerns they might have. This gives you an edge over your competitors because you are following up with your existing customer and making sure they had the best possible experience. This A) shows that you care and B) helps garner a positive review for your business, which is invaluable to your plumbing marketing. Send them a thank you card upon completion of business to let them know your truly appreciate their business. Showing genuine care and gratitude is a great way to create repeat business for your plumbing company.


3.      Hire the right employees

The right representation of your company is very important to create repeat business for your plumbing company. They not only represent your company but yourself. From clerical to fieldwork your employees should be top notch and exude your personal business philosophies and the utmost professionalism. Your current customers should be treated like gold, and the right personnel is crucial in creating repeat business for your plumbing company.

4.      Consistency

Repeat business for your plumbing company is easier to achieve when current customer know what to expect and can rely on your services.
The quality of products and services you deliver should be consistent with what you offer time and again. This will not only garner repeat business for your plumbing company but also help create referral business; customers are more likely to refer new clients to service contractors they know and trust.  

5.      Customer Satisfaction and Delight

A great way to ensure repeat business for your plumbing company is to simply provide great service. Responding to inquiries right away and going the extra mile to ensure your customers are 100% satisfied with your services, leave your customers delighted enough to want to come back.


Customer Relations = Repeat Business for Your Plumbing Company!

Management of customer relations is the key to creating repeat business for your plumbing company. Having systems in place to help you manage this is a great and easy way to stream-line your customer relations and help you create repeat business for your plumbing company. 


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