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How to Use Local SEO to Boost Search Ranking

February 16th, 2018


Plumbing marketing is competitive, you have a lot of competition out there competing for the same leads. One way to stand out and boost search ranking is with local SEO. Using locally driven keywords that are specific to your area helps produce better search ranking in local search and help generate the right kind of traffic. Since most searches are performed looking for local results, it is important to be visible to this audience. Here is how to boost search ranking using local SEO.

 Figure Out Who Cares

First and foremost, you need to identify who you are marketing to. Who is your target audience? Hopefully you already have some ideas, but consulting your analytics is a great way to see who is actually paying attention and what sources

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theyare coming from. Is your traffic being referred to you? Or are you getting direct traffic? What keywords are users typing in to find your business online? This is important information to have to effectively use local SEO.

 Optimize All the Right Places

Next you want to make sure you are optimizing in all the right place. Title tags and meta descriptions are a must. Title tags and meta descriptions help tell search engines what your website is about. You will also want to take advantage of alt tags as well. These are tags that are assigned to images. This is the only way image are indexed by search engines. Utilizing Schema markup is also a great way to boost traffic, as it provides more in-depth detail and location specific information. This compels users to click on your link because it providers users with relevant information. The more relevant you are in search the better results you will get. Remember it isn’t just about search ranking. Relevancy is key, in order to turn traffic into customers.


local seo

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 Implement Good Content Strategy

When it comes to leveraging local SEO, there are variety of ways you can go about it. Of course you should have a blog, however this isn’t the only way to utilize local SEO to boost search rankings. You can also utilize landing pages, optimize profiles, and gain benefit from online reviews. All of which help contribute to your relevancy and credibility online, in addition to your search ranking.

There is a lot of potential to reach new customers using local SEO. Local SEO is a great way to not only boost search ranking but also reach the right customers and stay competitive. To learn more about local SEO contact Grow Plumbing today!

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A.I. and Digital Marketing – 2018 Plumbing Marketing Strategy

January 6th, 2018



2018 plumbing marketing strategyThis last year has seen a lot of changes in terms of digital marketing. None more progressive than A.I., or artificial intelligence. As the technology has grown leaps and bounds over the last year, marketers have found themselves slowly embracing the new frontier of A.I. and incorporating it with their digital marketing strategies. So how can you incorporate A.I. into your 2018 plumbing marketing strategy?


More Thoughtful Ads

A.I. is beneficial for marketers looking to run better, more effective ads. The use of A.I. technology helps create better ads by taking a lot of the guess work of it. Marketers can now use A.I. to research and develop more powerful ads that are more effective and make more of an impact. This allows ads to be created with a more meaningful message catering to the target audience’s tastes, desires, and needs. In addition, some A.I. has been effective at identifying trends in behavior and traffic. Allowing ads to be targeted based on context instead of just keywords. This allows for better click throughs and conversions. The more sophisticated the technology gets, the more helpful A.I. will be with ad placement, as well as creating personalized treatment.


How A.I. Affects Search

The way people conduct a search is now different. Which is another reason to embrace A.I. for your 2018 plumbing marketing strategy. Information is readily available to consumers, as all they need to do is reach for their smartphones. 2018 plumbing marketing strategyCompanies looking to stay competitive need to incorporate A.I. into their plumbing marketing strategy in order to stay visible and competitive. Since more and more users, are using smart assistants and speaking queries directly into the search engines, it will be important to rethink keywords. What queries is your target audience speaking into their search bars? When it comes to being effective, relevant, and competitive during the rise of A.I., long tail keywords are showing to be more effective. These are usually 3-4-word keyword phrases that are very specific to your brand and the services you are selling.


Monitor How Customers Interact with Your Brand

Another way A.I. can be beneficial for your 2018 plumbing marketing strategy is with reputation monitoring. As you already know, word travels fast on the internet. With so many review sites, and blogs, and social media sites where customers to mention and interact with your brand, monitoring the activity is crucial. However, with so many sites it’s hard to keep track of them all. A.I. will become a crucial component of reputation monitoring and will also help businesses monitor how customers interact with their brand on multiple channels.


To learn more about what 2018 will hold for plumbing marketing or how to get started incorporating A.I. into your plumbing marketing contact Grow Plumbing today!


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