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Signs You Need to Revamp Your Plumbing Marketing Strategy

June 2nd, 2017


When it comes to your plumbing marketing strategy it is important to remember that things can change. Sometimes our efforts can get a little stale, knowing how to recognize the signs that you need to revamp your plumbing marketing strategy is an important thing. Your plumbing marketing strategy should work to improve your reach and increase your customer base in an efficient and effective manner. If this isn’t happening then it is time to shake things up a bit. Here are some signs you need to revamp your plumbing marketing strategy.


#1 You Have No Direction

re-vamp your plumbing marketing strategy

Image Credit: National Geographic,

One important aspect of any marketing strategy is that you have an objective, a light at the end of the tunnel, direction. Creating a plan is hard to do if you don’t know where you want to go with it.  If you find yourself aimlessly going out with your plumbing marketing strategy with no real objective, or you can’t recognize your objective anymore then you might need to revamp your plumbing marketing strategy. Start by identifying what you would like to accomplish with your plumbing marketing. Once you have goals in place then you can rework your strategy.


#2 You Don’t Know Who You Customers Are

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not knowing who are customers. If you can’t properly identify who your

re-vamp your plumbing marketing strategy

Image Credit: Coindesk,

customers are how will you know where to market and what to promote. A targeted approach to your plumbing marketing will help you work more efficiently and more effectively. Start by identifying who your customer is. Once you know who you are marketing to you can start to narrow down other aspects of your approach. What do they like? Where are they more to spend their time online? What times of day are they more likely to spend online? What types of content do they gravitate towards? Identifying these things will help you get your message across to the right people.


#3 You Neglect Your Content Strategy

If you rarely update your content or don’t have a focused approach to your content then this could be a sign you need to revamp your pluming marketing strategy. Content is crucial to a successful plumbing marketing strategy. From blogs to status updates being consistent is key. If this is an area where you fall short, then consider outsourcing or delegating this task to someone you trust. Revamping your content strategy needs to be a part of your efforts to revamp your plumbing marketing strategy. A fresh and diversified approach.


#4 You Don’t Have a Mobile Strategy

A mobile first marketing strategy is becoming more and more important as more and more people start ditching traditional desktop technology for mobile devices. This means that you need to have a stronghold with your local directories. Local SEO is important for your mobile marketing strategy. Start by encouraging customers to rate and review your business on sites like Yelp and Google can give you more visibility in mobile search.


It is important to revamp your plumbing marketing strategy every so often, change is good to help you learn and grow and develop new business strategies. Are you in a plumbing marketing rut? Contact Grow Plumbing today to learn more about how together we can re-vamp your plumbing marketing strategy. 

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Proactive Online Plumbing Marketing Tactics

February 23rd, 2017

When you have an ongoing plumbing marketing strategy it is important to be proactive. An ongoing strategy, requires ongoing maintenance in order to remain effective, relevant, and competitive. As you move forward on your online plumbing marketing journey you will have to make adjustments and tweak your strategies here and there. Here are some tips to stay proactive with your online plumbing marketing tactics.


Adjust Budget

online plumbing marketing

Image Credit: NACAA,

A budget plays a huge role in any online plumbing marketing strategy.  A budget is an important part to get figured out at the beginning of planning your strategy. It will be the voice of reason on what you can and can’t do and is an important part of calculating your ROI (return on investment). That being said, a budget is an important thing to revisit at regular intervals. Have your efforts been paying off? Can you allocate more funds to your plumbing marketing? Are there areas that are performing well that deserve more funds? Is your plumbing marketing budget too big or too small? Keep your ROI in mind when revisiting your budget.


New Opportunities

When it comes to online plumbing marketing things are constantly changing. New methods, new social media sites, and new trends come about all the time. Don’t be afraid to

online plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Scion Social Blog,

adjust your strategy to incorporate new opportunities. You will never know if something is going to work for you unless you try it.



Keywords are important for your online plumbing marketing strategy. Keywords should be updated from time to time. There may be some keywords that are consistently relevant to your business. And you should definitely continue to focus on these words. However, there may also be new keywords that you can incorporate into your strategy. Consider niche areas, geo specific keywords, and trending topics.


One of the best ways see what areas of your plumbing marketing need to be adjusted is to check your analytics report. You analytics report will tell you where you traffic is coming from, what keywords you traffic used to find your, who your traffic is, and how long they are staying on your website. This is all pertinent information and can really help you with your plumbing marketing strategy. To learn more about creating a solid performing plumbing marketing strategy visit

Get More Leads For More Plumbing Work


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Setting the Record Straight – Common Beliefs About Online Plumbing Marketing

February 13th, 2017


Online plumbing marketing should be an important part of your marketing strategy. If you have been paying attention over the last several years then you hopefully have already incorporated an online plumbing marketing strategy into your existing marketing strategy. From social media to content, form paid ads to your website, it’s all relevant these days. As plumbing marketing has taken on more of a digital look these days, there have been some common beliefs about online plumbing marketing that simply aren’t true. Today, we are going to set the record straight.


#1 It’s All Digital

One of the biggest plumbing marketing falsehoods is the notion that it’s all digital. And yes, there has been more of a focus on digital marketingas of late, but that doesn’t mean that traditional methods of plumbing marketing are not still going

online plumbing marketing

Image Credit: Watcheezy,

to be effective. Local ads, radio commercials, TV commercials, newsletters, etc.… are still effective forms of plumbing marketing. Instead of dropping your traditional plumbing marketing strategy for an entirely digital marketing campaign, enhance your existing marketing strategy and incorporate them both. This helps guarantee that no stone is left unturned when it comes to getting the best possible exposure.


#2 The Latest and Greatest

When it comes to advances in digital marketing, some are quick to jump on the bandwagon, dropping existing tactics that were actually performing quite well. While we encourage trying out new things to see what works, the operative phrase here is “what works”. If you are having success with one particle avenue, then you should continue to pursue it. Just because a new method or platform comes out does not mean that it is going to be a successful strategy for you. Wait and see, in the meantime continue to put effort and money in the plumbing marketing methods that are delivering results.


#3 Keeping Exposure too Narrow

Part of the beauty of digital plumbing marketing is you have a ton of options. While it’s important to stick to what works, it’s also important to make sure you aren’t missing out on any opportunities. Expanding your efforts helps expand your reach. Remember different people gravitate to different platforms. Go where your audience is most likely to be, but don’t be so quite to discredit other platforms. Diversify your efforts to cast a larger net, but also prioritize your efforts so that you are spending the appropriate time and money.


#4 The More Traffic, the More Sales

online plumbing marketing

Image Credit: L & D Mail Masters,

The notion that generating more traffic will result in more sales is easy to believe. However, when it comes to generating more leads and more sales you must have the right traffic. Not everyone that visits your website is going to be the ideal customer. It’s important to make sure that you are being very specific when it comes to targeting your audience. In addition, it is also important to make sure that your website is equipped with the right doors to complete the conversion. Just because you have the traffic does not mean that they will convert. Getting them to your website is only half the battle, it’s up to your website to do the rest. Employ a good organized layout that is appealing and easy to navigate. Use strong call to actions, and make it as easy as possible to locate your contact information.


To learn more about online plumbing marketing and how to get your plumbing marketing strategy on the right path, contact Grow Plumbing today! We specialize in digital plumbing marketing and can help you form a customized plan that meets your individual needs. Learn more here

Internet Marketing

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Building Trust and Growing Business – Tips to Build Your Credibility with Your Customers

January 6th, 2017



When it comes to growing business building trust with your customers is one of the most important steps. People like to do business with companies that they feel have their best interests at heart and who will honor their commitments. Building trust and credibility with your customers should be a daily mission and can easily be incorporated into your plumbing marketing strategy. Building credibility is part of building your brand.


#1 Clear and Open Communication

One of the most important parts about building trust with your customers is clear and open communication. Make it easy for customers to contact you and always respond to their concerns and be available. Create an open

building trust

Rio Grande Valley Moms Blog,, 01/-6/2017

line of communication address the good and bad. Failure to address tricky situations can be a huge downfall when it comes customer service and does not help build trust. Regardless of the situation, up front communication is always best.


#2 Honor Your Word

It’s important to always honor your word to build trust with your customers. It could mean honoring a promise or promotion you made as part of your plumbing marketing campaign, or an agreement you made with a customer. It could be as simply as showing up on time. Doing what you say and meaning what you say is crucial part of building trust with your customers. It lets them know they can depend on you.


#3 Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Demonstrating your knowledge is another way you can build trust with your customers. People like to do business with companies that are the best at what they do. But how can you demonstrate that you are the best at what you do? By blogging about it! Incorporate your expertise into your plumbing marketing strategy. Studies show that a consistent content strategy is one of the best ways to build credibility online.


#4 Promote Feedback


building trust

Brett Pinegar,, 01/06/2017

Customer feedback is an excellent way to build trust. New customers like to see how other customer’s experiences where before they do business with you. Customer reviews are considered more reliable than professional opinion. So promote feedback. Ask your customers to review your business online, or post testimonials on your website. This is a great way to demonstrate your credibility with your customers and also promotes candid communication.


Building trust is part of growing your business. You want your customers to feel like they made the right decision in doing business with you. Customers who trust you are also more likely to provide repeat business and referrals, both of which are invaluable to your growing your business. To learn more about building trust and credibility with your customers and strengthening your brand visit


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3 Tips to Keep You Focused for Your Social Media for Plumbing Marketing

May 22nd, 2016


Using social media for plumbing marketing is a fun way to reach new customers and connect with existing customers. Using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to update your customers about promotions and whats new with your business. When it comes to running a successful social media strategy its always good to have a plan, after there are a lot of distractions out there, especially when it comes to social media. Here are some tips to help give you a little direction so you can stay focused.


#1 Establish Who Your Target Audience Is

It is important to know who you are marketing to when using social media for plumbing marketing. Otherwise you could end up wasting a lot of your precious time and money marketing to people who would never become a customer of yours. Consider the location of where you most likely customers would be. Many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn let you get pretty specific when searching for the right target audience. Really take this into consideration especially if you are running a paid ad.


social media for plumbing marketing

Who is Your Audience?

#2 What Kind of Content Are You Going to Promote?

Having a content strategy will make using social media for plumbing marketing a lot easier. Are you going to be posting your blog updates? Links to articles you think your audience would find useful and unique? Images? Videos? Infographics? Memes? There are so many different types of content it is definitely good to have a good mix of all types of content. Remember to keep your audience in mind when you publish your content. What are they interested in? Would you audience think its useful?


#3 Keep Up The Good Work

social media for plumbing marketingOne of the most important things that can really make a huge difference in using social media for plumbing marketing is perseverance. Be consistent. Update your social media on a regular basis, update your profiles and make sure all of the information is accurate, update and share new photos, and actively seek new followers. You also need to stay on top of your interactions. When somebody comments make sure you acknowledge it. Actively participating in your social media will help boost engagement with your audience and help strengthen your brand.


By doing these 3 things you could see better results with your social media strategy. Social media takes time, and it must be nurtured. It isn’t something you can just set up, you have to work it and update it. These 3 things are all things that you can do yourself, or if you find yourself in over your head when it comes to your online plumbing marketing then you may want to consider hiring a professional online plumbing marketing specialist. Grow Plumbing specializes in plumbing marketing and can help you get your social media strategy on point. To learn more about Grow Plumbing and our services click here.



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Build a Connection With Your Followers on Twitter

May 19th, 2016


connect with your followers on twitter

PreApps,, 05/18/2016

Twitter has a lot to offer when it comes to online plumbing marketing. For starters is is great for increasing visibility, strengthening your brand, and connecting with customers. Keeping your customers in mind its important to really connect with your followers on Twitter, and any social media site for that matter. Customer engagement is one of the most important parts of building a strong brand. Here are some ways you can build a strong connection with your followers on Twitter.


Engage With Your Followers on Twitter

build a connection with your twitter followers

Yali Creatives,, 05/18/2016

When we say engage with your followers on twitter we mean be active with your followers on Twitter. You can do this by producing content that is unique and useful and that sparks a conversion. Generating a conversion is one of the best forms of content for Twitter. It creates a buzz about your brand and helps get people excited. Produce content with your followers in mind. What do they want to see? What will get them to get involved?


Respond to Your Followers on Twitter

Part of increasing your engagement with your followers on Twitter to respond to them and acknowledge them. Simply putting the content out there and then nothing else will not cut it. When you get a response respond as well. Creating a back and forth banter is good for your plumbing marketing and your brand. It helps create a personal relationship with your customers, which these days is a very important part of good customer service.


Think About How You Can Add Value

Your content should be unique and interesting to your followers on Twitter, so how can you add value? From a plumbing marketing perspective consider sharing plumbing tips and how to’s, share videos, and pictures. A variety of content is good to appeal to more types of followers.


Be Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to connection with your followers on Twitter. Updating and generating a conversion every once in a while is not going to get you very far. You want to update at least once a day if not more to remain visible.


To learn more about using Twitter for plumbing marketing and other plumbing marketing topics please visit our website at



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Online Marketing for Plumbers


Good Practices When Using Social Media for Plumbing Marketing

January 31st, 2016


Social media can be a wonderful addition to your online plumbing marketing strategy. Leveraging social media correctly can be a very effective and inexpensive way to generate leads and take your plumbing marketing to the next level. Branding is everything when it comes to getting what you want out of using social media for plumbing marketing. In fact they go hand in hand. Social media helps strengthen your brand and in doing so you improve the results of your social media efforts.


Be Professional

When using social media for plumbing marketing its important to be professional. You have your personal page and then you have your business page. Avoid posting things that are personal, political, and not relevant to your business. You don’t want to alienate any potential business with your personal views, be real but also maintain a level of transparency. Keep all your posts positive and informative, you don’t just have to plug your business the whole time either.



social media for plumbing marketing

Make a good first impression with a good profile picture

Images are crucial when using social media for plumbing marketing. For starters your profile picture and cover picture are the first impression about your business so make them count and make them good. A good head shot is always a great option for your profile picture, we recommend using a picture of yourself or your team as opposed to your company logo. Its a little more approachable. Any picture that you use for your business make sure that it is professional. Avoid busy pictures with any clutter, you want to drive your brand but you also want people to quickly associate your brand with your company, don’t leave room for distraction. Also you should incorporate pictures, videos, etc… into your posts. Studies show that posts containing images and videos are more likely to get likes, and clicks than posts without.


Like and be Liked

When it comes to getting “likes” on Facebook it seems like a bit of a popularity contest, and in short it is. A great way to generate more “likes” is to like others posts, pictures, business pages, etc…the more you like something the more Facebook social media for plumbing marketingwill show you more. It generates better visibility for you and your friends, so like a way. It also boosts engagement which is really important in generating business online.


Play it Safe

Social media has many perks, however it also comes with its fair share of security risks. Its important to protect the privacy of your clients, as well as your personal information. Definitely make your posts public, but when posting pictures make sure the geotagging capabilities of your smart phone is turned off. Geotagging can automatically tag the location a picture was taken, a definite security risk if you are posting from your personal residence or clients home. Protecting your customers information should be a top priority.



Social media can be really great for your plumbing marketing, and something that you may find you enjoy doing. It allows a way for you to connect with your customers and build a relationship with them. To learn more tips about using social media for plumbing marketing visit our website at


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Improving Your Plumbing Marketing Strategy

January 10th, 2016


Part of growing any business is expanding your marketing reach. If you are looking at improving your plumbing company, then you will need to work on your plumbing marketing strategy. There are of course time tried and true methods for plumbing marketing; direct mailers, directory ads, radio ads, TV commercials, all of which are outbound marketing tactics that have proven very effective over the years. With that being said if all you are relying on for your plumbing marketing are outbound marketing tactics you have been imploring for years then it might be time to update your plumbing marketing strategy and embrace more inbound marketing strategies that speak to a newer and broader audiences.


Embrace Digital Marketing


plumbing marketing

Public Spend Forum,, 01/10/2016



If you don’t have a web presence and you want to expand your marketing reach then its important to start with a website. Think of your website as a central hub for all of your online plumbing marketing activities. You can have a pretty decent website created for a pretty affordable price. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a website. For the purposes of plumbing marketing, we have actually found that the simpler the better. You don’t need fancy graphics and all the bells and whistles, this can actually lead to distraction and you want you visitors to remain focused on the information you are providing them.


Social Media

If you haven’t created social media accounts on behalf of your business then you could really be missing out. There is a whole other world out there when it comes to social media for plumbing marketing. You can reach existing customers, fish for new customers, improve your search ranking, link traffic back to your website, and really engage with people about your business. Social media is a definite must for your digital marketing plan. If you are new to the concept start with just a few sites, Facebook is probably the easiest to set up, then maybe Twitter or LinkedIn. If you have an email contact list you can start by inviting all of your contact to befriend you or follow you. This will give you a good start.


Now What?


Once you have created your digital marketing platforms its time to maintain them. Generating content is one way you do this. Work on a blog post, share something that your find interesting that you think your audience would also enjoy. The idea behind inbound marketing tactics is to reel the leads in naturally by proving relevant information they are interested in.


Get a Little Boost


plumbing marketing

The C ++ Programming Language,, 01/10/2016

Once you have started to establish some organic search results you can boost your efforts by running some paid ads. Paid ads a great way to gain some momentum with your plumbing marketing. While they will have a higher up cost, if done correctly they have a pretty descent rate of return. We suggest running a paid ad with Google or Facebook every once in a while because of the higher cost to be conscientious of your plumbing marketing budget.


For more plumbing marketing ideas visit our website at






Internet Marketing

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August 27th, 2015


direct mail for plumbing marketing

Dentistry Business,, 08/27/2015

So much emphasis has been placed on inbound marketing and digital marketing lately, and with good reason. But that is no excuse to through traditional methods, or outbound marketing methods out the window along with your direct mailers. As with inbound marketing and digital marketing, outbound marketing has its place in your plumbing marketing strategy. Direct mail is still an effective form of plumbing marketing. We feel that incorporating both inbound and outbound plumbing marketing strategies helps broaden your visibility and forms a well balanced plumbing marketing plan.


You may already be using direct mail as part of your plumbing marketing. When it comes to using outbound marketing strategies, monitoring their effectiveness is just as important as when monitoring the effectiveness of your inbound plumbing marketing efforts. You won’t know how effective a particular direct mail campaign is, unless you are measuring the amount of business or leads it generates.


One of the most important parts of any direct mail campaign is the call to action. You want to make sure that you are using a clear call to action that is visible and gets peoples attention. “Call Now”, “Schedule Today”, “Visit Our Website” are all examples of clear call to actions. The point of a call to action is to get people to do what you want them to do. So in forming a solid call to action do not leave any room for hesitation and be compelling.


The design is also really important for direct mail success. You want to make sure the design catches the eye, but you also want to make sure that it isn’t so busy that your message is getting lost in the design. Use bright bold contrasting colors, and simple and easy to read fonts. Direct mailers are also a great opportunity to strengthen your brand so use you logo, slogan, and theme colors.


Direct mail still has a place in your plumbing marketing plan. When done right, you direct mail campaign will be as asset to your plumbing marketing. To learn more about outbound plumbing marketing and other plumbing marketing strategies please visit our website at


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