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Going Green with Your Plumbing – 3 Green Solutions

March 17th, 2017


Since today is all about wearing green we thought we would keep the trend going and extend the theme to our blog. When it comes to going green with your plumbing there are a lot of benefits; it’s good for the environment, it’s good for your health, and it’s good for your wallet. There are a lot of things that you can do when going green with your plumbing. Here are some of the best ways you can go green with your plumbing.


going green with your plumbing

Image Credit: Clean Energy Resource Team,

Replace Faucets and Shower-heads

One of the easiest and least expensive ways of going green with your plumbing is to replace your existing faucets and shower-heads with low flow faucets and shower-heads. Most new faucets and shower-heads are designed to use less water without sacrificing pressure and performance. You should start to see and improvement in efficiency right away. An added bonus of replacing faucets and shower-heads with low flow models is it modernizes the space without costing a lot of money. If you are looking for a quick project to update your bathrooms and kitchen, then replacing the faucets and shower-heads is a good option.


Replace Old Outdated Toilets

Toilets account for nearly 27% of all water use in a home. More than any other plumbing fixture or water using appliance. So, it only makes sense to update old and outdated toilets with low

going green with your plumbing

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flow toilets. Most modern construction already has low flow toilets installed, but older homes, particularly home built prior to 1994, can have old toilets that use as much as 7 gallons per flush! That is a lot of water that could be saved. While low flow toilets initially struggled to perform, newer versions are not only efficient but effective, with some models offering 2 flush options, one for solid waste and one for liquid waste. While replacing the toilets in your home can be and expensive project, you will make up for it in savings.


going green with your plumbing

Image Credit: Drake Mechanical,

On Demand Water Heater

Water heaters prove to be another source of waste around the house. Traditional tank water heaters can suck up a lot of energy to maintain a constant temperature of water being stored for future use. While having a ready supply of hot water at any giving moment is a good thing, wasting energy and the natural wear and tear associated with tank storage is not. On demand water heaters are far more efficient and cost effective in the long term because they only supply hot water when it is needed. Because they aren’t storing water in a tank there is no sediment built up so they are low maintenance and actually last longer than tank storage systems.


The above options for going green with your plumbing are great options. They can help you save energy and plenty of green! To find a plumber near you that can help you with going green with your plumbing check out our plumbing directory.


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Don’t Forget to Winterize! Preparing a Plumbing System for Winter

December 20th, 2013


With the onset of winter already in full swing this winter is already off to a chilly start. Tomorrow marks the official start of winter, and we are inevitably heading into a cold one! As temperatures drop it is important to take extra precautions in safeguarding a home’s plumbing system, because lets face it frozen water and pipes don’t mix. Here are some tips to prepare a plumbing system for winter.


Insulation is the most effective way to prepare a plumbing system for winter. By insulating plumbing pipes that may be exposed to the elements, homeowners can reduce the likely hood of frozen pipes and reduce their energy costs over winter. Insulation is a lot more affordable then dealing with a plumbing disaster, such as a burst pipe in the living room!


When insulating pipes to prepare a plumbing system for winter it is a good idea to access the home for cracks. Check for cracks around the perimeter of the house. Cracks can allow for cold air to travel to other pipes that may need some insulation as well. Crawl spaces and attics should be checked. This will not only help keep plumbing systems safe from the cold, but also save energy in heating the home.



Smock & Schonthaler Industrial Insulation,, 12/20/2013


Plumbing pipes aren’t the only thing that may need insulation when preparing a plumbing system for winter. Water heaters can also benefit from a little insulation. When it gets cold and pipes and the water heater are exposed to cold air it reduces their efficiency. As heat escapes from uninsulated pipes, the water heater in turn has to work harder to produce more hot water. So by adding a little insulation the plumbing system is protected from freeze and works more efficiently. Saving money from not having to make expensive repairs and saving money on utilities is a great reason to take the steps to prepare a plumbing system for winter.

Home Owner Offers,, 12/20/2013


When a home isn’t occupied all year long this can create a problem for the plumbing system if not properly winterized. Say its a second home, an investment property, a home that is for sale, or a home that has been inherited, it needs to be properly winterized. To prepare a plumbing system for winter on a home that is vacant be sure to shut off the water at the main line and drain water from all pipes. Be sure to leave all faucets open and unplug all major appliances. Then proceed with insulating pipes.


Preparing a plumbing system for winter doesn’t have to be a huge task, and spending the money and taking the time or having it professionally done is well worth the investment in time and money. As a homeowner not only will you have peace of mind knowing your plumbing system is prepared for winter, but also you can cut back on your energy consumption. Frozen pipes is one plumbing disaster that can be avoided, so be sure to winterize this year!


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