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Social Distancing For Essential Home Services Professionals

April 29th, 2020

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The last couple of weeks have been a roller-coaster. Amidst social distancing orders, many workers have found themselves at home either because of mandatory business closures or because their school age children are no longer able to attend school. Needless to say, it has been quite an adjustment for most. Unfortunately, integral home systems like plumbing and HVAC systems didn’t get the social distancing memo, and without a doubt have proven to be problematic for some homeowners, which is why plumbers are considered essential workers. It’s bad enough being stuck at home, we don’t need plumbing and HVAC failure to add to our stress. With this in mind, it is important for plumbers and other essential home service professionals to keep safety first when making house calls at this time. 

essential home service professionals

Repairs Won’t Wait

Plumbing and HVAC systems always have impeccable timing. It’s like they know you are about to entertain a houseful of guests, and so decide it’s the perfect time to break down. This quarantine is no different, in fact as more and more people are forced to stay home, their home’s systems are seeing a lot more action than normal. This added pressure can put some systems over the edge, especially if there are already underlying issues. In addition, with the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, many people have resorted to plan b; using things like paper napkins, paper towels, and wipes, none of which should ever be flushed. 


Sheltering in place is no time to live with a clogged toilet, or an AC that isn’t cooling. If anything, people need these systems to properly function more than ever to maintain some normalcy, and not add to their stress. While some may be tempted to put off repairs until this whole thing is over, problems like leaks and clogged drains should not be ignored. And in fact can present other health concerns.


Staying Safe While Being Essential

It is more important than ever for essential home service professionals to practice proper safety precautions. In addition to standard operating procedures, it is important to take the extra steps to protect customers, employees, and yourself. This includes:


  • Washing your hands and using hand sanitizer
  • Wearing protective gear like masks and gloves and changing them at regular intervals
  • Sanitizing work surfaces before and after house calls
  • Screening customers for signs of illness before making house calls
  • Screening employees for signs of illness
  • Maintaining social distancing

essential home services professionals
Some essential home service professionals are offering virtual diagnostics and troubleshooting to cut down on physical visits. This can help warrant if a house call is necessary and still address customer needs. 


Stay Healthy

It is more important than ever to stay healthy at this time. This means getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating fruits and vegetables, cutting down on sugar, and getting plenty of exercise. It is also important to reduce stress, which at this point in time may be easier said than done. Remember this too shall pass. For more tips on staying safe for essential home service professionals contact subscribe to our blog below. 


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