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How to Expand Your Reach Using Social Media for Plumbing Marketing

July 13th, 2017



Using social media for plumbing marketing is a great way to reach new customers and connect with existing customers. There is tremendous opportunity to increase exposure while using social media for plumbing marketing; increasing your following, getting more likes, and improving engagement can help you drive more traffic to your website and increase conversions. So how can you expand your reach? Here are some tips to help you expand your reach using social media for plumbing marketing.



expand your reach

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One of the biggest tips we can offer to help you expand your reach using social media for plumbing marketing is to prioritize your social media efforts. Put forth more time and effort into social media strategies that are more likely to deliver results. For example, if more of your customers are on Facebook and Facebook is send more traffic your way, you should prioritize your Facebook strategy over your Twitter strategy. Of course, you want to spend a little time on all of your social media sites, but you should do some research into which sites deliver the best results and delegate your time accordingly.



To expand your reach using social media for plumbing marketing, you should also make sure that you optimize all of your profiles. Each social media site offers a space where you can optimize. Provide a bio or about me that is keyword specific. This will help you expand your reach, by populating your profile in search, both with the search engines and within the network itself.



We can’t stress the importance of promoting your social media profiles enough. To expand your reach, you should be promoting your social media profiles every chance you get. Promote you social media profiles on your website, local directories, and other social media sites. The more information you can provide to your customers about how to get in contact with you the better.  This not only increases your exposure but helps with your search ranking as well.



One of the most direct ways to expand your reach using social media for plumbing marketing, is to seek out new followers or friends. Start by adding your existing customers

expand your reach using social media for plumbing marketing

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to your networks, you can do this by sending invites to join utilizing your email list. Once you have established connections with people who are familiar with your brand, you can start expanding by connecting with their connections. In addition, most social media sites have a comprehensive search. You can search for new followers with specific keywords, and add those that meet your search criteria. Work on building a network of people who fit your target audience profile, and would be likely to become customers.



Content is extremely valuable when it comes to your ability to expand your reach using social media for plumbing marketing. People react to good quality content, it is what drives social media, and the internet for that matter. To expand your reach using social media for plumbing marketing, focus on creating a content strategy that is engaging, unique, and relevant. Consult with your analytics or page insights to see what kind of content your following responds to the most, then promote more of that kind of content.



As we established above, good quality content is priceless when it comes to expanding your reach. However, the ability to share good quality content is just as important. Make sharing your content as easy as possible. Be sure to incorporate share buttons on all of your published content, to enable readers to share with their audience. The key to going viral is the ability to be easily shared.


Sometimes of the best things you can do for your plumbing marketing strategy is to admit that you need help. Grow Plumbing specializes in online plumbing marketing and can help you expand your reach. Learn more about our services here



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