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How Facebook’s Recent Updates Affect Your Plumbing Marketing

October 27th, 2018

facebook's recent updatesFacebook has been in the news headlines a lot this year. Being under such scrutiny has forced Facebook to make some changes to their algorithm. Just like the Google updates of recent years, Facebook’s updates have forced marketers to adjust their marketing strategy. In fact, failure to adapt one’s strategy could result in ads with less placement, or being removed entirely, and content not being viewed by audience. Plumbing companies looking to extend their reach on Facebook and achieve a good ROI need to pay attention to Facebook’s recent updates and how they can affect their plumbing marketing.


Misleading Ads

One of Facebook’s recent updates is designed to restrict or remove ads that are misleading. These are ads that lure users in with a sensational headline, then fail to deliver the correct response on the landing page. When it comes to running ads on Facebook make sure the end location matches the call to action. Failure to do so is misleading, and in all honesty won’t deliver the conversions you are after. When running ads on Facebook, make sure your objective is clear, so as not to mislead users.


Clickbait Ads

Another one of Facebook’s recent updates is to help prevent marketers from luring customers in with clickbait ads. These are ads that require users to click through in order to receive the rest of the information. Phrases like “You won’t believefacebooks recent updates what happens next” are considered clickbait. And in 2018, Facebook frowns on ads that aren’t transparent. Avoid using clickbait tactics to generate traffic. These are offer low conversions anyways, which isn’t good for your ROI.


Instant Experiences

Instant experiences has replaced canvas ads, and with this change a whole new set of capabilities has been released. Some of the new features that plumbers can take advantage of include:

  • Instant Forms, which allows users to fill out a quick form to learn more about your business.
  • Instant Customer Acquisitions, which helps prioritize specific reactions clean call to actions and showcasing other options.
  • Instant Storytelling, which features images and videos that share your brand’s story.


Emphasis on Video

facebook's recent updatesFacebook is attempting to compete with YouTube and Snapchat. Over the course of this year, we saw the release of live video. Due to the competitive nature of this release, Facebook is favoring live videos over other types of content. Which means, you have a better shot of not getting lost in someone’s feed by using live video. In addition, videos that are uploaded directly into Facebook receive and automatic reach bump, than videos that are shared from YouTube.


Story Ads

Since Facebook is placing such a high emphasis on video content, story ads are a work in progress, but will be coming very soon. Story ads have shown to be quite successful on other platforms like Instagram. To help streamline the process, users will be able to utilize existing video ads as story ads. The release date of story ads is uncertain. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates.


Facebook offers plumbing companies a lot of opportunity when it comes to expanding their business. It is important to be knowledgeable about the platform in order to get the biggest band for your buck. For more plumbing marketing tips contact Grow Plumbing today!


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Maximizing Facebook for Plumbing Marketing

April 14th, 2016


facebook for plumbing marketingFacebook is the most popular social media site, and has dominated social media for the better part of the last 10 years. That makes Facebook an obvious choice for plumbing marketing. When it comes to using Facebook for plumbing marketing you have to be active you simply can create a page and then sit back and watch the fans roll in. It takes a little more effort than that, which is why we are bringing you tips to maximize Facebook for plumbing marketing.


  1. Create a Business Page

    Facebook has two different types of profiles; personal profile pages, and business pages. Personal profile pages are just what they sound like and should be used for sharing pictures of your pets, family, trips, personal interests etc… While you can promote your business on your profile page, its more effective to do so with a business page. A Facebook business page offers you a lot of insights about traffic, clicks, engagement, post likes, and post comments. It also allows for reviews, maps, a call to action button and many other functions that will serve your plumbing marketing purposes far better than a profile page. Plus you friends and family wont get as annoyed with you when you plug your business.


  2. Use a Professional Picture

    You profile pictures speaks volumes, and if you are using Facebook for plumbing marketing we recommend using a professional head shot. Note we do not mean it has to be taken by a professional photographer, we simply mean it needsfacebook for plumbing marketing to be professional in nature. Free of clutter, preferably a head shot in your uniform. For other pictures on your page and your cover picture you can include pictures of your work, your team, logo and any other pictures that are relevant to your business.


  3. Take advantage of the Call to Action Button

    The call to action button on your business page displays up at the top on your cover page. This can say things like book now or call now. It creates a sense of urgency and helps your fans get in contact with you easier.


  4. Content

    Content is always important and when using Facebook for plumbing marketing its really important to provide a steady stream of content. Update your blog several times a week, post status updates several times a week, upload videos, share pictures. Content really drives Facebook, so its important to make sure you are sharing and sharing often. Make sure you are staying relevant to your business. Avoid posting things that are too political or controversial, remember this is for your business and you want to grow your business, so you don’t want to alienate anyone. Save these posts for your personal profile.


  5. Provide Links

    When using Facebook for plumbing marketing its ok to promote your other social media sites and local directories. Your helping your fans get in contact with you in more than one way. A link to you website is also a crucial part of setting up a business page. This helps with your search ranking and also helps generate more traffic to your website.


For more tips on using Facebook for plumbing marketing please visit our website at

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Get The Most Out of Your Facebook Business Page

February 28th, 2016


Facebook is great for businesses. By creating a business page you have the opportunity to reach thousands of your target audience. In and of itself your Facebook Business Page can be pretty effective without your having to spend extra money on “boosting” the page. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook Business Page.


Add Pictures

Aside form your profile picture and your cover picture add pictures of what you do. Behind the scenes images and images of your work. People love images, especially if they are interested in your brand. Of course on your business page you want to keep your images related to your business, avoid any personal pictures. Pictures that are great for plumbers are: before and after shots, examples of what not to do, or pictures of some of the products and brands that you use.


Add Videos

Kick it up a notch by adding videos. Video marketing can be very effective. Its easy for people to click on a video vs read, so that makes videos the perfect choice for some of your plumbing marketing. Add a how to video, or a video with some general plumbing tips to get the most out of your Facebook Business Page.


Call to Action

Have you taken advantage of the Facebook call to action button? This can be really helpful to generate more traffic to your site, so if you haven’t set this up its really easy to do and only take a few minutes.


Facebook Business Page

Utilize the call to action button on your Facebook Business Page

Cross Promote

Promote your other social media sites on your Facebook Business Page and your Facebook Business Page on your other sites like Twitter, Google + , and LinkedIn. The more opportunities to give people to connect with you the better.


Facebook is a great tool for plumbing marketing. You Facebook Business Page also will provide you with information about how your efforts are doing with the insights tab. This is a great way to measure your success and make any necessary changes. For more Facebook tips and other plumbing marketing related topics please visit



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Facebook for Plumbers – How to Increase the Success of Your Online Plumbing Marketing

August 1st, 2013

Facebook for plumbers is a key component of online plumbing marketing. Facebook makes for a great way to distribute content and drive traffic to plumbing websites, in addition Facebook also helps increase a plumbing companies search ranking. That being said plumbers simply cant start a Facebook account and sit back and watch. In order to truly reap the benefits of Facebook for plumbers, plumbers need to take an active interest in Facebook and their online plumbing marketing.

Facebook is one of the fastest growing websites in the world, with over 600,000 people joining every day.  This is a vast number of potential customers! As a plumber utilizing Facebook for online plumbing marketing, you need to be actively seeking new friends and fans. Consistently growing your connections on Facebook allows you to achieve more of a reach with your target audience which in turn increases traffic to your website and ultimately increase your conversion ratio (turning visitors into customers).

Facebook for plumbers is an easy way to distribute your plumbing content. By providing unique and interesting content to your friends and fans, you are more likely to increase traffic to your plumbing website. That being said sometimes you need a little extra push when it comes to distributing your content on Facebook. Occasionally using a paid Facebook ad or paying to promote your content on Facebook is a great way to ensure that your plumbing content is not only seen by your friends and fans but the friends and family of your friends and fans. By increasing the visibility of your content you increase the success rate of your online plumbing marketing; which makes Facebook for plumbers a worth while endeavor.

Facebook just made some changes in how users can search. Graph search is the latest version of Facebook. For the purpose of online plumbing marketing, being at the top of Facebook graph search results will help potential customers find your plumbing company on Facebook. In a sense Facebook graph search is like Google. Utilizing the right keywords and categories for your plumbing profile is the best way to populate at the top of Facebook graph search. More to come on Facebook graph search later, but this is a great tool to aid in online plumbing marketing and can help make Facebook for plumbers easier to use.

facebook for plumbers

Facebook Graph Search

Last but not least #hashtags. Including a #hashtag in your Facebook updates is a great way to include your plumbing company in other conversations regarding the same topic. This is a great way to engage with others in conversations and gives your plumbing company more visibility. Visibility is key for online plumbing marketing and Facebook for plumbers.

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