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How Facebook’s Recent Updates Affect Your Plumbing Marketing

October 27th, 2018

facebook's recent updatesFacebook has been in the news headlines a lot this year. Being under such scrutiny has forced Facebook to make some changes to their algorithm. Just like the Google updates of recent years, Facebook’s updates have forced marketers to adjust their marketing strategy. In fact, failure to adapt one’s strategy could result in ads with less placement, or being removed entirely, and content not being viewed by audience. Plumbing companies looking to extend their reach on Facebook and achieve a good ROI need to pay attention to Facebook’s recent updates and how they can affect their plumbing marketing.


Misleading Ads

One of Facebook’s recent updates is designed to restrict or remove ads that are misleading. These are ads that lure users in with a sensational headline, then fail to deliver the correct response on the landing page. When it comes to running ads on Facebook make sure the end location matches the call to action. Failure to do so is misleading, and in all honesty won’t deliver the conversions you are after. When running ads on Facebook, make sure your objective is clear, so as not to mislead users.


Clickbait Ads

Another one of Facebook’s recent updates is to help prevent marketers from luring customers in with clickbait ads. These are ads that require users to click through in order to receive the rest of the information. Phrases like “You won’t believefacebooks recent updates what happens next” are considered clickbait. And in 2018, Facebook frowns on ads that aren’t transparent. Avoid using clickbait tactics to generate traffic. These are offer low conversions anyways, which isn’t good for your ROI.


Instant Experiences

Instant experiences has replaced canvas ads, and with this change a whole new set of capabilities has been released. Some of the new features that plumbers can take advantage of include:

  • Instant Forms, which allows users to fill out a quick form to learn more about your business.
  • Instant Customer Acquisitions, which helps prioritize specific reactions clean call to actions and showcasing other options.
  • Instant Storytelling, which features images and videos that share your brand’s story.


Emphasis on Video

facebook's recent updatesFacebook is attempting to compete with YouTube and Snapchat. Over the course of this year, we saw the release of live video. Due to the competitive nature of this release, Facebook is favoring live videos over other types of content. Which means, you have a better shot of not getting lost in someone’s feed by using live video. In addition, videos that are uploaded directly into Facebook receive and automatic reach bump, than videos that are shared from YouTube.


Story Ads

Since Facebook is placing such a high emphasis on video content, story ads are a work in progress, but will be coming very soon. Story ads have shown to be quite successful on other platforms like Instagram. To help streamline the process, users will be able to utilize existing video ads as story ads. The release date of story ads is uncertain. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates.


Facebook offers plumbing companies a lot of opportunity when it comes to expanding their business. It is important to be knowledgeable about the platform in order to get the biggest band for your buck. For more plumbing marketing tips contact Grow Plumbing today!


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The Big 4: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google – Social Media for Plumbing Marketing

December 15th, 2013

social media for plumbing marketing 

The big 4: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. The great thing about the about the big 4 is that almost everyone with a pulse is familiar with them and uses one if not all of them. Chances are you already have personal accounts with some of them. If you haven’t started using social media for plumbing marketing you could be missing out. While social media is great for sharing with friends and family it is also a great way to market your plumbing business.


Facebook is the mother of all social media; with 1.19 billion users world wide! With everyone and their mother on Facebook this should be a no brainer when it comes to social media for plumbing marketing, because chances are your existing customers are already active on Facebook. Connecting with your existing customers should be one of the first things you do for 3 reasons: a) they are already familiar with your brand and likely to accept your friend request, b) you are maintaining contact with them which increases your chances of turning them into repeat customers, and c) once they have accepted your friend request you indirectly gain access to their network. Anything they like of yours becomes visible to their network and it becomes a wonderful web of network visibility for your company. In addition Facebook is probably the most social of the social media outlets because it works well for business and pleasure, and seemingly integrates both aspects via profile page, and business fan page. Definitely take advantage of both for your social media for plumbing marketing.


Twitter is the fastest growing social media website with roughly 883 million users and counting. The function of Twitter comes off as vague to a lot of people, however it can be really useful when using social media for plumbing marketing. Twitter provides a great way to distribute content, content meaning valuable and useful information. The problem is a lot of users don’t understand the value of Twitter and its purpose. With a flood of irrelevant Tweets that nobody cares about, for example what you ate for breakfast, the meaning of Twitter is lost on a lot. That being said if you weed through the manure of junk Tweets you also come across relevant and valuable information. If you have built up a following on Twitter and are distributing valuable content you can potentiality increase traffic to your website. Twitter is a great way to in short, spread the word, and what is really great is that it works well in conjuncture with other social media sites making it a valuable addition to your social media for plumbing marketing campaign.


LinkedIn is a little different, but no less a valuable component to your social media for plumbing marketing arsenal. With more focus on the professional networking side to things. Don’t underestimate the power of networking with other professionals for your social media for plumbing marketing. Creating a network of referral partners is good for your business, good for their business, and good for you mutual customers.


Google, well Google is GOOGLE, and has proven to be very valuable when it comes to social media for plumbing marketing. Google is extremely innovative in its line of products, and is constantly developing new ideas that not only provide a means of social media for plumbing marketing but also great business tools that make running a business a lot easier, i.e. Google Drive which allows for easy file sharing. For social media for plumbing marketing purposes a Google + account along with a Google Local account increases your search engine optimization, provides a place for reviews, and allows your business to be visible to mobile users (which is fast growing these days). Google also provides a free analytics service which a very useful tool when evaluating your social media for plumbing marketing strategy.


When it comes to social media for plumbing marketing the big 4 are the easiest to use and all work really well with each other. Each one adds a little value to the next and your social media for plumbing marketing efforts. Not really sure how to incorporate the big 4 into your social media for plumbing marketing? Grow Plumbing is here to help! We specialize in plumbing marketing and can help you achieve your plumbing marketing goals! Learn more here.


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Facebook Marketing for Plumbers

January 29th, 2013

Facebook has taken on a life of its own the last couple of years. Not only is it a great social platform, Grow Plumbing on Facebook,  but it can be a vital tool for your plumbing marketing. Below are the most important things to consider when using Facebook marketing for plumbers.

facebook marketing for plumbers can be a very effective tool


1. The most important thing to consider when using Facebook for plumbing marketing is to get “liked”. Generating fun and interesting content for your friends and fans is the best way to get “likes” and “comments”, that then filter to you fans status updates, and then passes to their friends status updates. This broadens your audience and allows you to build up your fans in a viral manner.


2. The next important thing to consider when using Facebook for plumbing marketing is to create giveaways, prizes, or a contest on your page. Again creating interest and engagement; paving the way for more fans to come your way.


3. Another great way to build a fan-base using Facebook for plumbing marketing is to upload your contacts from your email and invite them to “like” your business page. Facebook allows for most email servers to be easily uploaded.


4. When you use Facebook for plumbing marketing you have the ability to run an ad on Facebook. It is a good idea to occasionally take advantage of this feature. The ad will appear only on your fans profile pages promoting others to like your page; ie: Sally is a fan of Grow Plumbing – Click to become a fan. This works especially well accompanied by a giveaway or promotion. This is low cost option with a high return when using Facebook for plumbing marketing.


5. While using Facebook for plumbing marketing it is always a good idea to link your status updates to Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition when using Facebook for plumbing marketing link your Facebook page from your website homepage and Place your Facebook page link on all of your employee’s email signatures. You should also include your Facebook offers, plumbing promotions and URL in your email plumbing marketing pieces.


6. A great way to use Facebook for plumbing marketing is to every once in a while, say once a month; invite your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to become friends with you on your plumbing Facebook page. Always include a call to action or incentive for them to join your community.


7.Engagement is also a key component in using Facebook for plumbing marketing. Comment on other people’s relevant posts using your Facebook business page rather than your profile. Remember to keep it interesting and others will want “like” your business page.


8. When using Facebook for plumbing marketing you have the ability to involve partners or close friends in your posts with a simple @GrowPlumbing. By utilizing this tool your message will post on their page for their following to see and enables them to get involved in the conversation as well.

                    Facebook marketing for plumber to grow plumbing business     

Facebook marketing is an important strategy for all plumbing contractor and plumbing companies. Contact us for a free consultation and recommendations on your Facebook marketing and overall internet marketing strategy.


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